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					VOLUME 1                                                           JUNE

  ISSUE 2                                                          2004



  President: Larry Kereluke
Past President: Lorrie Stayura
 V/President: Fred Haywood
   Secretary: Val Hansen
  Treasurer: Ellen Hawkins


   B.C. - Lynn Haywood
 Mid Canada - Kerry Russell
   Ontario - Ole Nielsen
  Eastern - Donna Doran

    Editor: Tannis Tindall
    Archives: Janis Nixon
    Rescue: Bob Guerette         Congratulations.......... " REUBEN "

                                    WD, BW, Best Bred By in Specialty
                                             5 Point major
                                 Afghan Hound Club of Greater Cincinnati

                                          Photo by Michael Graat
                                                                 computer to "well you know", But FIRST, I think I will
                                                                 check my email..........
From The President
Larry Kereluke, 754 Cypress Ave., P.O. Box 98,
                                                                 I swear, that is an accurate description of my life. I need
Oakbank, Manitoba R0E 1J1. Phone: (204)444-2518
                                                                 to take a course on time management if I ever hope to
                                                                 make it to Calgary in August for the Specialty.
It amazes me where time goes. It seems to me that as
soon as I finish writing a column for the newsletter, the        See you there!
editor (used to be Joan, now Tannis) is hounding me              Larry Kereluke
(pardon the pun) for the next edition. Is it just me, or
does everyone over the age of 50 suffer from the same
affliction?                                                      From The Editor Emeritus
                                                                 Joan King
Back when I had a real job, I used to get things done in a
timely fashion. Now that I'm unemployed, I can't find            Dear Editor, Executive and Club Members:
the time to tie my shoelaces. I'm reminded of a story that
was passed around a few years ago and I will share this          The first thing I must say is "Thank You". Thank you
with you as a day in the life of Larry K.                        for all of your emails and cards filled with good wishes
                                                                 and encouragement, each and every one meant a great
I wake up in the morning expecting to spend my whole             deal to me. Thank you also for your prayers, I know the
day working on a 'Message from the President' for the            great strength that prayer can give and I'm sure that your
newsletter. After breakfast, I head towards my office and        chats with the gentleman upstairs also had a great and
see several huge dust bunnies on the floor. I do need to         good effect on my getting well.
work on the column, but FIRST I have to pick the dust
bunnies. On the way, I pass the counter and see                  Thank you for the beautiful flowers. They were an
the VISA bill sitting there unpaid, and think, I had better      arrangement of white and lemon lilies, magenta lilies
take care of that right away - no need to pay extra              that looked like small orchids, gorgeous rich pink
interest for my tardiness. I head for my check book. On          carnations and white carnations, baby’s breath and
the way, I see the kitchen dishes are still on the counter       greenery with a beautiful yellow bow all in a very pretty
and decide that it will only take me a few minutes to            vase. I told my nurses and care givers "that if they didn't
load them in the dishwasher. While I am starting that I          stop smelling them there would be no scent left". They
hear on the radio that we will be expecting 30 degrees           really did brighten my room and my days in the big
(It's true, we do get warm temperatures in Winnipeg!)            building with beds. I am now at home recovering and
again today. I look out the window and see the potted            getting a little stronger each day.
plants are wilting. Before I can do anything else, I must
water my plants, or there won't be any plants to water.          Additionally, I offer another very special Thank You for
As I am filling the watering can,, I remember that the           allowing me the privilege of being "editor:" of the
dog's water bowl was almost empty too. That is more              Afghan Actions Newsletter and the Annual for the past 5
important, so I will fill that first. As I bend over, there is   1/2 years. It was all new to me when I began but this
another one of those dust bunnies. As I pick it up with          opportunity afforded me not only a chance to learn a
my hands, my cat comes over complaining. "Oh, did I              great deal more about what I could do with my computer
forget to feed you this morning. Poor thing. I will do that      but even more important, it gave me an opportunity to
now.' But FIRST, I will put this in the garbage. I feed the      chat with, contact and yes, be contacted by some of the
cat, and put the water in the dog bowl. Now what was I           "greats" in our breed, from Breeders, Owners, Handlers,
going to get the check book for? I don't know. It                Judges etc. From Conformation folks, Obedience and
will come to me later. Ahh! The dishwasher is open; I            Agility participants and the Lure Coursing enthusiasts.
must finish putting the dirty dishes in there. The phone         Although I got my first Afghan Hound over 30 years ago
rings. Sonny wants to know if I can meet him for lunch.          I sure learned quickly that the old adage "the more you
"Is it lunch time already? I can't. I have to get to work on     know, the less you know" really is true. I have learned
my column, but I will see you later." Where did the time         much in these last few years and yet I know I have a
go? I know I have been busy all morning, but I                   great deal still to learn about our chosen breed. Now I
don't seem to have gotten much done. I start thinking            turn the reins over to Tannis. She has my full support
about AAADD (Age Activated Attention Deficit                     and she knows that if at any time I can help her I will be
Disorder). I must get help............but FIRST, there will      available. Tannis I know will bring fresh ideas, fresh
be some very disappointed people if I don't head for my          contacts, and many new innovations to our publications
and this is a good thing for all of us but especially for       Val asked that I include a letter from the CKC. Please
our Afghans.                                                    take the time and give it a read. Also attached to the
                                                                newsletter is an article forwarded by Kathy Saville on
In closing, thanks to the previous Executive &                  ligament injuries written by Laurie Edge-Hughes. This
Directors, to name just a few Avery, Gerri, Kerry &             is a good time to give this a read as coursing is in full
Wayne and now the present Executive Larry, Fred, Val            swing (except in Manitoba, where we have not started
and Ellen, for their reports (sometimes I had to push           yet). A late melt, 2 feet of snow early in May and then
(large smile)). To the Directors. Lynn H, Kerry, Ole,           100 mm of rain two weeks later makes for a soggy
Donna, Bob, and Janice and to a couple of special folks,        practice field.
Ed who always had a Lure Coursing article ready for the
                                                                A new section of the newsletter will be Laurel Deptuch’s
Annual, and Lynn W. who always had Obedience or
                                                                “Dogs In Canada” Breedline column. Not all AHCC
Agility to tell us about. I add a special nod for all their
                                                                members receive “Dogs in Canada” and we thought you
help in getting the Newsletter and the Annual to press
                                                                would enjoy reading the columns. Included in this
and making it interesting to all facets of our sport. To
                                                                newsletter is the column from the last magazine and we
the members, please help and support Tannis as you did
                                                                are getting a sneak peak at the upcoming one.
me, but this I know goes without my saying. My
membership will continue of course and I look forward           Deadline for the September newsletter is 25th September
to hearing about our Afghan Hounds across the country           for all submissions BUT remember the front page space
for many years to come.                                         and short inside accompanying story is on a "first come -
                                                                first served" basis SO if you wish to use that space
Sincerely,                                                      submit early.

