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					          Price List
      Boutique Hair & Beauty Salon
7 Brox Road, Ottershaw, Surrey KT16 0HG

           01932 874409

         Salon Seven 01932 874409
                         Ladies Style
                                    Artistic                  Creative   Graduate
                                    Director                   Team       Stylist
    Cut & Finish                        £42                     £36        £33

    Wash & Cut                          £30                     £25        £21

    Finish                              £20                     £15        £13

    Long Hair Finish                    £25                     £20        £18

    Straighteners/Tongs                                 Additional £3

             Students & O.A.Ps 10% reduction on Mon/Tues/Wed
                              (excluding Artistic Director)

                 Hair Up – Bridal – Party – Special Occasion
                       Please ask for details and ideas

                             Style Support
    Perm/Texture from                    £33                    £28        £25

                              Opti Smooth
This system is designed to smooth & control naturally wavy hair. This service is
   specialised & time consuming, but very worth while. A FREE consultation &
        strand test must be done prior to any Opti Smooth service undertaken.

    Cold Service                               Hot Service
    1st Application            £95             1st Application             £180
    Re Touch                   £85             Re Touch                    £170

                      Salon Seven 01932 874409
         Colour Enhancement
                           Artistic     Creative      Graduate
                           Director      Team          Stylist

For people who are nervous about colour or to enhance
Colour toner from             £15          £10            £8

In between permanent and toner colour gives amazing shine,
grey blending and natural enhancement
Glossing from                 £33          £28           £25
Long hair from                £38          £33           £30

Permanent colour – 100% grey coverage, total change or colour
Full head from                £34          £29           £26
Re-growth from                £30          £25           £22

Standard set of highlights with meche or foil – choice of inter
twinned tones for natural coverage or a bold statement
Full head, long from          £62          £55           £53
Full head, short from         £57          £50           £48

                     Partial by quotation
               Colour Correction by quotation
        Fashion techniques, Slices, Shimmers, Flashes
               and many more, ask for ideas!

                 Salon Seven 01932 874409
                          Hair Therapies
  The service begins with a detoxifying cleanse, followed by an enhancing product to
    suit your hair type and needs. Thoroughly rinsed & towel dried we then apply the
                   selected therapy, wrapping your hair in a warm towel.

Chocolate Heaven - £4.00
This rich scented conditioning treatment enhances shine & durability.

Holiday Hair - £3.00
Whether it is a hot or cold holiday, your hair tends to be neglected. This treatment is
    ideal for pre or post vacation, it will help to prevent or rebuild any damage.

Biolage Bonanza - £9.00
Biolage captures the nurturing essence of botanicals in the unique blends that nourish,
    restore and empower the hair’s beauty.

Colour Enhancer - £3.00
This product has a vegetable based agent which is effective for conditioning & colour
     enhancement or toning. We can advice you on your choice.

Perky Peppermint - £5.00
A spa treatment to stimulate your hair & scalp. It is an excellent colour sage product.

Smoothie Extravaganza – Cost of any treatment plus £5.00
This ultimate treatment is designed to rebuild and restructure your hair. It works from
     the inside out to maximise strength & durability. This treatment is personalised
     using any of the listed ingredients: Banana-Milk-Honey-Apple Vinegar-Avocado-

Why no experience our complimentary hand massage with the choice of our fruity
                         fragranced O.P.I. Hand lotions
A conditioning warm wax treatment to soothe & soften, with anti aging properties
                                      - £6.00

                         Salon Seven 01932 874409
 Our spray tanning is called Naturasun . This system is fantastic
   because there are 6 basic colours that can all be inter mixed to
  provide you with your perfect blend. We can achieve a natural
                         glow or a deep tan.

We recommend once having your Naturasun service to leave your
      tan for at least 12 hours and if possible over night before
          showering, this allows your tan to develop fully.

 Please exfoliate, wax or shave and moisturise the night before.
         Do not wear deodorant, perfume or make up.
    Wear or bring dark loose clothing to your appointment.

                Fully body application - £25.00
                       Legs only - £15.00
                 Top half above chest - £15.00

                            10% off
            Home care when having a tan applied.
These products help to prolong your tan or for home self tanning,
                  easy to apply with even results.

