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Mixed Signal Design Engineer


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									Mixed Signal Design Engineer

Job Description

For over a decade, our customers in the automotive electronics market have inspired us
to create, manufacture and deliver advanced Mixed Signal semiconductors, sensor ICs,
and programmable sensor IC systems. Through the stringent quality expectations, hostile
operating conditions and aggressive economic targets demanded by our automotive
customers, Melexis has developed the capability to produce world class, value driven,
innovative products. Industry leading innovation in programmable sensors, sensor
interface devices and microcontrollers provide our customers with competitive advantage
in system cost, capability and flexibility.

We are looking for an ambitious Mixed Signal Design Engineer for our Development Department.
He/She creates the required digital design architecture and related documentation in order to
contribute to the achievement of the projects’ targets in terms of product specification, cost, quality
and timing. Perform the mix mode and top level simulations in order to guarantee a first time right


You define, together with the Business Unit and the System Architect, the optimal digital concepts
and specifications for the project, as well as the interface between the digital and analog part of the
IC. Next to this you assure, together with the Test Architect, that the design can be efficiently and
fully tested.

Based on this definition, you ensure that the predefined digital concept and specifications are
implemented by the Digital Competence Center (DCC) and that the required quality level is within
budget. You collaborate with the Analog (Senior) Design Engineer to ensure that the specified
interface is correctly implemented at analog side.

You contribute to the digital simulation and to the top simulation process to ensure that the product
has been developed according to the specification predefined with the Business Unit. As such, you
take complete ownership of the digital design and analog/digital interface activities of a project.

You continuously evaluate design processes to propose improvements in terms of efficiency.

Job Requirements

Technical Competencies:

You have good knowledge of modeling principles in order to develop an initial model that forms a
foundation for prototyping complex projects. You have knowledge of the specific methods used to
do this. You are able to set up the global digital block specifications and define the interface to

You are able to simulate mixed-mode design and you perform the final top simulation of a complex
project (digital and analog parts), with focus on the digital part. You have knowledge of the specific
tools and processes to efficiently perform simulations.

You have in-depth knowledge of design concepts in order to have the overall database (schematics
and HDL code) set up by DCC, according to the block and product specifications, complying with
standard design-methodology rules in order to maximize design reusability. You have in-depth
knowledge of the simulation tools to guarantee an efficient design process and a product according
to the specification requirements.
You are able to document the overall database, simulations, design decisions and characterization
results in a thorough way according to design standards.

You contribute to test concept during the design phase in order to guarantee a cost effective test
program (test time) with the appropriate test coverage. You make sure that the test group receives
the necessary information on time in order to work efficiently.

You are able to analyze and debug rapidly moderate to complex IC’s using standard and application
specific evaluation tools. You are able to support the Quality Engineer during the evaluation of the
fails (customer returns). You are able to interpret the results given by the evaluation tools and to
take the appropriate conclusion in terms of root cause and containment/corrective actions.


- Master in micro-electronics, above 5 years of related experience as designer in a micro-electronics
- Fluency in English is a must. Knowledge of any major European / Asian language is a strong asset
- Working experience in integrating different cultural backgrounds
- Working experience in International Industry
- Working experience in Automotive Industry
- Medium Travel Intensity
- Working experience with virtual teams
- Successful track record for design of automotive projects

To further explore this career at Melexis, please contact the following Melexis

Melexis Tessenderlo NV
Transportstraat, 1
Tessenderlo , B-3980
Please e-mail your resume to: Belgium Jobs,

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