Joan King                                                       From The Vice President
Editor now Retired ....                                         Fred Haywood, 16378 - 50 Ave., Surrey, British
                                                                Columbia V3S 0L2. Phone: (604)576-0346. Fax:
                                                                (604)-576-4482. Email: procyon@telus,net
Editor’s Note:
                                                                Fred has a very busy schedule and will see us in the
Thank you Joan! I think I speak for all of the members in
wishing you the best in your “retirement”. Of course we         September Newsletter.
know you have other “hobbies” that will continue to keep
you busy and in touch with the Afghan world. We would           From The Secretary
also look forward to you sharing some stories and insights      V. N. Hansen, 188 Bowdale Cres. N.W., Calgary,
with us now that you have some extra time on your hands.
                                                                Alberta, T3B 1J4. Phone: (403) 247-9843.
We also wish you a speedy return to full health and strength.
                                                                e-mail: vmhansen@telusplanet.
                                                                Afghan Hound Club of Canada email:
From The Editor                                       
Tannis Tindall, 54 Burland Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                                                Happy Springtime Everyone,
R2N 2W5 phone: (204)255-3986;
                                                                Congratulations Tannis, as this is your first kick at the
Here I am looking at the first issue of the AHCC                cat, I’ll be very excited to look for this newsletter in the
Newsletter to come out of Manitoba. I must say that it          mail.
has been a busy and interesting few weeks. Panic struck
when I saw all the bits and pieces that needed to be fit        The weather this weekend has been pretty great -
into the newsletter somewhere and somehow. I think I            considering the nasty weather last weekend which was
have it under control now though. One thing at a time           the long weekend of course, and the Foothills
seems to get the job done. My apologies to any of you           Gazehound Club’s spring trial. Congratulations to
whose input I may have missed. Thank you to all of you          Richard Westerly’s boy Chance on his Best of Breed on
for your words of encouragement.                                last Monday’s trial. No Afghans ran on Sunday - except
                                                                Raven who ran in singles - the only one. Unfortunately,
I am a relative newcomer to the wonderful world of
                                                                she decided that the second run in the afternoon was not
Afghan Hounds and will be depending on the wealth of
knowledge from you the members for information and              to her liking - so - no ribbons, then the same thing
answers to things that I have little knowledge of. But          happened on Monday. Back to practice I guess.
then, the purpose of this club and newsletter is to share
                                                                We’re in the home stretch out here for the nationals.
knowledge and information.
                                                                The first part of the rosette order is here and they’re
beautiful. We decided to go with Centaur Ribbons and        Obedience Ring. He is having fun in Agility and we
boy do they do a lovely job. The top four rosettes are a    hope to soon have pictures of Brooke doing his thing in
combination of petals & pleats with gold trim - come on     Agility.
out & see them! As you know by now - Sweatshirts &
T-Shirts are available for purchase - see the order form    We are sooooo happy to hear that Joan, Katima Hounds
attached. Of course, we can always use trophy               is feeling better. MANY MANY THANKS GO OUT
donations as well. We hope that if you can’t come,          TO JOAN FOR ALL OF HER COMITTMENT
you’ll show your support with a donation to either the      AND DEDICATION THROUGHOUT THE
trophy fund, or the art auction. We’ve already received     YEARS…BEING OUR EDITOR….Her patience,
several items from Sandra Gahan - you just have to see      generosity, perseverance and wealth of knowledge has
the lovely blanket and jewelry she sent out.                set an example for us to behold.

