TO GO Menu by JoeyVagana


Asian Chicken                                9.95
                                                       We are HappY to CustoMiZe
Chicken Caesar                               9.95
                                                    platters For Your CaterinG needs
Jack’s Cobb                                  9.95
Greek                                        8.95        (Ask for our Catering Menu)
Caprese                                      9.95
                                                     Catering Hotline: 952-486-0789
                                                     Deli Platters • Sandwich Platters
             soups and sides                                                                 TO GO Menu
Matzo Ball Soup 4.50 Potato Knish            5.95     Fruit Platters • Cheese Platters
Chicken Noodle 4.50 ½ Knish                  3.50
Soup of the Day 4.50 Potato Pancake          1.95
French Fries    2.95 Side Salad              2.50
Potato Salad    2.95 Potato Chips            1.50                                           Phone: 952-942-9510
       Mashed Potatoes & Gravy 2.95                         FOR all yOuR
                                                                                             Fax: 952-942-6044
                                                          TO GO deli needS:
                                                         (in bulk or by the pound)
Homemade Cheesecake                 Slice: 4.95
                                                                                             6407 Shady Oak Road
                              Whole Cake: 28.00
                                                            our Fine Meats                  eden Prairie, Mn 55344
Chocolate or Carrot Cake            Slice: 5.95
                              Whole Cake: 38.00                  CHeeses                     (Take Highway 62 Crosstown to
7 layer Cake                         Slice: 2.50                                           Shady Oak Road exit. Go two blocks
                                                              FresH Breads
                               Whole Cake: 27.00                                          south to Shady Oak Shopping Center.)
Homemade Cookies & Brownies                  1.95                 salads

We offer canned Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Brown’s                                                          Hours
products (Cream Soda, Black Cherry                                                           Monday-Friday: 7am-3pm
and Cel-Ray), rootbeer, orange juice, hot tea,                                                   Saturday: 8am-3pm
Caribou coffee and Lipton’s Green Tea.                                                   Sunday: Open for private parties only
Coffee, Tea or Orange Juice $1.50,                       Phone: 952-942-9510
Canned Soda $0.95
Bottled Rootbeer and Dr. Brown’s Sodas $1.95
                                                          Fax: 952-942-6044
                                                          Order Online at
                                                             Order Online at
         All prices are subject to change.
           JaCk’s sandWiCHes                                   JaCk’s FaVorites                               BreakFast (served until 11am)
Roast Turkey                              9.95    Jack’s Hot Pastrami                          11.95    Corned Beef Hash with Two eggs             $7.95
Smoked Turkey                             9.95    Jack’s Corned Beef (Hot or Cold)             11.95       (Eggs cooked to order, with choice of
Turkey Club                              11.95    Jack’s Extra Lean Corned Beef                12.95       toast, English muffin or pancakes)
Smoked Turkey & Ham Club                 11.95    Jack’s Half & Half                           12.95    Jack’s Sandwich                            $4.95
Turkey Pastrami                          10.95      (Corned Beef & Pastrami Triple Decker)                 (Fried egg on a bagel with your choice
Rare Roast Beef                          10.50    Jack’s Mile High Half & Half                 14.95       of meat and cheese)
BLT                                       9.95      (Corned Beef & Pastrami)                            The a.M. BlT                               $5.95
Tuna                                      8.50    Jacque’s French Dip                          10.95       (Lots of bacon, a fried egg, lettuce and
Egg Salad                                 7.95    Brisket                                      10.95       tomato on a bagel)
                                                  Triple Play Combo (Corned Beef,            13.95      Pancakes                                   $5.95
               JaCk’s Grill                          Pastrami & Brisket on Rolls with Swiss)               (Add blueberries at no extra charge)
Jack’s Reuben                             14.50                                                         Waffles                                    $6.95
                                                  Rare Roast Beef & Brisket Combo              12.50
   (Pastrami & Corned Beef Triple Decker)                                                                  (Add strawberries & whipped cream )
                                                    (with Grilled Onions & Swiss Cheese)
Pastrami Reuben                           13.50                                                         French Toast                               $6.95
                                                  Corned Beef & Roast Turkey Combo          11.95
Corned Beef Reuben                        13.50                                                         Cheese Blintzes                            $6.95
                                                    (with Cole Slaw & Russian Dressing on the side)
Grilled Rachel - Turkey Rueben            11.95                                                         eggs Benedict*                                  $8.95
                                                  Pastrami & Rare Roast Beef Combo             12.50
Grilled Chicken Breast Club               10.95                                                         Jack’s version of the classic with ham
                                                    (with Pepperjack, Raw Onion &
Tuna Melt                                 10.50                                                         and hollandaise sauce.
                                                    Horseradish Sauce on side)
Grilled Ham & Cheese                       9.95
                                                                                                        The Basics*                              $5.95
Grilled Mozzarella, Pesto & Tomato         8.95
                                                            open FaCed platters                            (Two eggs cooked the way you like them
Grilled American Cheese                    6.95
                                                     (On Bread with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy)               with a side of bacon, ham or sausage)
Patty Melt                                 8.95
                                                  Brisket (gravy on the side)                  10.95    Jack’s Omelet*                           $8.95
Jack’s Hamburger                           8.50
                                                                                                           (Pastrami, Corned Beef & choice of cheese)
Cheeseburger                               8.95   Roast Beef, Turkey or Meat Loaf                9.95
                                                                                                        Make your own Omelet*
Nathan’s Hot Dogs (2)
                                                                                                           (Select from pastrami, corned beef, bacon,
                                                                  BoX lunCHes                              sausage, ham, 5 kinds of cheese, red and
                                                                    $ 10.95                                green peppers, onion, tomato)
 all sandwiches and Burgers include:                standard Box: Includes sandwich, cole                     Plain or with veggies              $5.95
                                                    slaw or potato salad, pickle and a cookie.                Cheese                             $6.95
   Choice of: Bowl of Soup, Salad, Fries,
                                                                                                              Cheese and meat                    $7.95
   Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Potato Salad,           soup and ½ sandwich Box: Includes
         Potato Pancake or Chips                    bowl of soup, ½ sandwich, cole slaw or
                                                    potato salad, pickle and a cookie.                  Cold Cereal                                     $2.95
      Choice of Bread: Caraway Rye,                                                                     Steel Cut Oatmeal                               $3.95
   Pumpernickel, White, Whole Grain or Roll         soup and salad Box: Includes bowl of                Bagel w/Cream Cheese                            $1.95
                                                    soup and salad.
   Lettuce or Tomato on Request - No Charge                                                             * These come with side of hash browns and
         upgrade to ½ Knish! $.95                   Pick-up an easy to prepare, faxable order form.
                                                                                                          choice of toast, English muffin or pancakes.
 add Cheese!! $.95       add Bacon!!! $1.50
                                                           All prices are subject to change.            (Egg substitute available at no extra charge)

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