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					        Prabir Sarkar

Design philosophy

  Design is both art and science. Innovative
  improvements in design caters to the need of
  people of the society. Inventive and
  innovative products must be functionally
  superior to its available predecessors,
  ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing.

  I love designing products. While designing
  products I try to generate solutions that are
  novel and useful.

                                  - Prabir Sarkar
In Industry
Remote controlled bull dozer

Remote controlled dozer is a Disaster management equipment and is built for the first time in India in
2001-2002. It is an unmanned equipment remotely operated with a trans-receiver. The dozer is meant
for removing nuclear wastes and debris after an earthquake . I have designed and developed the
mechanical system and the electronic controls have been developed by another group. It is powered by
324 hp@2000 rpm engine. It weighs about 34930 kg. The remote control system has a range of
operation of 60 m under normal operating conditions and 300 m with clear line of sight.

             Maneuverability checking
Display to division heads at KGF
Radio controlled dozer in BEML news
Display in an exhibition at Bangalore
                          Dashboard design for Dumper
An Unified electronic controlled (UEC) was developed by electronics group and
fitted to the dashboard of a Dumper. The UEC monitors all the major electronic
systems. I was suppose to design a new dashboard for fitting the UEC without
changing the UEC, while retaining the current gauges as it is.

                                                                   Previous design
                                  Design of load indicators

Previously dumpers trucks use to be loaded by loaders and there was no indicators to check the level of
loading. Often dumpers use to be over loaded or under loaded. Due to overloading the hydraulic
actuators were failing. A new system is developed for indicating the load on dumpers. The system
would indicate whether the dumper is on no load, 75 % load or 100 % loaded. The system is fitted on
the sides of dumpers, and is linked with load indicator cells on the Hydraulic actuators.
                                          Joy stick design
The new excavators required a new joystick design to maneuver the boom arm. The requirement is to
generate technologically innovative solutions.
M.Des. Main Project
                         CD retrieval system on demand

M.Des. Main project

Need: Digital libraries are quite popular. They receive many CDs and they
would like to share its contents online with users. The available system for CD
retrieval was too expensive and it uses one CD reader for each CD.
Sponsorship: The project was sponsored by Super computer education and
research centre (SERC), Bangalore for a digital library. The aim of the project
was to develop a technology to enable access of multiple CDs electronically
over the Internet and economically.
CAD drawings
                 Initial modeling

  Final design   Final design
Prototype of CD retrieval system
 Robot to carry CDs
 from CD rack and
 place on the CD

CD racks for holding 96 CDs
Website for accessing CDs online
Working prototypes
Working prototypes of Products
Foldable mosquito net for travelers
Control switch for any electrical

This device has a few special
1. Electrical devices such as table
fans, ceiling fans, electrical bulbs and
other electrical devices that require
control of the input voltage can be
easily controlled using this device.
The blue jog dial can be used to
start/stop as well as to control the
input voltage to the electrical socket
at the left.
2. The jog dial used for on/off is a two
pole single throw isolator, that can
also be used to control devices
requiring high ampere.
2. The electrical socket can be used
for any type of plug - traditional,
universal, three-in, two-in, or even
two bare wires.
3. This system is having child safety.
It is connected in such a way that the
system will not work unless both the
two connectors are pushed inside
and it is switched on.
Automatic floor cleaner
Cleaning floors especially where there are a lot of chairs is really difficult.
Places like cinema theatre, railway compartment etc., are difficult to
access at all the places that are required to be cleaned. This system
which has a small metal head with multiple jet head can be employed to
clean at these place using compressed water. The pump can be attached
with the power train.
This brush can contain two colors and the artist can mix these two colors dynamically by
controlling the pressure on the buttons. The protrusions at the two sides are long
pressure pads. Beneath these lie two cylinders filled with liquid ink of two different colors.
The colors can be filled by pressings these pads fully while the brush tip is dipped inside
any one of these liquids.

                                Hover, a very basic concept model of a car. As per design as the speed of
                                the car will increase the effective weight of the car will reduce, due to lift,
                                thus increasing the speed. An optimized maximum value of the speed will
                                be automatically maintained so that the tire does not loose contact with the
            Enjoy your favorite music with MUSE - a compact personal
            music system with many features like - cassette player, CD
            player, Radio equalizer, Converter and recorder.

This was a group exercise - design of a walker for people with
Parkinson's disease. The design should be eco-friendly. In this work
help of Simapro software has been taken.
Photo stand
Name stamp

 Eco lamp. Made of: used pipe,
 wire and used switches
This aeroplane is having two large engine and two small ones. The engines can move in any
direction (not shown in the pictures). Initially the direction of all the engine will be vertical. The
aeroplane can start without any runway using the thrust from these engines. Maneuvering
capability is very good and it can stay in air floating at one place with the help of these
engines. Due to its rotatable engine it can do yaw, roll and pitch in very short distance. Good
for dog fight. I generated this idea long back. Later I found that similar idea is being shown in
Terminator 3.
Space music

Now-a-days digital DTS home theatre system is in vogue. But these systems
are expensive and is not portable. If one is traveling and still want to enjoy
the surrounding sound with stereo effect of a digital music, 'Space music'
system will come as a choice. The stereo headphones that we use today
cannot produce the effect of sound coming from any direction. This six
channel (four and two channels are also supported) can give an user the
required effect of Dolby digital sound and the positions of the four sets of
speakers can give the effect of Digital Theatre System (DTS).
Website design
   CPDM, IISc website of year 2005

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  Current Ideaslab, cpdm,iisc website

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Designing Sustainable Products, Services and
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