Please welcome Arlene Joyce Donoghue and April              We hear that “Liam”, Burydown Hilerica Whistler, the
Deanna Donoghue - our newest members. Both Arlene           Katima’s newest member to the family as well as the
and April are interested in rescue, including helping to    Hound Group is growing like a “bad weed”. Congrats to
find homes, as well as fostering and temperament            Liam for doing so well during his first show. He really
testing. April is a dog trainer employed by PetsMart.       enjoyed himself, made new friends, and got his feet wet,
Arlene trains in obedience and agility with help from       so to speak. Liam keeps the King house hopping, and
April. We’re always happy to have help with rescue.         certainly keeps Joan busy, while she attempts to keep
                                                            him out of trouble. ☺ No rest for the weary, my friend
See you all in July - happy exhibiting.                     ☺ Below is Liam pictured at his first show, Chaleur
                                                            Kennel Club, shown by Johanna King, Joan and Jim’s
Val Hansen, Secretary, AHCC                                 daughter. Picture complements of Ed Granger:

From The Treasurer
Ellen Hawkins, 216 McGregor Street, Fredericton,
New Brunswick. Phone:(506)444-9818. email:
Financial Statement Attached

From Our Directors
Donna Doran, 15 Chelmsford Place, Halifax, N.S. B3M 4R2

Well, finally a springy note from the Maritimes. The
flowers are now blooming, the grass is green, and the                     “Liam” looking handsome!
weather of course is more conducive to our four legged
friends. We are back into show season, however there        Our sincere condolences go out to Ellen Hawkins, who
has been little to report. Unfortunately there are not to   lost their eldest family member “Mindy”. Ellen, we are
many affies out there yet this year. Big congrats to Ed     thinking of you and your family’s healing. It is very
and Johanna Granger who made the long journey down          hard to say goodbye to such an old and faithful best
to Beresford, New Brunswick, Chaleur Kennel Club,           friend.
where Dick picked up a couple of 2nd’s in Group, and
their puppies a few points while making new friends and     Sharwind’s very special, 10 year old Nirvana, Ch.
enjoying the Maritime Hospitality.                          Sharwind’s A Bit Nirvana, continues to do well, now
                                                            three weeks post surgery for Bloat. We are forever
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS also goes out to Glenda               grateful. The many many children he has assisted in his
MacDonald and “Faith”, Ch. Ledgehill’s Dark Moon, as        healing work at the Clinic must have sent all of their
Faith picked up a Group 1st under Edgar Bajona at the       new found strengths to him in his healing journey.
Dartmouth Show most recently. Faith was shown the           Many thanks to all of you who sent positive thoughts to
one day only. Glenda also informs me that Brooke            help us through such a traumatic time.
continues to work on his obedience challenges and doing
very well. We look forward to seeing Brooke in the
As a closing note: I will be doing an article for the        shows go down (not only the Afghan entry). I certainly
annual regarding our encounter with GDV (BLOAT). It          think that the CKC should be taking a real serious look
was a very frightening and learning experience. I am         at show numbers and locations. But we have all heard
taking this opportunity to invite everyone to submit         that many times before and anyway, it seems that the
information they would like to see included in the           CKC has much more “serious” matters to attend to.
article. Please email any information to                                      Hope you all have a great summer with your share of
                                                             wins. Remember to keep your dogs cool and drink
Our wishes to everyone for a peaceful and playful            plenty of “fluids” – that always seems to make the day
summer.                                                      more pleasant.

