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SHADIN AMS 2000 ALTITUDE MANAGEMENT                                                                             STRIKE FINDER® DIGITAL
         AND ALERT SYSTEM                                                                                     WEATHER AVOIDANCE SYSTEM
                                                                                                            The STRIKE FINDER® Digital Weather Avoidance
                                                                                                            System detects and analyzes the electrical activity
                                                                                                            emanating from thunderstorms within a 200 nautical
                                                                                                            mile (nm) radius of the aircraft. A unique graphic dis-
                                                                                                            play plots an accurate, reliable and easily-interpreted
                                                                                        picture of electrical activity, that you can use to circumnavigate the
                                                                                        hazards associated with thunderstorms.
                                                                                        The STRIKE FINDER® System analyzes the individual strike signal
                                                                                        properties to determine the bearing, range and severity of the activity.
                                                                                        Strike data is plotted on the display as single orange dots by range and
                                                                                        azimuth, in relation to the aircraft symbol (“heads up”). As the number
                                                                                        of lightning strikes increase, so does the number of plotted strike dots.
                                                                                        Cells start to form indicating increased lightning activity.
                                                                                        Must be installed by Advantage Avionics or another approved StrikeFinder
With a range of feature previously unavailable in general aviation, the                 dealer except for experimental aircraft.
Shadin Avionics AMS-2000 Altitude Management and Alert System                           Strike Finder SF2000 ..................................11-20200 ............ $4,495.00
brings advanced instrumentation to new levels of function and affordabil-               Strike Finder with Ultra Bright Display ........11-00348 ............ $5,052.00
ity. The Shadin Avionics AMS-2000 uses information from Mode-C alti-
tude encoder to deliver: •Time-based Altitude Alerting, rather than fixed
                                                                                        Strike Finder Lightning Detector w/ Gyro ....11-04722 ............ $4,495.00
                                                                                        Strike Finder Lightning Detector w/o Gyro ..11-04733 ............ $4,495.00
altitude buffers. •Automatic calculation and display of Density Altitude. •             Strike Finder Upgrade .................................11-00349 ............ $1,165.00
Real-time display of IVS without the inherent lag of your aircraft’s static             R.B.S. Module for Strike Finder ..................11-00350 ............ $1,156.00
system. •Calculation and display of Aircraft and Engine Performance •
                                                                                           INSIGHT TAS 1000 AIR DATA COMPUTER
Percentage, at your demand.
These are but a few of the Standard features that are make the AMS-                                  WITH WINDICATOR                                                             AP
2000 the best value in advanced altitude monitoring instrumentation: 8                                                           Today’s modern avionics inte-
FAA approved. TSO C88a, DO-160B. • An appropriate audio and visual                                                               grate many functions with your
warning broadcast upon deviation outside a user-selected envelope sur-                                                           GPS, but standard installations
rounding your assigned altitude. • Smooth capture of your cruise altitude
is facilitated by a level-off warning sounded and displayed at a user-
defined distance from target altitude. • Alerts you just above your pre-
                                                                                                                                 leave many important features
                                                                                                                                 untapped. The TAS 1000 Multi-
                                                                                                                                 Function Data Source was spe-
selected Decision Height or MDA. • Gear-down reminder. • Displays den-                                                           cifically designed to supply all
sity altitude and aircraft/engine performance percentage. • Digital display                                                      the information needed to fill in
of altitude from -1000 to +62,000 feet in 100 foot increments. • Adjustable                                                      the missing pieces of your GPS
audio alert tone and level. • Compatible with most Mode-C transpon-
ders in current production. • Standard rectangular 1/2 ATI configuration.
• Made in the U.S.A., the AMS-2000 features a 12-month warranty.
                                                                                                                                 or MFD display in real-time. TAS
                                                                                        1000 provides the pilot with a wealth of useful information all based on                 EP
                                                                                        real time measurements of airspeed, altitude, temperature, fuel flow,
The AMS-2000 coupled with the Falcon Altitude Encoder provides all                      heading, ground speed and track. Designed to interface with many
advanced altitude alert functions previously noted, plus the following                  brands of GPS, TAS 1000 unlock many previously hidden data pages in
high-resolution altitude management functions: • Time-based level-off                   most GPS navigators, In addition to TAS 1000s in flight advisory func-
warning sounded and displayed 15 seconds from target altitude--smooth
capture is assured regardless of climb or descent rate. • Digital display of
                                                                                        tion, TAS 1000 can also serve as a backup altimeter, airspeed indicator
                                                                                        or fuel flow meter. The TAS 1000 is designed for use in any piston,
altitude from -1000 to +62,000 feet in high resolution, 10-foot increments.             turboprop, or jet aircraft and provides a full compliment of features
• Digital reading of Instantaneous Vertical Speed (IVS). • Deviation enve-              when interfaced to a slaved compass system or HSI, fuel transducers,
lope is adjustable in 10 foot increments              P/N 10-03711 ..... $1,695.00      and compatible GPS system. TAS 1000 will deliver a useful subset of
Falcon Altitude Encoder ..............................P/N 11-12035 ..... $1,322.00      features even if all the interfaces are not available.
