Canteen Menu Term by JoeyVagana


									                                                                               •    Clearly mark your child’s name & class on the bag.
CANTEEN MENU - TERM 2                                             2009         •    Indicate whether the order is for lunch or recess.
              Open Mondays & Fridays                                           •    Please supply extra bag for cold items.
                                                                               •    Place orders K-2 in class basket 3-6 in box by the stairs by 9.10am.
                                                                               •    Please contact Canteen Manager Judith Hulme on 0425 252181. Many thanks

         RECESS                                    SNACKS                                          Drinks                                     Frozen
          Pizza Log G—1.00                        Popcorn Hot G—1.10                           Hot Chocolate G—1.70                            Thick Shake A—2.00
        Cheese Log G—1.00                       Mamee Noodles A—0.95                             Milk Shakes G—1.70                             (Chocolate)
       Hawaiian Log G—1.30                          JJ’s Chips A—1.00                        (Chocolate, Strawberry)                      Frozen Yoghurt A—1.70
        Hash Brown A—0.70                   (Salt & Vinegar, Chicken, Pizza)                      Breaker Milk G—1.35                           (Strawberry)
                                                                                             (Chocolate, Strawberry)                                  Calipo A—1.00
 (By order only , Limit 2 per per-                Smith’s Chips A—1.15
                             son)                   Jellies Small G—0.20                                 Water G—1.00                 (Raspberry & Pineapple)

         Spring Roll A—0.50                                                                         Juice 100% G—1.20                   Twist Lemonade A—1.00
                                                           Large G—0.60
        Raisin Toast G—0.60
                                                                                       (Apple, Orange/mango, Apple/blackcurrant)             Paddle Pops A—1.30
                                                    Ovalteenies A—0.85                 Aroona Spring Fruits A– 1.65                    Frozen Fruits Cup
                                          Apple Slinky Malinky G—0.60                     (Orange , Lemon/Lime, Cola)
                                                                                                                                      (Apple, Orange) small G—0.30
                                           (Bring your own Apple) G—0.20                                       OKF G—1.80
                                                                                                                                                     Large G—0.60
                                                      Fingerbun G—1.50                       (Grape, Guava, Lemon)

             Lunch                                                         Lunch                                        Try These Meal Suggestions
              “New”                                                    “New”
                Meat Pie A—2.70                                  Toasted Sandwiches                                         MARVELLOUS MACARONI G—4.00
                                                                                                                            Macaroni Cheese + Garlic Bread
    Spinach & Ricotta Roll G—2.60                                 Ham, cheese, tomato G—3.55
                                                                                                                                     LUSCIOUS LASAGNE G—4.00
                Hot                                            Chicken, cheese, tomato G—3.55                                       Lasagna + Garlic Bread
         Chicken Burger G—3.60                                        Cheese, Tomato G—2.50                                     CHICKEN RUN SPECIAL G—4.00
           (Lettuce + Mayo)                                            Pineapple extra G —0.50                                Fried Rice + Chicken Tender
                  Hot Dog
                (sauce only) A—2.40                                             Extras
          (Sauce + Cheese) A—3.00
                                                                    Tomato Sauce G—0.20                                                 THANK YOU
        Chicken Tenders A—1.50
                Noodles A—2.50
                                                                        Paper Bag –0.15                                              FOR ORDERING
   (Beef, Chicken, Oriental)                                          Garlic Bread A—0.60
           Pizza Rounder A—2.60                                Sweet & Sour Sauce A– 0.40
                                                                                                           What are the G’s & A’s ? The State Government has mandated
            Sausage Roll A– 2.30                                                                           that all school canteens will be “healthy”.
                                                                                                           G Green - Fill the menu - Encourage & promote these foods in the
Prices and items are correct at time of printing. Please check the newsletter for updates and specials     canteen
                                                                                                           A Amber - Select carefully - Do not let these foods dominate the
                                                                                                           menu & avoid large serving sizes.

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