DininG 'out' menu by JoeyVagana


									                                              Get it For the Green
                                  Southern Village
June                                     DininG ‘out’ menu                                                    2009
       Jaluka natural bistro                                                          subway®
      Smoothies mixed with juice or milk – peach,                    Spicy Italian Sub a zesty blend of pepperoni
   strawberries; banana; berries; papaya; mango $4.25                 and salami slices with your choice of fresh
         Tuna Pita with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots,                   vegetables, cheese, condiments, and freshly
             cucumber, bean sprouts with our                                  baked bread $5.00 (12”)
      signature vinaigrette or herbal dressing $5.75               Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Salad tender,
   Swiss Lemonade made fresh and sure to quench                  boneless chicken breast patty roasted to perfection,
          your thirst on a hot summer day $2.50                   served on top of lettuce with your choice of fresh
                                                                            vegetables and dressing $5.00
                 la Vita Dolce
 Italiano Panini fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, genoa                town hall Grill
  salami, & pepperoni on flatbread-grilled to perfection $7.95       Kids Grilled Cheese Quesadilla topped with
                                                                         pico de gallo and sour cream lean $5.50
  Sorbets and Gelatos a variety of flavors handmade daily
          and served in a cup or a cone, from $2.85                     Old Fashioned Root Beer Float $4.50
  Raspberry Italian Soda fresh raspberry flavor mixed with           Spinach Salad baby spinach, roasted portobello
                a carbonated soda, from $2.76                         mushrooms, grape tomatoes and finely shaved
                                                                       red onions tossed in a sherry vinaigrette and
   Mocha Mogul espresso, milk, and Ghirardelli chocolate             topped with feta goat cheese medallions $8.25
           blended into a creamy drink, from $3.93                       Add flame grilled chicken breast $4.50
                                                                            Add flame grilled steak      $5.50
  Merlion Satay marinated and grilled skewered chicken or              weaVer street market
     beef served with cucumber, onion and peanut sauce                    All-Natural BLT Sandwich $6.25
                $6.25 (chicken) $7.25 (beef)
                                                                     Seasonal Fruit Salad a delicious combination of
     Beef Mango Salad grilled tender slices of flank steak                    in-season fruit $3.50 ½ pound
       with fresh mango salad in a tangy citrus dressing
                     with cilantro $8.95                           Strawberry Spinach Salad Weaver Street made and
                                                                          served with poppy seed dressing $5.99
   Thai Iced Tea premium Thai red tea topped with cream
                     and fresh mint $3.50                               Organic Wine in a Box Yellow+Blue’s
                                                                    White or Red from Argentina – 1 Liter box $6.50
                          Pazzo                                    Chilled San Pellegrino sparkling and refreshing 99¢
      Gourment Pizza by the Slice starting at $2.00
    Crispy Oysters over a Baby Spinach and Grilled Red
  Onion Salad with a Pancetta Red Wine Vinaigrette $9.50
                                                                          Pazzo on the Green
                                                                                Friday & Saturday Nights
      Tiramisu one of Pazzo’s decadent desserts $7.00              Beer, wine and mixed drinks available at the top of the
      Beer and Wine by the Glass starting at $2.50               Green at the Pazzo concession stand. Order food there, too.

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NO GLASS PERMITTED ON THE GREEN                                                 aVailable For take-out

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