HOTRODZ BAR GRILL Menu by JoeyVagana


									HOTRODZ BAR & GRILL Menu
928-778-6444 Call for ORDERS TO GO
APPETIZERS:                                     BEST WINGS in Town!
Choppers: jalapeño poppers basket                   $3.75
Gaskets: onion rings                basket          $3.75
Velocity Fries: french fries        basket          $3.75
Sweeeet Fries: sweet potato basket                  $4.25
Ford Fries: potato wedges basket                    $3.75
Mini Crab Cakes:             basket                 $4.75
Combo: fries, crab cakes, poppers basket            $5.50
Combo Veggie: mushroom, zucchini, onion rings       $5.50
Mac&Cheese Bites: just what is says                 $5.00
Spring Rolls (4)                                    $4.00
Gold Wings: nude chicken wings 1doz                 $7.95
Gold Wings: chicken wings         ½ baskets         $3.95
Wings sauce-choice of BBQ, Mild, Hot, Ginger Teriyaki, Raspberry Chipotle
Sliders:     with cheese                     2 for $2.50
Mini Pizza:                                         $3.75

Meals includes French Fries, bun or multi grain bread

HOTRODZ Burger: ½ lb. Angus Burger                       $7.25
(with lettuce tomato, onion & pickle)
Burger add on: American cheese, pepper jack, swiss, cheddar,
jalapeno pepper, green chili, bacon
$.50 extra for each additional item
DB’s V-ROD: Veggie Burger /cheese                        $6.75
Roadster: Philly Cheese Steak                            $6.00
The Beemer: Chicken Breast Sandwich                      $6.95
Fish & Chips: beer batter Atlantic Cod                   $6.00
Rollin Dog: Hot Dog ½ # all beef                         $5.50
Grilled Cheese Sandwich:                                 $5.50

Kitchen open Daily             11:30 AM to ????????????
Burgers 80/20 Angus Beef, chicken & fish baked, canola oil for frying, 0
transfat, no msg, sea salt
Warning: Consuming raw or uncooked ground
meat may increase risk of food borne illness.
Yavapai County Health Dept. requests that we
keep a record of under cooked ground beef.
This menu subject to change.
1590 SWENSON STREET ½ block off of Iron Springs Road
South on the new Meadowridge Road.

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