Mothers Day Set Menu 2009

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					             Mothers Day Set Menu
                      Complimentary glass of champagne for mum
Vegan Salad* (vegetarian option)
Mixed salad leaves, apple, orange segments, grapes, chick peas, walnuts, toasted
sunflower seeds & apple dressing
Salmone con Rucola*
Smoked Salmon served with rocket, parmesan, roasted capsicums, balsamic
reduction and extra virgin olive oil
Risotto alla Toscana*
Risotto with mushrooms, Italian sausage, mince beef and chicken livers, cooked in
red wine and beef stock, finished with truffle oil and pecorino Montesardo
Fried Calamari
Tender, lightly crumbed calamari rings served with tartare sauce and fresh
garden salad

Coscia di Pollo alla Cacciatore
Slow cooked chicken Maryland with celery, mushrooms, fresh tomato, pancetta,
garlic and fresh herbs, served with roasted potatoes
Tortelloni con Funghi Porcini (vegetarian option)
Large tortellini filled with porcini mushrooms and ricotta, tossed with creamy field
mushroom ragu, pecorino Montesardo and fresh herbs
Salmone in Padella*
Pan fried salmon fillet served pink on a bed of artichoke and dill risotto
Risotto con Agnello*
Risotto with tender lame fillet, mushrooms, capsicum, pine nuts and spinach,
finished with veal stock and topped with pecorino Montesardo
Pizza alla LaCamera
BBQ base, mozzarella, chicken, mushrooms, caramelized onion and basil

Premiun Italian Gelato
Mango Cheesecake
                                  *gluten free option