Donna                                                        Until next time – Keep Brushing
                                                             Ole Nielsen
Quebec News
At present we have no Director for Quebec.                   Mid-Canada News
Ontario News                                                 Kerry-Lynn Russell, 36 Sandal Dr., Winnipeg,
                                                             Manitoba R2N 1C8 phone: (204)694-8870
Ole Nielsen, 412 Pinehurst Rd., R.R. #2, Paris, Ontario
                                                             Bob Guerette and “Xena” continue to represent Afghans
N3L 3E2. Phone: (519)442-2038.
                                                             well at our Manitoba show’s having won several Group
                                                             4th’s placements recently. Tannis and “Georgia” are
The summer show season has finally arrived. The warm
                                                             most often ringside cheering them on.
sunny weather is here and my pile of show premium lists
is growing ever higher. We start off in June with the        Lynn Woods’ “Racket” won the Hound Group at the
Erie Shores show (June 3,4, and 5), and soon there will      recent Fort Garry show and they are looking forward to
be a show almost everyday within an easy driving             the outdoor summer shows where “Racket” can really
distance from Toronto. Oh – the stress of making the         stretch those legs. “Racket” has also taken two Group
decisions! What show? What judges? It would require          2nd placements in the spring shows. Lynn and “Calista”
at least a second mortgage to attend all of them.            are training, proofing and working together toward trials
                                                             for “Calista’s” CDX.
There was a good entry of Afghans at the Erie Shores
                                                             This is my sixth year as AHCC “Mid Canada Director”.
show (about 15 each day). At the Group Specialty for
                                                             When I accepted the position six years ago I told Kathy
all Hounds there was a total of 18 Afghans (Sunday June
                                                             Saville (the then AHCC president) that I could report the
6). Hopefully this is a sign of good entries over the
                                                             Manitoba news with no problem, but I don’t travel to the
summer. Someone even remarked on the variety of
                                                             shows so I would not be able to provide the
colours – something we have not seen in a while. It also
                                                             Saskatchewan and Alberta news. We decided that it was
proved to be a good day to socialize and swap stories.
                                                             basically better than nothing so that is how it has been.
There never seems to be a shortage of those as long as
                                                             I’ve always felt a little bad that many of my “reports”
we take the time to get together at the show.
                                                             have been lacking in this way. Sometimes an Alberta or
                                                             Saskatchewan member would send some information to
Here are some of the results from the Southern Counties
                                                             be included in the newsletter.
Hound Breed Association Group Specialty Show and
Sweepstakes. The Judge was Lee Canalizo from                 I have tried to do my best and it has been a privilege to
Florida. Congratulations to Best of Breed winner Ch          have my words included in our neat newsletters.
Kavrab Showtime’s Sweet Dreams, bitch, owned by              However, I think it is time to hear a new voice. I am
Kristen, Cheryl & Ron O’Bryan & K. Vrabel, USA.              hoping that someone else from Alberta, Saskatchewan or
Best of Opposite Sex went to Ch Sanshee Limahl’s             maybe Manitoba again will take on the Mid-Canada
Dream Catcher, Dog, owned by Kathleen O’Brien, USA.          director role at the upcoming election time.
Best of Winners was Messenger on the Go, Bitch,
                                                             Thanks everyone!
owned by Stephanie Bajona, Ontario.
Although it is nice to have a lot of shows to choose from    P.S. I would also like to wish a GREAT BIG “HAPPY
at this time of year, I am not so sure it is in everyone’s   BIRTHDAY MY BOY” to my Afghan “RIHLEY” who
best interest. After all we can’t attend all of them and     has just turned 9 years old!
many are even on the same day. This obviously means
that we spread ourselves too thin. Average entries at
Editor’s note: We will miss you as the Mid-Canada Director.      latest issue of Dogs in Canada that four of the Top 10 in
I have always looked forward to reading your articles and will   Canada are from right here in Vancouver.
miss them. I hope that you will continue to contribute your      Congratulations to Gerri Bracewell, Ch. Ishkur’s Nyx
thoughts and ideas, as the newsletter and annual are only as     FChX, “Miss Mouse” for her #2 placing this year. Also
good as the input.
                                                                 to Ed Asals, Kathy Saville and Karen Pearson for Ch.
                                                                 Nalikar Russian Roulette “Simon”, for his 4th place tie
                                                                 (Simon now has his FCh), to Bev McKenzie and June
British Columbia News                                            Beard for the 7th place finish for “Bibi”, Ch Dhivia
                                                                 Jenfield Kara Bibi FChX, and finally to John Hall for a
Lynn Haywood, 15378 - 50 Ave., Surrey, British                   10th place finish for “Zoe”, Ch. Dhivia Jenfield Joha’s
Columbia V3S 0L2. Phone: (604)576-0346. Fax:                     Zoe FChX. All of these dogs have run with our group.
(604)576-4482. Email: procyon                        Speaking of John Hall, he has a wonderful crop of new
                                                                 puppies up and coming. They practice with us and are
The Pacific Coast Reporter                                       really keen on the bunny. We should start seeing them
                                                                 out at meets in the fall once they turn a year old.
Message from the sunny (but sometimes rainy) West
Coast.                                                           And we can’t forget to let everyone know that Bev
                                                                 McKenzie and June Beard’s dog Am/Can Ch. Dhivia
We have had what you may call a fabulous spring as far           Jenfield Desert Warrior, “Shoru”, had a great couple of
as the weather goes, but this last week has been the pits.       weekends a month or so ago. In two sets of weekend
Cool and rain for the most part and the biggest problem          shows Shoru racked up two Group 3’s, two Group 2’s
is that Fred hasn’t been able to cut the coursing field.         and a Group 1st and along the way won a Best in Show
                                                                 under Judge Nancy Popowitch. Way to go Shoru, and
Speaking of coursing, our coursing group has had some            congratulations for Bev and June. This was Shoru’s first
great practices on our field over the past couple of             “Best” although he has won a couple of Specialties in
months. We have been averaging 25 – 30 dogs or more              the past. Our boy “Delaney” scored another U.S. point
on our Sunday events and around 20 for our Tuesday               two weeks ago as well. Almost finished his U.S. title!
evening runs. We have a great group with diverse
canine interest. It is not unusual for us to draw 18
Afghans along with Whippets, Greyhounds, Ibizan
Hounds, and Salukis. Everyone enjoys the day and of
course the dogs love the runs.