                                                                                        The Windicator is an integral part of the TAS1000 system. It presents                    IN
                                                   SPIDERTRACKS                         a previously unavailable graphical display of the winds aloft in real
                                           Spidertracks (A Portable                     time. The Windicator information alone is so useful that it makes the
                                           Real-Time Flight Tracking                    TAS 1000 installation worthwhile. TAS 1000 system options include an
                                           Solution) * Portable global                  altitude encoder to provide altitude information to a transponder or GPS
                                           tracking solution using GPS
                                           and Iridium satellite net-
                                                                                        unit as well as alerting the pilot with overspeed, altitude, approach &
                                                                                        altitude difference alerts.
                                           work * Antennas integrated                                       MUST BE DEALER INSTALLED.
                                           in spidertracks unit * Cost
                                           effective through portability                 Part No. Insight No.                      Description                     Price
                                           (no installation certification
                                           required) * Simple to install
                                           and use * Iridium satellite
                                                                                                             TAS1000 Sys. for Piston Engine
                                                                                         11-00626 1000-001-P Aircraft (Incl. 1 Windicator) 18,000ft. $2,850.00                   AV
                                                                                                             Alt- 250kt max.
                                           network - real time, gap
                                           free, guaranteed reliability                                      TAS1000 for turbo-charged Piston &
* Can save money through flight-following and better planning/logistic                   11-00627 1000-001-T Turboprop aircraft (Incl.1 Windicator) $4,275.00
management Track any mobile asset anywhere in the world. * Easy to
use on completely secure web-interface, accessible from anywhere in                      11-00628
                                                                                                             55,000ft. Alt-500kt max.
                                                                                                        1000-002 Windicator (replacement)            $795.00
the world * Simple data update configuration based on user definition
* Reporting location based on distance, time or combination of both                                              Expansion Module (Alt. encoder,
                                                                                         11-00629       1000-003                                     $495.00
* Commercial configuration allows tracking of all units in a fleet with                                          Alt. Serializer, & Overspeed warn.)
one log-in on website * Two-way communication between pilot and the                                                  Fuel flow smart sensors for Piston
operations based with the optional keypad
                                  P/N 11-06980 ................... $2,397.00
                                                                                         11-00630       1000-004
                                                                                                                     Engine aircraft
                                                                     HONEYWELL APEX EDGE KFD840
                              The KFD 840 integrated Primary Flight Display (PFD) stands at the forefront of the new Apex Edge Series from Bendix/
                              King by Honeywell. Its combination of the latest technology, size, affordability and full functionality make it unique in general
                              aviation. Large 8.4" diagonal LCD display with high resolution and excellent sunlight readability—but is sized for easy instal-                    BV
                              lation in existing piston engine cockpits. A self-sufficient unit with an embedded Air Data module and MEMS Attitude and
                              Heading Reference System (ADAHRS).
                              Features: • Full width horizon ADI • Easy-to-read vertical tapes for altitude and airspeed • Large 8.4" diagonal display •
                              Separate course and heading knobs • Integrated ADAHRS • Customizable checklist page • Optional battery backup.
                              Specifications: • Size: 8.5" W x 7" H x 7.3" D • Weight: < 8 lbs • Screen Diagonal/Display Size: 8.4" Active Matrix LCD •
                              Power: 11-33 VDC • Resolution: 640 W x 480 W (307, 200 Pixels) • CERTIFICATION: DO-178B, Level C; DO-160E; Fully
TSO’d • INTERFACES: Full set of analog and digital interfaces to work with the more popular autopilot systems; KX-155/165 compatible analog inter-
faces, plus a full set of ARINC;429 and RS-232 interfaces to work with the popular digital NAV and GPS systems; Additional available digital interfaces
to support future growth. This unit is install only.                                      P/N 11-08469 ........................................$11,995.00 + Installation

                                          AIRCRAFT SPRUCE WEST                         AIRCRAFT SPRUCE EAST
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice   CORONA, CA • (877) 4-SPRUCE                PEACHTREE CITY, GA • (877) 477-7823                                             555

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