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•Multi•Point• Hydrotherapy
A personalised massage system for your bath
•Multi•Point• Hydrotherapy   Your body and mind

                             A personalised hydrotherapy massage              The benefits to your body and mind
                             system tailored to your body
                                                                              Improved muscle tone and mobility
                             At Multipoint we design and build unique
                             personalised hydrotherapy massage systems        The water flow from the jets massages and
                             for you. Choose any high quality bath from       relaxes your muscle tissue improving the
                             Bathe and we help you to identify the ideal      mobility of your joints and muscles relieving
                             massage system for your needs. By tailoring      cramps, stiffness and soreness.
                             the massage system to your body we can turn
                                                                              Overall muscle definition and tone can be
                             your bathroom into a sanctuary of health,
                                                                              improved by the stimulating massage,
                             relaxation and rejuvenation.
                                                                              making Multipoint personalised hydrotherapy
                             Relaxing in your bath, your unique Multipoint    an excellent addition to your fitness and
                             system is designed to massage your body,         wellbeing regime.
                             relieving tension, melting away stress and
                             assisting in the process of renewing cells       Prevention and recovery from injuries
                             which are damaged or strained during work,
                                                                              Regular hydrotherapy is a proven method of
                             exercise or sport or through conditions
                                                                              reducing recovery time from sporting and
                             associated with ageing.
                                                                              other injuries. Weakened muscles and
                             We have worked closely with a wide range of      ligaments are strengthened by the customised
                             health professionals over the last 30 years      massage effect.
                             to ensure the specific massage effects of the
                             uniquely designed Multipoint jets, effectively   Increase blood flow and stimulation
                             target the body’s trigger points to promote a    of lymphatic system
                             sense of well-being and relaxation.
                                                                              Circulation is increased without increasing the
                                                                              heart rate, bringing fresh oxygenated blood to
                                                                              your muscles and joints. By stimulating the flow
                                                                              of lymph, the correct fluid balance in the tissues
                                                                              and blood is achieved.

                                                                              Cleanses and conditions the skin
                                                                              The unique water massage over your skin
                                                                              stimulates the sweat glands, flushing out
                                                                              unwanted grime in your pores leaving your
                                                                              skin more elastic and youthful.

                                                                              Benefits from acupressure
                                                                              and reflexology
                                                                              Certain areas of the body and especially the
                                                                              back and feet correspond to various organs
                                                                              and nervous pathways. Customised massages
                                                                              on these specific areas can help relieve certain
                                                                              health conditions.

                                                                              Promotes a balanced state of mind
                                                                              By balancing your body through the massage
                                                                              of the water jets your mind enters into a
                                                                              peaceful and relaxed state similar to that of
                                                                              a normal massage.

                                                                              See the Benefits of Hydrotherapy booklet for full
                                                                              details on all health benefits available from your
                                                                              Multipoint Hydrotherapy dealer.

Why Multipoint personalised massage?

Unique features of the Multipoint Hydrotherapy system

Multipoint jet patterns                            Design of jets
Precise jet patterns have been designed for        To enable a Multipoint system to be tailored
specific muscle groups, through years of           precisely to your body, we designed special
development with osteopaths, chiropractors,        jets that are small enough to be positioned
physiotherapists and sports therapists to          anywhere in the bath without compromising
provide the most beneficial massage action.        your comfort.
You choose from a wide range of patterns for
                                                   These are powerful micro-sized jets, with a
your individual needs.
                                                   unique range of functions to deliver specific and
                                                   different water flow and massaging effects for
Positioning of jets
                                                   each area of the body.
Whether you choose a customised or
                                                   While the Multipoint jets are small, the jet body
package spa solution, the Multipoint system
                                                   is specifically designed to give a more powerful
optimises each jet location to achive maximum
                                                   massage effect than many larger whirlpool jets.
therapheutic benefit.

Massage Plus jet—spiralling flow                   Toning jet—wide powerful flow                                    Reflexology jet—precise gentle flow

These are the most important of all the            Toning jets give a vigorous massage for areas                   Multipoint’s specially developed reflexology
Multipoint jets, and are used mainly for the       such as hips, thighs and calves. These are                      jets provide a gentle pressure-point
back. The jets spiral a powerful water flow, to    especially beneficial in the treatment of painful               therapy, particularly for the feet. Reflexology
provide a sensuous kneading of the back and        or injured muscles, as a warm-up prior to                       jets are essential in treatment of localised
shoulders, relieving muscle tension and allowing   exercise, or as a general skin and muscle                       pain, including headaches, muscle injuries
the body’s central ‘framework’ to relax. Aches,    toning aid.                                                     and strains.
pains and stress levels decrease, allowing more
effective remedial massage of your whole body.

