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Key :
WP : Woodland Park                                     BEWL : Bewl Water
EP : Easthampstead Park                                HF : Hop Faem
BW : Bluewater                                         OS : Offsite

High Ropes:
    •   Zip wire – Climb 60ft up to a platform in the tree canopy, then launch yourself to have a
        long ‘zip’ down the wire through the trees (WP,EP,BW, Bewl, HF)
    •   Jacobs Ladder – The team have to get as far as possible up a giant ladder where the
        distance between the runs gets further and further – a real test for team work and trust.
        (WP, HF, EP)
    •   H Bars – Three horizontal beams span between 60 ft vertical poles at increasing height.
        Two participants climb up the vertical poles at either side of the bars, then walk across
        the same beam to the other side with no hand rail and pass each other in the middle.
        They start at the low beam and work their way up! (WP, HF)
    •   Zig Zag – A series of inclined balance beams in the shape of a zig-zag. Once they reach
        the top there is a tight-rope to walk (WP)
    •   Climbing wall – A purpose built climbing wall with two different routes to attempt (WP,
        BW, EP, HF)
    •   Abseiling – Experience the thrill of abseiling from a 50ft platform complete with an over
        hang to negotiate (WP)
    •   Leap of faith – Climb the 50ft telegraph pole to reach a small platform. Once standing on
        the platform all you need to do is leap for the trapeze (WP, EP, HF)
    •   High tulip – Up to four people climb onto the Leap of Faith platform, which in itself is quite
        a challenge, then holding hands they all leap backwards together like the opening tulip
    •   Crate Stack – How high can your team build a tower of crates that will support at least
        one person at the top? A challenge for team work, strategy and trust! (EP, HF)
    •   Fan- decender - Experience the thrill of a parachute jump by launching yourself from a
        high tower, only to be slowed by a huge fan which will bring you safely and gently to the
        ground (BEWL)
    •   3G Swing – Experience the thrill of a life time with on our giant adrenaline swing (BEWL)
Ground based problem solving tasks
   •   Blind Fold Square - Participants are blind fold and asked to form a square with the
       equipment provided (All centres and OS)
   •   Melt Down - Save the world from nuclear melt down by diffusing a nuclear bomb (All
       centres and OS)
   •   Bomb Disposal - You must diffuse the bomb by rearranging the rods in exactly the right
       order but without moving the bomb, touching it or interfering with the laser beams (All
       Centres and OS)
   •   Flag Pole - Find a method of erecting the flag pole in the middle of an exclusion zone,
       once erected raise the flag. Flags can be ordered with client’s company logo (artwork
       and 3 weeks notice required) (WP, EP)
   •   Minefield - Navigate your team across the unstable minefield (All centres
       and OS)
   •   Chasm crossing – A team activity where vital equipment needs to be
       passed over the chasm (All centres and OS)
   •   Juggernaut -Cross the shark-infested custard using the equipment
       provided (All centres/OS)
   •   Giant skis - Transport you and your team around the special course using
       the giant skis (All Centres/OS)
   •   Sheep and shepherd - It is the sheep dog’s day off so you have to collect
       the blind, mute, sheep into the pen (All centres/OS)
   •   Spiders web - Pass through the giant spiders web before it catches you! (All centres/OS)
   •   Lego Land – You must re-create a building structure to an exact specification, however
       only one of your team can see it and you are on the other side of hostile terrain (All
   •   Puzzling situation – Can your team complete the puzzle in a very
       challenging situation (All centres/OS)
   •   Tower of Hanoi - Move the cones in a specific order to solve the
       challenge (All Centres/OS))
   •   Cresta run - Carry the precious liquid over the challenging course
       without spilling a drop (WP)
   •   Stringless Bridge - Build a bridge using the poles and nothing else!
   •   Shredded map - Can you rebuild the map the to find the treasure (All centres, OS)
   •   Traffic jam - Using only certain moves the team must rearrange themselves, making sure
       they avoid a traffic jam (All centres, OS)
   •   Trebuchet - Build a catapult/trebuchet to launch an Alien egg as far as possible to stop it
       multiplying into thousands of deadly toxin aliens (All centres, OS)
   •   A Mazeing Challenge - Solve the problem of the maze – large wooden board with maze
       on it. Team members hold corner/edge of board and tilt it to move the ball it down the
       channels to get to the centre/end. Beware of the are gaps in the channels and blind turns
       (All centres/OS)
   •   Levitation - The floods are coming and you need to levitate your team 50 cm off the
       ground (WP)
   •   Keep me in the loop - Simple cross from one side of the area to the other without getting
       tied up in knots (WP)
   •   Precious package - Transport the precious gem around the course in it’s cradle without
       dropping it (WP)
Team challenges
    •   Orienteering – Testing map reading skills to collect the clues and
        solve the mystery (WP, EP, HF, BEWL)
    •   Low ropes course - Get as far as you can around the course
        without touching the ground. A series of ropes, wires and planks
        suspended about half a metre above the ground. (WP)
    •   Quad bikes – Learn to ride the bikes safely with full instruction.
        Once you feel confident you can test your skill on our challenge
        courses (WP, EP, HF)
    •   Archery – Instruction, then putting skills into action (WP, EP, HF,
        Offsite subject to risk assessment)
    •   Air rifle shooting – After an initial instruction session you will be able
        to test your skill on target shooting (WP)
    •   Caving – Navigate you group around the caving complex and
        emerge with a complete team (WP)
    •   Sub-arctic survival – A decision making synergy exercise where
        team members have been in a plane crash and in the artic and
        have to make important decisions that may make the difference
        between death or survival (All centres, offsite)
    •   Husky sledging - Experience the excitement of a Husky Ride
        through stunning countryside with these beautiful animals (POA)
    •   Fur and Feathers – An fantastic encounter with our fury and
        feathered friends. You can choose from a selection of activities that
        are a little different; from Cheetah racing, holding an Eagle or even
        trying your hand at falconry (POA)
    •   Hydroballing: Make your way around our water based obstacle
        course inside a giant inflatable sphere.


First Aid Scenarios : Use our plane and car crash area for a ‘real life’ first aid scenario, this can
be combined with the Approved Persons First aid or First Aid at Work Certificate for which we will
arrange an assessor to be present.

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