We have all had coursing dogs that from time to time,
for whatever reason, decide not to follow the lure. We
are finding these practices, specially the straight runs,
great for getting the dogs refocused on the lure. We are
able to set up a longer course; around 600 yards. It is
tight but everyone always makes it around and they all
love the extra distance. We know that this work is
paying off for us. Our cream boy, “Nikita” started                            Nikita & Bib hot on the trail!!!
coursing about two years ago with great expectations.
At one of his first trials the lure stopped and when it did      And folks, here is a FLASH: We just received word
he went to visit the lure operator. Ever since then, every       that June and Bev’s new puppy, Ch. Boanne’s Love
time he was out, he would visit the operator. Guess he           Song O’Dhivia-Jenfield, “Divia” took first in her Open
thought it was the thing to do. Anyway, we went back to          Class BOTH DAYS at the Greater Detroit Afghan
the basics this spring, and started him on 100 yard runs         Hound Club Specialty on May 29th and May 30th Way
and slowly worked him up so that he was running past             to go Divia!!
the lure operator. Well now he is fixed on the lure and a
few weeks ago we decided to try him again in a trial.            Work is well underway for the planning of the 2005
The first weekend he ran an NBQ and a 3rd. The next              National Specialty to be held here in Vancouver.
weekend he only ran one day but scored a first and BoB.          Recently a short list of judges’ names was circulated for
We have another boy we are doing the same thing with             comment. The committee has made a choice from that
now and the practice seems to be working.                        list and has extended an invitation to that choice. We
                                                                 cannot announce at this time who that person, at least
Maybe this extra work is paying off for others here on
the Coast. I see by the 2003 Lure Coursing results in the
not until the CKC has approved them to judge. If
everything goes according to plan we will be announcing

                                                              RESCUE NEWS
                                                              Rescue co-ordinator Bob Guerette 54 Burland Ave.,
                                                              Winnipeg, MB R2N 2W5. Phone (204)-255-3986.

                                                              It has been a fairly quite period of the first part of 2004
                                                              as far as rescue matters go. The use of the internet as an
                                                              advertising medium has wonderful benefits as well as a
                                                              few pitfalls. Our club contact information is posted on
                                                              no less than 25 various dog related websites.