Hygiene and sanitisation
Only Multipoint Hydrotherapy systems               All systems are plumbed with rigid piping
can assure you of a safe and hygienic              (to conform with Australian Standards), to
spa environment.                                   ensure all water is fully drained and the system
                                                   is left dry between usages.
All Multipoint systems are fitted with the
exclusive sanitising portal that provides direct   Both these features are essential in order
access to the jets and system to allow their       to provide a hygienic environment for your
proper sterilisation.                              wellness and peace of mind.

Electronic on–off                                                               Guarantees
All Multipoint systems                                                          All pumps and systems supplied by Multipoint have been designed for
come with electronic on–                                                        uncompromising safety and durability. All systems are fully pressure tested
off as standard. Controls                                                       prior to leaving the factory, ensuring faultless performance throughout their
come in a range of                                                              lifetimes. That is why every Multipoint Hydrotherapy system comes with a
finishes to compliment                                                          5-year quality guarantee.*
                                                                                                                                        *Pumps and plated finishes excluded.
your tapware.

                                                                                Pump and touchpad                                                                  3 years†
                                                                                All components and fittings excluding plated finishes                              5 years†
                                                                                †Conditions   apply.

•Multi•Point• Jet configurations                                                          Multipoint Hydrotherapy—cus

                                                                       Shoulder and neck jet patterns
                                       Can help: Headaches, migraines, stress, tense shoulders and neck,
                                        sleep problems, upper back pain, racket sport aches and injuries,
                                        stiffness from keyboard posture, high blood pressure, exhaustion.

                                                             Good coverage                 Excellent coverage

                                                                                       Thighs jet patterns
                                                                    Can help: Muscle toning, cellulite, sciatica,
                                                                            cramp, stiffness, muscle strength.

                                                             Good coverage                 Excellent coverage

                                                                                          Feet jet patterns
                                                   Can help: Back pain, lack of energy, headaches, relaxation,
                                                                 high blood pressure, sleep problems, stress.

                                   Good coverage                 Excellent coverage       Professional coverage

     4                              Disclaimer: Body, bath and jet patterns are only an approximation. Actual positioning of jets will vary according to bath. Individu
                                                                                                                                          •Multi•Point• Jet configurations
stomisation to suit your needs

                                                         Back jet patterns
                                                         Can help: Lumbago, lower and middle back pain, sleep
                                                         problems, general stiffness, stress, sporting injuries.

                                                                Good coverage               Excellent coverage

                                                         Hips and lower arms jet patterns
                                                         On hips can help: Sciatica, lower back pain, stiffness from keyboard posture,
                                                         arthritis, suppleness, strength, recovery and prevention of sporting injuries.

                                                         On lower arms can help: Sore/arthritis wrist and
                                                         elbows, tennis elbow, cramps, ligaments, sprains.

                                                                Good coverage               Excellent coverage

                                                         Calves jet patterns
                                                         Can help: Muscle toning and strengthening, suppleness, cramp,
                                                         stiffness, stress and high blood pressure from bad posture.

                                                                Good coverage               Excellent coverage

ual may have to move body position for full massage benefits. See the Benefits of Hydrotherapy booklet for additional guidance.                                      5
•Multi•Point• Upgrade options
                                Upgrade options

                                Bathelight chromatherapy                   Multifunctional cushions                   Bathtub pillow
                                Enhance your bathing experience            What could be nicer after a hard day       The Kaldewei bathtub pillow is
                                and discover the harmonising effects       than to lie back in the bath in the        wonderfully soft and flexible, and so it
                                of colour therapy. Sensuous mood           evening and simply let all your cares      adapts perfectly to the shape of your
                                lighting is created when the Bathelight,   drift away? The new multifunctional        neck and bathtub. The delightfully soft,
                                diffused by the water becomes your         cushions from Kaldewei add even            skin-friendly fabric cover is machine
                                bathroom’s central light source.           more comfort to your relaxing bath,        washable. A generous 50 × 30 cm,
                                                                           offering you three different options:      the pillow also supports the shoulders
                                Discover the therapeutic benefits of
                                                                           as a footrest or placed below the          and allows a variety of head positions.
                                gently changing colours washing over
                                                                           thighs, they keep you from sliding         With a valve for easy control of the
                                you as you relax in your bath or spa.
                                                                           downward in larger baths; as a neck        level of hardness.
                                At the push of a button,                   rest they cushion your head and neck;
                                microprocessors intelligently mix the      or, placed at the sides of the tub, they
                                colours to create different effects        give you a place to rest your arms.
                                ranging from solid colours, alternating
                                colours, random colour changes,
                                rainbow or strobe effect.

