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					                                 AT - A - G L A N C E
                                Fast facts                                               Programs of study
                                •	 Founded	in	1856	as	a	private,		                       	 *	    An	asterisk	indicates	a	combinable	major,	which		
                                   co-educational	institution                            	 	     must	be	combined	with	another	major.	
                                                                                         	 **	   Two	asterisks	indicate	a	pre-professional	program.
                                •	 Nationally	ranked,	four-year	liberal	arts	
                                                                                         	***	   Three	asterisks	indicate	a	special	program/minor.
                                •	 Bachelor	of	arts	and	science	degrees;		               Accounting                          Film/Video	***
                                   master’s	in	education	degree                          Accounting,	Economics		             French
                                                                                           &	Finance                         History
                                •	 Affiliation:	United	Methodist	Church
                                                                                         American	Civilization               Holocaust	Studies
                                                                                         Art                                 Information	Systems
                                Where we are                                             Art	History	***                     International	Relations	*
                                Albright’s	118-acre	campus	is	tucked	into	the	           Arts	Administration	***             Latin	American	&	
                                College	Heights	residential	neighborhood	of	             Biochemistry                        	 Caribbean	Studies
                                                                                         Bio-cultural	Anthropology	***       Legal	Studies	***
                                Reading,	Pa.,	a	city	of	80,000.
                                                                                         Biology                             Marine	Science	***
                                •	 1½	hours	from	Philadelphia				                        •	 Biotechnology                    Mathematics
                                •	 2	hours	from	Baltimore                                •	 General                          Music	Business	*
                                •	 2½		hours	from	New	York	City				                      Business	Administration             Optics	*
                                •	 3	hours	from	Washington,	D.C.                         •	 Economics                        Philosophy
                                                                                         •	 Finance                          Photography	***
                                Who we are                                               •	 International	Business           Physics	
                                                                                         •	 Management                       Political	Science
                                                                                         •	 Marketing                        Pre-Dentistry	**
                                •	 1,670	day	students				                                Chemistry                           Pre-Law	**
                                •	 22	states	and	14	countries	represented                •	 Environmental	Chemistry          Pre-Medicine	**
                                •	 17%	students	of	color				                             •	 General                          Pre-Vet	Medicine	**
                                •	 8%	international	students	                            Child	&	Family	Studies              Psychobiology
                                Faculty                                                  Communications                      Psychology
                                                                                         •	 Journalism                       Public	Administration	
                                •	 Full-time	faculty:	118				
                                                                                         •	 Public	Relations	&	Advertising   				&	Policy	Analysis***
                                •	 13:1	student/faculty	ratio                            Computer	Science                    Religious	Studies
                                                                                         •	 Information	Systems              Sociology
                                Academics                                                •	 General                          •	 Anthropology
                                Classes are	small	and	interactive,	and	you’ll	           Crime	&	Justice                     •	 Criminology
                                work	with	amazing	professors	who	want	to	                Digital	Media	*                     •	 Family	Studies

                                know	you	and	be	part	of	your	life.		After	all,	          Economics                           •	 General
                                                                                         Education	*                         Spanish
                                that’s	why	they	chose	to	teach	at	Albright.              •	 Art                              Theatre
                                                                                         •	 Early	Childhood	                 Women’s	&	Gender	
                                Academic Opportunities                                   •	 Elementary                        Studies	*
                                You	 name	 it,	 and	 we’ve	 probably	 got	 it.	 We	      •	 Foreign	Languages
                                                                                         •	 Secondary                        Cooperative
                                offer	our	Alpha	Program	to	help	students	who	
                                                                                         •	 Special                          Bachelor’s/Master’s
                                are	undecided	about	a	major	find	their	way.	We	          •	 4	+	1	program	for	Master’s       Programs with
                                also	have	an	optional	January	Interim	term	for	          English                             Duke University
                                students	 who	 are	 ready	 for	 some	 adventure.	    	   Environmental	Science
                                                                                         Environmental	Studies               Environmental	
                                Think	you	can	handle	our	Honors	Program	or	                                                  				Management
                                                                                         European	Studies	***
                                Washington,	D.C.,	semester?	Ready	to	tackle	an	                                              Forestry
                                internship?	 We	 can	 help	 you	 with	 all	 that	 and	     •	 Costume	Design
                                much	 more,	 including	 career	 development,	              •	 Fashion	Design
                                study	abroad	programs,	research	opportunities	             •	 Fashion	Merchandising
                                with	faculty,	and	service	learning	courses.                •	 Merchandising	&	Design