                                                              During the last two months I have been involved with
                                                              two rescue calls, both in British Columbia. The first was
                                                              Kennedy, reported to Kathy Saville and myself from the
                                                              AHCC Website. Kennedy is a 7 year old boy who was
                                                              taken back in by Gerri Bracewell, co-breeder of
                       June & Divia                           Kennedy’s litter. Within a matter of days, Kennedy was
                                                              safely re-homed. Thanks Gerri, Kathy Saville and Keira
the dates and the judging panel at the 2004 National in       Coutts, from Second Chance Animal Shelter
Calgary on July 31st. I can also tell you that we have just   Nelson BC
been advised that the Sight hound Club of B.C. has
agreed to hold a Specialty for sight hounds the same          The second B.C. rescue wasn’t really a rescue at all. I
weekend as the 2005 National. We now have two sight           was informed by e-mail that an Afghan Hound was last
hound Specialties and two Afghan Specialties that             seen on the Coquihalla Highway heading for higher
weekend AND the Sight hound Club have indicated that          ground. His new owner had stopped for a stretch after
they will be holding a Lure Coursing Trial on the             picking up the dog in Kamloops, didn’t realize what a
Sunday. This is shaping up to be a truly spectacular          speed demon this “mountain type” Afghan escape artist
weekend for Hounds.                                           was and away the boy went. After several hours of
                                                              searching the fellow continued on his way to Vancouver.
I would also like to remind everyone again about the          Fortunately, a passing motorist found the dog on the
Metro Valley AHA Specialty on July 17th at the Peace          roadside that evening and turned him to the local animal
Arch Park in South Surrey. The judge will be Richard          control authority that made contact with the owner. The
Rupert from California, and Kirby Moorhouse from              owner returned the next day with leash in hand.
Victoria will be handling the Sweeps judging. This is
the same day as the Western Gazehound Club Specialty          Other than a few referrals back to Barb Hastings of
and their judge is Barbara Rupert with Margaret Coe           AHCA Rescue for dogs in the US and potential adopters
judging the Sweepstakes. Also don’t forget about the          in the US, not much is happening…and I like it that
Vancouver Island Afghan Hound Association Specialty.          way!!
The VIAHA specialty will be held Aug. 7, 2004 in
conjunction with Victoria City KC. Their judge will be
Peter Belmont and their Sweeps will be judged by
Stewart Ailor.

It seems this time of year everyone is very busy and we
are a little short of local input. By the next issue we                  Ch Obiwan True Blue " Reuben"
should have results of the local specialties as well as the
National.                                                     Shown only 3 times in the US since he was Best Bred
                                                              BY at the American National in Illinois, Reuben wins
That’s it for this time from the “Sunny (and sometimes        his second US major. We are very proud of our boy, he
wet) West Coast”.                                             is also a multi Specialty BB winner in Canada and has
                                                              several breed and group placements in very limited
Lynn Haywood                                                  showing. His first time out in Canada this year resulted
B.C. Director.
in BB all 3 days at the Kitchener Kennel Club and a         and, of course in my eyes, absolutely gorgeous. Thanks
Group 4. He is also very proud of his 2 nieces from his     Mom for helping me pick out such a wonderful puppy. I
brother’s litter, "Luna" winning a Specialty match Best     also must thank the breeder, John Hall, for this special
in Sweepstakes at her first show in Columbus, Ohio at 3     gift.
1/2 months of age and "Becky" who at her first show
won Best in Sanction match at an all breed match at 4       Laurel, Tazi and Galaxy.
1/2 months of age. We look forward to a fun summer
with these kids.                                            Editor’s Note: What a beauty!. We are sure that your Mom is
                                                            as excited as you are with your new puppy and will be
Reuben in Co-owned with Christopher Coulter                 watching from above and cheering you on.
Owned and Handled by Doug & Avery Gaudin "
                                                            History Making Year for Canadian Afghan Hounds