                                Bathelight is the ideal solution for the
                                ultimate bathing experience.

                                                                           Airspa                                     Multi Bath Filler and
                                                                                                                      overflow Outlet option
                                                                           The Bathe Airspa is a sensuous
                                                                           effervescent experience created by         A Pop-up waste and overflow unit
                                                                           thousands of air bubbles stroking the      is supplied as a standard inclusion
                                                                           skin as they rise to the surface.          on most models. A Multi overflow
                                                                                                                      including the bath filler function is an
                                                                           Airspa may be chosen in addition to
                                                                                                                      option available for all models.
                                                                           your hydrotherapy as a ‘dual system’
                                                                                                                      Note This item is not Australian Standards
                                                                           and is the only spa system suitable for
                                                                                                                      certified or watermarked and an approved
                                                                           freestanding baths.                        backflow prevention device is required.

                                                                                                                                   How to order •Multi•Point•
1. Choose your bath at                                          3. Choose your                                                upgrade option
The full selection of premium bathware by Bathe and available   Select your upgrade option requirements from page 6 and tick
throughout Australia can be found on           boxes on the relevant options listed on your spa order form.

You can also find your nearest stockist on this website by
going to ‘Find Showroom’.
                                                                4. Complete the
                                                                   order form
                                                                Discuss your order form with your Multipoint retailer who will
                                                                check that all information is complete.

                                                                Once all information has been finalised, allow two to three
                                                                weeks for your spa to be created and tested ready for delivery.

                                                                Your Multipoint retailer will be notified when your hydrotherapy
                                                                spa is ready and delivery arrangements can be made.

2. Select your custom
   jet configurations
   or choose your
   jet package
Establish your requirements and which system best suits your
needs with a Multipoint trained retailer.

■ A fully-customised hydrotherapy system can be
  built to order.
■ Bathe also offers two pre-configured spa packages:
  – Hydro 14 is a 14-jet package system
  – Hydro 20 is a 20-jet package system.

Choose which system you want and then simply tick the boxes
on your chosen spa order form attached to this brochure.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Brochure design by
Bathe—the company
Established in 1995, Bathe is an Australian
owned company. We offer retailers, architects,
designers, renovators and homebuilders access
to bathroom fittings from the world’s leading
manufacturers and renowned designers such as
Patricia Urquiola, Roberto Palomba, Alessi and
Philippe Starck.

Bathe is the Australian distributor for Hansgrohe
range of tapware and showers from Germany.
Their offerings include the Raindance shower
series, Axor Citterio, designed by famed Italian
architect Antonio Citterio and Axor Starck by the
incomparable Philippe Starck.

Bathe distributes leading bathware and
sanitaryware brands including Europe’s leading
bath-maker, Kaldewei, the only manufacturer to
form their baths from 3.5 mm gauge porcelain
enamelled steel for baths that are the choice of
5-star hotels worldwide due to their beautiful
finishes and indestructible quality.

Bathe also distributes Laufen, Europe’s
largest sanitaryware producer, with
stunning design collections by Alessi and
avant-garde architectural duo Ludovica and
Roberto Palomba.

All of Bathe’s leading brands are selected due
to their international standing as leaders in their
respective fields. This ensures every product
from the Bathe brand stable brings to the user
the highest standards of manufacturing quality,
excellence of design and the ability to create the
ultimate bathing experience.

Technical specifications subject to change without notice. Further technical information available at Warning Products in this leaflet are the subject of registered designs and patents.
Disclaimer All information contained or implied in this brochure is of a generalised nature only and is not intended to be recommended for specific treatment of serious disorders. Advice regarding all medical
conditions and spa treatment should be sought from a qualified medical practicioner.


Contact Bathe: t. 1300 133 320                                                                  •Multi•Point•