Fashion trend in 2011 Coachella

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					Fashion trend in 2011 Coachella

The summer concert season gets its unofficial start with the 3-day Coachella Valley
music festival in Indio, CA, one of the marquee events of the rock and pop calendar.
Anybody who’s anybody will be there and plenty Spring/Summer 2011 fashion trends
will be in full bloom.

Music festival fashion for 2011 is not an easy thing to pull off, because you want to look
comfy casual yet put together. Most music festivals are outdoors, so it is a must to keep
the elements in mind (i.e. heat, rain, etc.). For example, Coachella is in the middle of the
desert, so when shopping online for clothes ladies must dress accordingly to beat the

The essentials to have for Coachella are cool pair of shades to protect the eyes from
those desert winds, a trendy hat to shade your face from the sun (unless you need to
catch some rays, then a strong SPF will suffice), casual or cut-off shorts to keep cool, a
sun dress to keep extra cool (don’t forget your light jacket for when the sun starts to
set), a bathing suit just in case you get invited to one of the many random Coachella
after parties (there’s always a pool) and some comfy gladiator sandals or boots since
you’ll be traveling from stage to stage to check out the many awesome live
performances. Every girl has her own style, but the most important thing is keep your
outfit stylish and well planned. And don’t forget your camera, so you can send us all the
fabulous pictures of your outfits. Find the some cute fashion online for Coachella at