                  Salon Seven 01932 874409
               Hand & Feet Therapies
O.P.I Manicure – 1 Hour - £23.00 French £25
This treatment involves all aspects of classic manicure with exfoliation & special
     attention paid to your cuticles accompanied with a hand massage

O.P.I Pedicure – 1 Hour - £24 French £26
This treatment involves all aspects of a classic pedicure with special attention paid to
     your cuticles & exfoliation, accompanied with a lower leg & foot massage

The below treatments are available for either your hands or feet

Shape & Paint – £12.00 O.P.I Mask - £5.00

Conditioning Warm Wax Treatment
An excellent treatment for dry/mature skin. The warm wax is also renowned for
    relieving arthritic pain. Excellent for both hands or feet
£10 or with any other treatment £6

Nail Art – Please ask for details.

    Gel Nail Extensions

    Full set clear                   £32.00
    Full set pink & whites           £35.00
    In fill                          £25.00
    Gel overlay                      £22.00
    Overlay in fill                  £18.00
    Soak off gel                     £15.00       Acrylic    £20.00
    Soak off & manicure recommended additional               £10.00
    One nail replacement per nail £2.00
    (One nail off within a week - replacement if complimentary)

                          Salon Seven 01932 874409
Our wax is suitable for most skin types including sensitive & for pregnant
            women. Prices are a guide as everyone is individual.

         Full leg                           £25.00
         Lip or chin                        £8.00
         Bikini line from                   £10.00
         Extended bikini line from          £14.00
         ½ leg                              £16.00
         Under arm                          £9.00
         Arm from                           £10.00

                           Eye Treatments

         Eye brow tidy                      £8.00
         Eye brow re-shape from             £10.00
         Eye lash tint                      £12.00
         Lash & brow tint                   £18.00

           A skin test is required at least 24 hours prior to any
                             tinting treatments.

                    Salon Seven 01932 874409
Designed to suit the individual needs & requirements, using the world
  renowned Dermalogica skincare. Relax, unwind & enjoy the luxurious
 treatment. You will come away looking and feeling your best. Includes
                         steam, mask & massage.

                 Full facial 60 minutes - £40.00
                Express facial 30 minutes - £28.00
                 Conditioning warm wax - £5.00
This warm mask treatment is applied during a facial. It is an excellent
          treatment for all skin types – especially dry/mature.

                       Body Treatments
                         Mineral Sea Scrub
                         30 minutes - £30.00
      Exfoliate & revitalize with this skin smoothing treatment
                     Enzymatic Sea Mud Pack
                         30 minutes - £30.00
Detoxify & exfoliate the entire body with a warm clay based treatment
           Express Facial / Mini Back & Neck Massage
                          60 minute - £38.00
   An extremely relaxing treatment to improve your skin & mind
       Mini Back & Neck Massage with Warm Wax Mask
                         30 minutes - £25.00
 This treatment benefits all skin types to hydrate, soften & nourish.

                   Salon Seven 01932 874409
Tailored to your individual needs, whether they be gentle massage to
    promote sleep or a firmer touch to relieve targeted tension areas. If you
    feel tired, drained ache from an injury or are searching for well-being
    and balance in your life, let Salon Seven take care of you with our
    experienced therapists.

                            Full Body Massage
                            60 minutes - £40.00
      Relaxing treatment to include arms, legs, back, neck & shoulder
                    Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
                            30 minutes - £25.00
                    Relaxing treatment to ease tension
                              Sports Massage
                            60 minutes - £55.00
                     Full body deeper tissue massage
                              Indian Massage
                            30 minutes - £20.00
   Invigorating massage to include scalp, face, neck, shoulders and hands
                      Conventional Scalp Massage
                            20 minutes - £12.00
                    Calming & relaxing foot treatment

                      Salon Seven 01932 874409
                        Men’s Style
                                    Artistic                  Creative   Graduate
                                    Director                   Team       Stylist
   Cut & Finish                         £16                     £13        £11

   Clippers Only                                                £7          £7

   Straighteners                                        Additional £3

              All colour & straightening services by quotation.
This could be natural grey blending, standard highlights or creative colouring.

