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					    Dessert Entrée                                               Regular Dinner Plate
                                                              10-24 Guests
                                                              25-50 Guests
Thick Yogurt with Sugar & Safron
                                                              51-100 Guests
                                                              More than 100 Guests
                                                                                                       $9.00/person         Catering &
Ras Malai
Paneer Patty in Condensed Sweet Milk
Gulab Jamun
                                                               1 Appetizer with Chutney, 2 Vegetables, Puri or              Restaurant
                                                               Nan or both, Rice, Soup, 1 Sweet, Papad, Pickle
Deep Fried Milk Balls in Sweet Sauce
Khir                                                                                                                      28636 Ford Road Garden City,
Cooked Rice in Sweet Milk                                                                                                 MI 48135 (between Inkster &
Deep Fried White Flour Spirals dipped in Safron Syrup                                                                             Middlebelt)
Barfi               Kaju Barfi           Badam Barfi              Classic Dinner Plate
Milk Sweet          Cashew Sweet         Almond Sweet         10-24 Guests                            $13.00/person       Phone: 734.513.FOOD (3663)
Tri Rangi Barfi                                               25-50 Guests                            $12.50/person
Three Colored Milk Sweet                                      51-100 Guests                           $12.00/person
                                                                                                                               Fax: 734.513.2641
Penda                                                         More than 100 Guests                    $11.50/person
Round Milk Sweet
                                                              2 Appetizer with Chutney, 3 Vegetables, Puri or
Nuts stuffed in light pastry, Deep fried and Dipped in Ghee
                                                              Nan or both, Rice, Soup, 2 Sweet, Papad, Pickle
Bundi Laddu                                                                                                                        - Hours -
Deep Fried Besan Sweet
Churma Laddu                                                                                                          Tuesday to Thursday- 11:00 – 9:00 PM
Whole Wheat Laddu topped with Poppy Seeds
Kaju Pista Roll                                                                                                       Friday to Saturday- 11:00 – 10:00 PM
Cashew & Pistachio Sweet                                        Deluxe Dinner Plate
Basudi                         Orange Basudi                  Only More than 100 Guests               $14.00/person         Sunday- 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Thickened Sweet Milk           Basudi with Orange Flavor
Mohan Thal                                                    3 Appetizer with Chutney, 4 Vegetables, Puri or                   Monday- CLOSED
Besan Sweet
Kopara Pak
                                                              Nan or both, Rice, Soup, 3 Sweet, Papad, Pickle
Coconut Sweet
Milk Balls cooked in Sugar Syrup
Dilbahar                                                          Individual Items
Deep Fried Milk Balls with a layer of Burfi                   50 or Less Guests                       $1.75/person
Chum Chum                                                     51 to 99 Guests                         $1.50/person
Sweet Milk Patty with layer of Coconut                        100 or More Guests                      $1.25/person
Mava Sandwich                                                                  Minimum of 15 Guests
Sweet Milk Patty with a layer of Burfi
Puran Puri                                                        Beverages
Flour Patty stuffed with Sweet Dough
Gajar Haluva
                                                              Mango Lassi                                 Thandai
Carrots Roasted in Ghee with Sugar & Milk
                                                              Sweet Lassi                                  Faluda
Mung Dal Haluva
                                                                               Minimum of 15 Guests
Lentils Roasted in Ghee with Sugar & Milk
Shooji Haluva
                                                                  For Your Convenience
Fareena Roasted in Ghee with Sugar & Milk
Dudhi Haluva                                                  Delivery Service is available. Please speak with               Catering Menu
Long Squash Roasted in Ghee with Sugar & Milk                 Catering Consultant for prices.
                                                              Worry Free Dinner Service:
                                                                                                                              Catering Consultant
Mango Pulp with Fresh Mango Pieces Mixed In
Angoor Basudi                                                 $100 minimum for up to 100 Guests.                                    Ila Patel
Made with Cashews and Almonds                                 Additional $1.00/person for additional Guests.
