TP Menu is a new menu system that has by JoeyVagana


									TP Menu

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Ter, 06 de Janeiro de 2009 12:54 -

TP Menu is a new menu system that has been created specially for TemplatePlazza templates.
Installing this menu is east as 1-2-3. You can simply install it from you Joomla Module
Installation then publish it into any preferred module positions.
TP Menu System have 7 different Menu system that can be configured easily from the module
backend parameter :
   - Static Dropdown
   - Animated Dropdown (Using Mootools Effect)
   - Static Dropline
   - Animated Dropline (Using mootools Effect)
   - Static Drop Column
   - Animated Drop Column
   - Dolphin Menu

Each menu type also has ability to display menu images with the menu itself or even displaying
it as image only. All of this configuration can be easily configured from the backend parameter


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