            Students & O.A.Ps 10% reduction on Mon/Tues/Wed
                              (excluding Artistic Director)

      Purchase any of the following treatments “6 for the cost of 5”

   Waxing                                      Eyes
   Back                      £20.00            Eyebrow tidy                £8.00
   Chest                     £20.00            Eye lash tint              £11.00
   Back & chest              £35.00

                     Hand & Feet Therapies
                               Manciure - £14.00
General maintenance for your skin and nails to keep them looking presentable.
                             Pedicure - £20.00
        To rejuvenate your feet, to make them look & feel their best.
               Conditioning warm wax treatment - £12.00
      Re-hydrates dry/aging skin especially good for manual workers.

                    Salon Seven 01932 874409
               Little Ladies & Men
    Little Ladies Style          Artistic     Creative      Graduate
    Wet or dry cut only          Director      Team          Stylist
    0 to 4 years                     -            £7            £5

    5 to 8 years                     -           £10            £8

    9 to 11 years                    -           £14           £12

    12 to 16 years                   -           £19           £17

                      To include a blow-dry add £8
       For young adults over 16 years of age please see Ladies prices
   For any colour work please use the Ladies price list with 20% discount

    Little Men Style             Artistic     Creative      Graduate
    Wet or dry cut only          Director      Team          Stylist
    0 to 4 years                     -            £7            £5

    5 to 9 years                     -            £9            £7

    10 to 16 years                   -           £10            £9

                         Colour by quotation
For young adults above 16 years of age or for a complete Cut and Finish
                         please use Men’s Prices

                     Salon Seven 01932 874409
                      Children’s Parties

We are a lively and child friendly salon, we have held many parties in our salon which
       have proved very popular. Many children have come back many times! We
                recommend that the children are between 4 to 16 years old.

  When booking a party we ask you to fill out a simple form which will decide your
   child’s preferred party. When you send out the invites to the other children we ask
    you enclose a for each child. These forms need to be returned to the salon before
     the party, this enables us to ensure each party is customised to their needs. We
      will telephone you a couple of days before the party to confirm numbers. The
              deposit is only refundable with 48 hours notice of cancellation.

 Once the children arrive at the salon they will be shown upstairs to enjoy the party.
    Mums and Dads are welcome to stay or why not have your hair done downstairs
    or if you prefer, leave them to have fun and we will call you once we fun and we
                              will call you once have finished.

                                For a standard party:-
                  •   Private Rooms, no need to worry about noise
                  •   Music
                  •   Hair blow-dried or put up
                  •   Plaits, curls straightened etc ...
                  •   Glitter or colour spray
                  •   Party snacks (squash, crisps, biscuits etc ...)

                  £10.00 each         4-10 years
                  £12.00 each         11-16 years

          Each party can be personalised with one of the following themes:-
                       Butterfly / Flowers/ Balloons / Princess

                        Salon Seven 01932 874409
                     Children’s Parties
Added extras for children’s parties are priced per child

Nails Painted 50p/£1.00
Painted one colour or they can be creative and have many colours

Birthday Cake £1.00
Depending on party size depends on the cake size. There will be enough for one slice
    per child. The correct number of candles will be placed on top of their age and a
    Salon Seven version of “Happy Birthday” will be sung. We will do our best.

Face Painting/Make Up £1.00/£2.00
This depends on the chosen theme:-
Facing Painting         Glitter Make Up
-    Butterfly          - Princess
-    Flowers
-    Balloon

Party Bag £4.00/£6.00
-   Cake              - Make up
-   Hair accessories  - Nail varnish and lots more
-   Mini games
-   Glitter goodies

Games and Prizes £3.00
You can choose three of the following:-
-   Pass the parcel      - Pin the hair on the ?
-   Musical statues      - Name design
-   Sleeping lions       - Dancing competition
-   Or any other suggestion

Once you and your child have decided on the above we can give you an exact price and
     time schedule. If you have any further requests or ideas please talk to our party

                                      THANK YOU
                         Salon Seven 01932 874409
Privacy, Celebrations & Catch Ups

 We have separate Salons on the first floor for hair & beauty
    services, which are ideal for group or private bookings.

We can organise 2 or more to have joint bookings which could
                    include most treatments.

                       For example:-

                    Mother & Daughters
                     Friends Catch-Up
                     Husband & Wife

          Also available for sole use for example:-
                  New You Consultations
           Special Circumstances e.g. Ill health

                Salon Seven 01932 874409