                                                                                                 w w w. a l b r i g h t. e d u

it ’s all about our people...
Student clubs (partial	list)	                                           Admission to albright
•	 African-American	Society                                             Application	Procedure
•	 African	Diaspora                                                     •	 Freshmen	applicants	must	submit	an	
•	 Agon	(literary	magazine)                                                application	and	essay,	academic	transcript(s),	
•	 Albrightian	(newspaper)                                                 and	counselor	and	teacher	recommendations.	
•			Albright	A.M.	(arts	&	entertainment	magazine)                          Submission	of	standardized	tests	(SAT	and	
•	 Albright	Angels	(a	cappella	group)                                      ACT)	is	optional.	However,	those	who	choose	
•	 Albright	College	Activities	Council	(AC2)                               not	to	submit	test	results	are	required	to	come	
•	 Albright	College	Thespian	Society	(ACTS)                                for	an	on-campus	interview.
•	 Albright	Gamers	Guild                                                •	 Transfer	students	should	contact	the	Admission	
•	 Asian-American	Council                                                  Office	for	a	transfer	application.
•	 Brass	Ensembles                                                      •	 Interviews	and	tours	are	strongly	recommended,	
•	 Chamber	and	Concert	Choirs                                              although	not	required.
•	 Cinema	Club
                                                                        Application	Dates
•			Club	Vogue
                                                                        •	 Freshmen	Admission:	March	1
•	 Concert	Band
                                                                        •	 Transfer	Admission:			
•	 Cue	(yearbook)
                                                                        	 Fall	-	Aug	1,	Spring	-	Dec	15
•	 Domino	Players	(theatre	group)
•	 Environmental	Campus	Outreach	(ECO)                                  Admission	Profile
•	 Gay	Straight	Alliance	(GSA)                                          •	 Number	of	Applications:	6,869
•	 Gospel	Choir                                                         •	 Percent	Admitted:	44%
•	 Hillel
                                                                        Admitted	Student	Profile	
•	 International	Students’	Association
                                                                        •	   High	School	G.P.A.:	Average	3.43
•	 Jazz	Ensemble
                                                                        	    	               Middle	50%	3.05	-	3.80
•	 Latinos	Unidos	Nacionales	Americanos	(LUNA)
                                                                        •	   Average	#	of	Honors	Courses	Taken:	6
•	 LOGOS	Christian	Fellowship
                                                                        •	   Average	#	of	A.P.	Courses	Taken:	2
•	 Mane	Men	(a	cappella	group)
                                                                        •	   SAT:	Middle	50%	=	980	-	1160
•	 Newman	Association
•	 Percussion	Ensembles
•	 POPs	(freshmen	orientation	leaders)
                                                                        Paying for college
                                                                        Albright	 College	 works	 hard	 to	 make	 the	 cost	 of	 its	
•	 Residential	Assistants
                                                                        education	affordable.	In	recognition	of	Albright’s	suc-
•	 Resident	Student	Association
                                                                        cessful	efforts,	the	College	has	been	selected	for	inclu-
•	 String	Chamber	Orchestra
                                                                        sion	in	Barron’s	Best	Buys	in	College	Education.	
•	 Student	Government	Association
•	 Women’s	Chorale                                                      Need-Based	Financial	Aid
•	 Woodwind	Ensembles                                                   Albright	College	offers	generous	financial	aid	awards	
•	 WXAC	(radio	station)                                                 to	 students	 whose	 families	 demonstrate	 financial	
•	 Xion	Step	Team                                                       need	 based	 on	 the	 Free	 Application	 for	 Federal	 Stu-
                                                                        dent	 Aid	 (FAFSA).	 Financial	 aid	 packages	 consist	 of	
Greek/Social	                                                           grants,	loans	and	campus	employment.	
•	 Fraternities	(13%	of	men	participate)
                                                                        Merit	Scholarships	&	Awards
•	 Sororities	(18%	of	women	participate)
                                                                        In	recognition	of	students	who	excel	in	the	classroom	
                                                                        and	the	community,	Albright	offers	numerous	merit-
Athletics - NCAA	Division	III	                                          based	 scholarships	 and	 awards.	 These	 scholarships	
                                                                        and	 awards	 are	 all	 renewable	 and	 are	 given	 without	
•	 Varsity Men’s:	baseball,	basketball,	cross-
                                                                        regard	to	family	financial	need.	
   country,	football,	golf,	lacrosse,	soccer,	swimming,	
   tennis,	track	&	field	(winter	&	spring)		
                                                                        2010 - 2011 College Costs
•	 Varsity Women’s:	basketball,	cross-country,	field	                   •	   Tuition:	$31,940
   hockey,	golf,	lacrosse,	soccer,	softball,	swimming,	                 •	   Room	&	Board:	$8,858
   tennis,	track	&	field	(winter	&	spring),	volleyball                  •	   Fees:	$800
                                                                                                                                                                               9/10;	24M
                                                                        •	   TOTAL:	$41,598
•	 Club Sports: coed	badminton,	coed	ultimate	
   frisbee,	rugby	(men’s	&	women’s)
                                                                        Visit us
Albright	College	is	committed	to	a	policy	of	equal	opportunity	         Albright	welcomes	visitors	from	9	a.m.	to	3	p.m.	on	
and	does	not	discriminate	on	the	basis	of	race,	religion,	sex,	age,	    weekdays,	 and	 9	 a.m.	 to	 2	 p.m.	 on	 Saturdays.	 To	
national	origin,	sexual	orientation,	veteran	status,	marital	sta-
tus,	or	disability.	This	policy	extends	to	all	educational,	service,	   schedule	an	appointment,	please	call	(800)	252-1856.
and	employment	programs	of	the	College.
                                                                                                                                           Office	of	Admission   1-800-252-1856
                                                                                                                                         Thirteenth	&	Bern	Sts   Tel	610-921-7700
                                                                                                                                                P.O.	Box	15234   Fax	610-921-7729
w w w. a l b r i g h t. e d u                                                                                                           Reading,	PA	19612-5234   E-mail

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