                                                            For the first time in History a Canadian bred and owned
                                                            Afghan was Best of Breed at the American Nationals. It
                                                            was so exciting watching as "Aries" Am.Can. Ch. Polo
                                                            in the Air Tonite F. Ch. won the top honour over a huge
                                                            entry of beautiful Afghan Hounds. We congratulate
                                                            Lorianne Amedeo and Aries for this amazing
                                                            achievement. For the second year in a row, a Canadian
                                                            dog was top in the trithalon competion. Last year the
                                                            honour went to Lynn Woods and her bitch "Calista" Ch.
                                                            Iskur Athena AM. Can. C.D. She is co-owned with the
                                                            breeder Gerri Bracewell. This year, Tazi (Ch.
                                                            ForeverSwiftwind Klassikkloud F.Ch) owned by my
                                                            mother and I came out on top. This is a nice honour as it
                                                            shows the versatility of the dogs. Another Canadian
                                                            bred bitch that did well was Ch. Deloubelle Casbar Full
                                                            Power who was Best In Sweeps. Congrats to his owners
                                                            Louise Oumet Lavigne and Chrisitian Taillon. The
                                                            Canadian Nationals were dominated by Canadian
                                                            Afghans as well. Top award going to Michael Graat and
                                                            Doug and Avery Gaudin's beautiful girl "Summer" Am.
                                                            Can. Ch. Obiwan's Last Dance Vindela. Award of Merit
                                                            to went to Lynn Woods and Gerri Bracewell, owners of
                                                            Ch. Ishkur's Eros JC . Winners male went to Barb and
                                                            Ken Wolosuik Aphra Easy Rider. Best Puppy was
                 How I Got Galaxy                           Deloubelle Maya Casbar's Dream. Thanks to all these
                                                            beautiful hounds and their owners for making this truly a
As many of you know I recently lost my mother, Doris        historic year for Canadian Afghan Hounds.
Deptuch. But before she died we discussed what we
would name our new puppy. We were pretty sure that          The next column will be about the upcoming Canadian
Tazi and Zoe were about to become parents. Mom said         Nationals to be held in Calgary, Alberta in August and
that she always thought Galaxy would be a nice name         other Afghan Events coming up.
for an Afghan. The litter was born 3 weeks later, sadly,
mom never saw the pups. At the time, I was travelling       If you have an event coming up or if there is anything
(returning from the US National) but was anxiously          you would like DIC readers to know contact me by e-
following Zoe's progress through her website. The           mail or write.
marvels of electronics. Anyway, the pups were born and      Laurel Deptuch, Breedlines Columnist, Afghan Hound
their pictures and names were posted. There was one         Club of Canada, 2863 River Road, Chemainus, B.C.
little blue girl named Star and I instantly thought there   V0R 1K0.
was a connection between her name and the name
Galaxy. I picked her out at a day old and she is
everything I ever wanted in an Afghan. Zany, intelligent    Hounds Abound in Calgary
                                                            For the All Breed Premium List go to:
Mark your calenders and plan to attend The Afghan  and
Hound Club of Canada 2004 National Specialty to be          contact Silvia Martin at for the
held in Calgary. Hound events begin July 30th and           Coursing Premium or give Silvia a call at (807) 964-
continue throughout the long weekend. On July 30th          1717 and leave a message and address. Please speak s-l-
there is a Group 2 Specialty. July 31st is The A.H.C.C.     o-w-l-y!
Specialty judged by Gene Vaccaro with Leo Maxwell
doing Sweeps. This is followed by a wine and cheese         The Vancouver Island Afghan Hound Association is
party and an art auction. August 1st is the Foothills       having its 20th Anniversary Specialty on August 7, 2004
Gazehound Specialty with Lure Coursing on August            in Victoria, B.C. Peter Belmont is our Judge and
2nd. This is all being held in conjunction with The         Stewart Ailor is doing Sweeps (pending CKC approval).
Calgary Kennel Club's 3 day event and numerous other        We are just a short jaunt (12 hours through the Rockies
specialties, including ones for Borzois, Salukis and        and a 2 hour ferry ride) from Calgary. People can drive
Whippets.                                                   from the National and really see Alberta and British
This is a must attend celebration for all hound fanciers
and there is nothing more exciting then the breed's         See you there, Laurel, Tazi and Galaxy
National Specialty. It is a time to renew old friendships
and begin new ones. It is time for Afghan fanciers near     Vancouver Island Afghan Hound Association is holding
and wide to reaffirm their love for the breed. So come      their speciality on Aug.7/04 the judge is Peter Belmont
and enjoy.                                                  of Elmo Afghan's along with the speciality the Island
Other notable Afghan events coming up include The           circut is 9 shows in a row, great way to get points on
Metro Valley Afghan Hound Club Specialty which is           dogs.
held on July 17th in the beautiful Peace Arch Park not
far from Vancouver, B.C. The Western Gazehound              Lorianne Amadeo(President)
Specialty is also held there on the same day. This is
always a fun and relaxed event. The Vancouver Island
Afghan Hound Association is holding its 20th
Anniversary Specialty on Aug. 7th in conjunction with
Victoria City Kennel Club's shows. This also promises
to be a special event.
                                                            Brags for my Aries he has been showing in the States
Laurel                                                      and has earned several gps and gp placements and 2
                                                            BOS at the Ohio specialities, has earned another BIS in
                                                            Canada - Lorraine