Fada Lapsi                                                    Additional $1.00/person for Appetizer Service                      734.776.5494
Roasted Wheat Grains with Almonds and Cashews
   Vegetable Entrée                                      Vegetable Entrée                                     Appetizer Entrée
Matar Paneer                                          Baigan Bhartha                                          Samosa
Fresh Cheese Cubes with Peas, Onion, & Tomato Gravy   Eggplant with Tomato & Onion                            Vegetables & Spices wrapped in Light Pastry
Aloo Matar                                            Shahi Paneer                                            Kachori
Potato with Peas, Onion, & Tomato Gravy               Fresh Cheese Cubes with Onion, Tomato, & Cream Gravy    Peas & Spices wrapped in Light Pastry
Dam Aloo                                              Paneer Makhni                                           Khaman Dhokala
Potato with Onion & Tomato Gravy                      Fresh Cheese Cubes with Tomato & Cream (No Onion)       Steamed Chickpea Batter topped with Sesame Seeds
Kofta Curry                                           Nargisi Aloo                                            Cutlets
Vegetable Pakora with Onion & Tomato Gravy            Potatoes simmered in curry                              Deep Fried Spicy Potato Patties
Aloo Gobi                                             * Tindora                                               Khandavi Roll
Potato & Cauliflower with Onion & Tomato              Cooked with Peanut & Spices                             Chickpea Batter Rolls topped with Sesame Seeds
Chhole                                                Palak Paneer                                            Dahi Vada
Garbanzo with Onion Gravy                             Fresh Cubes in Spinach Gravy                            Moist Vadas with Yogurt & Chutney
Baigan Aloo                                           * Kadhai (Chili) Paneer                                 Aloo Vada
Eggplant & Potato with Onion Gravy                    Cheese Cubes and Vegetables in homemade Chinese sauce   Light batter stuffed with Potato & deep fried
Also Available without Onion                          * Additional $0.50 per person                           Mung Dal Vada
Navaratan Curry (Punjabi)                                                                                     Mung Dal with Ginger & Chili
Nine Vegetables with Cashew & Onion Gravy
Navaratan Curry (South Indian)
                                                          Soup Entrée (Dal/Kadhi)                             Chana Dal Vada
                                                                                                              Chana Dal with Ginger & Chili
Nine Vegetables with Coconut Gravy (No Onion)         Gujarati Dal                                            Fulvadi
Stuffed Pepper                                        Sweet & Sour Toor Dal                                   Chickpea Flour with Spices & deep fried
Banana Pepper stuffed with Peanut & Spices            Gujarati Kadhi                                          Amiri Khaman
* Stuffed Bhindi                                      Sweet & Sour Yogurt & Chickpea Flour                    Roasted Chickpea Batter with Garlic & Sweet & Sour Sauc
Okra stuffed with Peanut & Spices                     Dal Makhni                                              Patra
Undhiya                                               Black Lentil Soup with Onion & Garlic                   Chickpea Batter rolled in Green Leaf & Steamed
Mixed Vegetables with Peanut & Spices with Garlic     Channa Dal Fry                                          Aloo Tiki
Also available without Garlic                         Split Chickpea with Onion                               Potato Patty with Spices
Jain Undhiya                                          Gujarati Channa                                         Spring Roll
Mixed Vegetables                                      Black Channa (No Onion)                                 Cabbage Carrots, & Beans rolled in Light Pastry & Deep F
Suki Bhaji                                            Pakora Curry                                            Mixed Vegetable Pakora
Potato with Cashew & Raisins                          Yogurt & Besan with Onion Pakora                        Vegetables covered in light batter & deep fried
Aloo Bhaji                                            Mung Dal                                                Methi Pakora
Potato with Peas, Carrots, & Onion                    Whole Mung Soup with Onion                              Methi Leaves mixed in Chickpea Batter & Deep Fried
Jira Aloo                                             Available without Onion                                 Onion/Aloo Pakora
Potato with Cumin & Spices                            Sambhar                                                 Onion/Potato Mixed in Chickpea Batter & Deep Fried
Avial                                                 Toor Dal Soup with Onion                                Mirchi Bhaji
Vegetable with Coconut Gravy                          Available without Onion                                 Jalapeno Peppers dipped in Chickpea Batter & Deep Fried
* Toor Ringan                                         Rasam                                                   * Papadi Lot
Pigeon Peas with Eggplant                             Toor Dal Soup with Onion & Garlic                       Rice Flour cooked with Spices
Malai Kofta                                           Mixed Dal Fry                                           Fafada
Deep Fried Cheese & Spinach Dumplings with Gravy      Mung & Chana with Onion & Garlic                        Spicy Besan Wafers
Sprout Mung                                           Also Available without Onion                            * Bhel Puri
Green Mung with Spices                                Dal Maharani                                            Puffed Rice Mixed with Chutneys, Onions, Potatoes
Val Dal                                               Five Mixed Dals with Onion & Garlic                     * Chat Papadi
Dry Split Bean                                        Rajma                                                   Papadi topped with Potatoes, Chutneys, Yogurt, and Sev
Split Mung Dal                                        Kidney Beans with Onion & Garlic
Dry Yellow Split Bean                                 Raita                                                   Rice Entrée
* Spinach Corn Cheese                                 Yogurt with Cucumber, Tomato & Onion                    Basmati Rice
In White Sauce                                                                                                Plain White Rice
Mixed Khatol                                                                                                  Vegetable Pulav
Four Mixed Beans with Gravy                                                                                   Rice with Peas, Carrots, Cashews & Cloves
Vegetable Jalfrazis                                                                                           Vegetable Biryani
Mixed Vegetables with Onion & Spices                                                                          Mixed Vegetables with Cashews & Spices
Also Available without Onion                                                                                  Tamarind Rice
* Gobi Manchurian                                                                                             Rice with Tamarind, Peanuts & Spices
Cauliflower in Chinese Gravy                                                                                  Curd Rice
* Bhindi Masala
Okra cooked with Onion & Tomato
                                                           All items may not be                               Rice with Yogurt & Cucumber
                                                                                                              Bisibila Rice

                                                           available at all times.                            With Sambhar, Cashews & Onion