The Lakehead Kennel Club is holding a 3 day; all breed      Newsletter - front page picture with short story inside
dog show in Thunder Bay July 23 – 25, 2004. Early           $6.00
Bird entries close June 22 and Final closing is July 6,     Newsletter - full page $25.00 picture included, black
2004. Judges are Dick Meen, Tom Alexander, Neil             and white
Graves, Chirs Neilson, Sandra Lex, Phyllis Pancel and
Michel Chaloux. There also will be 6 Agility Trials, 4      Newsletter - Classified Ad - $2.00 for the first 20
Obedience Trials and Junior Showmanship all three           words and .12 cents per word after that. Phone
days.                                                       numbers, fax numbers, email identification, each
                                                            count as one word.
There is a Booster for Afghans (sponsored by Silvia         All cheques to be made payable to The Afghan
Martin) and Wolfhounds on Friday, July 23, 2004. The        Hound Club of Canada and be clearly marked on the
Wolfhound Specialty goes Saturday, July 24, 2004.           back "Newsletter Advertising". Send the
There is 2 day All Breed Lure Coursing at Valleymar         information you want in your page ad to me and I
Sunday July 24, (after the completion of Group 2            will create and ad for you at no extra cost. All ads
judging) and Monday July 26.                                must be paid in full prior to publication
                SEPTEMBER 25th !!

Afghan Actions and Afghan Actions Annual are
published by the Afghan Hound Club of Canada and
are not responsible for any errors or omissions.
Afghan Actions, the Afghan Hound Club of Canada
and it's members are not legally responsible for, nor do
they necessarily agree with the viewpoints herein
expressed. The editor reserves the right to edit any
submissions. Please direct all correspondence to the
Club Secretary.
                                AFGHAN HOUND CLUB OF CANADA
                                   FINANCIAL REPORT
                               DECEMBER 01, 2003 - MAY 31, 2004

    Date             Transaction              Debit          Credit        Balance

20 Nov 03       Balance Carried Forward                                         $2,684.79
Dec 03       Membership Renewal                                   105.00         2,789.79
Dec 14       Membership Renewal                                    30.00         2,819.79
Dec 31       Advertising Annual                                   330.00         3,149.79
             Monthly Banking Fee                      5.00                       3,144.79
             Advertising Annual                                    55.00         3,199.79


Jan 31       Membership Renewal                                   185.00         3,384.79
             Advertising Annual                                    70.00         3,454.79
             Monthly Banking Fee                      5.00                       3,449.79

Feb 25       Postage 2003 Annual                 200.00                          3,249.79
Feb 29       Monthly Banking Fee                   5.00                          3,244.79

Mar 11       Membership Renewal                                    85.00         3,329.79
             Annual Extra Sales                                    80.00         3,409.79
             Specialty Photo                      10.00                          3,399.79
Mar 31       Monthly Banking Fee                   5.00                          3,394.79

Apr 01       Membership Renewal                                   130.00         3,524.79
             US Cheque                                4.60                       3,520.19
             US Cheque                                              4.60         3,524.79
             US Cheque                                              4.60         3,529.39
             US Cheque                                              4.60         3,533.99
             Annual Extra Sales                                    30.00         3,563.99
Apr 24       Membership Renewal                                    45.00         3,608.99
             Floral Arrangement                   58.65                          3,550.34
Apr 30       Monthly Banking Fee                   5.00                          3,545.34

May 08       Floral Arrangement                   45.42                          3,499.92
May 22       Membership Renewal                                    25.00         3,524.92
             Advertising Annual                                   280.00         3,804.92
             Annual Extra Sales                                    30.00         3,834.92
             Advertising March Newsletter                          56.00         3,890.92
May 31       Monthly Banking Fee                      5.00                       3,885.92

May 31       Closing Balance                                                     3,885.92

Signed: Ellen Hawkins - Treasurer - Afghan Hound Club of Canada
               THANK YOU JOAN
                    YOUR CAPABLE HANDS

              The Executive and Members of the AHCC

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