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Alaska Aviation Museum

         Wish List

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     Be careful what you wish for.
         You just might get it.

              Last updated
                     January 12, 2011

To preserve, display and honor Alaska s aviation heritage
Personal letter from the museum director

Dear Museum Supporter,

        Thank you for taking a few moments to peruse our Museum Wish List! This
list organizes the Museum s vision of preserving the history and sharing the stories to
inspire current and future generations of Alaskans and visitors. As a private, non-profit
organization, the Alaska Aviation Museum depends on the generous support of our
visitors and community. Ideally, your journey through this list will help link your
aviation Museum with the treasures and resources that are needed to actualize that vision.

       This list depends on you. This list works on the principle that it s sometimes
difficult for potential donors to crack open their checkbooks. However, there are plenty
of items on this list that you may have lying around the house, in your garage, workshop
or shed. Hey; I have two of those widgets in my garage: if you come get them you can
have them. We kindly invite and highly encourage you to participate in our incredible
scavenger hunt!

       We have already had great success since the inception of our wish list. The
Museum has obtained a Boeing 737, Douglas DC-6 and a Boeing F-15 as well as electric
man-lifts, a stairway truck, an oiler truck, an aircraft heater and some new woodworking
tools. This is only the beginning of our on-going project to create an engaging and all-
encompassing Museum on Alaska aviation history.

       So adventure through the list, find those items or resources at your disposal and
bring them to the Museum. It ll help you clear out some space at home or in your garage
and enable the Museum to expand its presentations and programs for the enjoyment of all

      Thank you on behalf of the Alaska Aviation Museum.


Normand C. Lagasse
Executive Director
Contact list

Alaska Aviation Museum
4721 Aircraft Drive
Anchorage Alaska 99502

      Phone:             248-5325
      Fax:               248-6391
      Web site 

Museum Executive Director
Norm Lagasse          Cell: 632-0888

Director of Marketing & Development
Shari Hart              Cell: 230-0513

Director of Maintenance and Restorations
Richard Benner          Cell: 744-0910

Director of Exhibits
Steve Pearson            Cell: 952-2777

Admissions & Grant Team Contact
Emilie Saunders       Phone 248-5325

  Summer Hours: Daily 9am-5pm ~ Winter Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 9am-5pm
Table of Contents
Tools & Equipment                                              .. 5

Furniture & Fixtures                                           .. 6-7

Buildings & Grounds                                            .. 8-9

Volunteer Opportunities                                        .. 10

Funding                                                        .. 11

Research Projects                                              .. 12

Graphic Arts, Documents & Signage                              .. 13

Exhibits                              .                        .. 14-15

Exhibit Materials                                              .... 16

Aircraft & Vehicle Restorations & Maintenance (what we have)    .. 17-18

Aircraft & Vehicle Acquisitions (what we want)                        19-21

Programs                                                          . 22

           *        Important wish
           **       Very important wish
           ***      Most important wish
           G        Grant money available
           GRS      Grant Request Submitted
           DRS      Donation Request Submitted
           LOI      Letter of Inquiry submitted
Tools and Equipment

  1.   Large rolling tool boxes and parts bins for restoration hanger: Thank You Snap On
  2.   Large standing drill press: Thank You Jim Branham
  3.   20lb Co2 tank and regulator for the exhibit shop
  4.   Tool set for exhibit shop
  5.   4 ton forklift electric preferred
  6.   Laser engraving system for plaques, signage, and gift shop products
  7.   Plasma cutter w X/Y table
  8.   Large professional grade Table saw
  9.   First aid kits 2 large 1 small AED machines 2ea
  10. Matt cutter and framing tools
  11. Large flat screen TV to replace projector unit in main theater
  12. Upgrade sound system through out museum multi-channel PA
  13. Parts boxes clear for small hardware 20 ea Plano style
  14. Pop- up display screen for trade shows
  15. Museum Vacuum cleaner
  16. Air scrubbers for exhibit hangars
  17. Air filters for collection storage room vents
  18. Disaster preparedness kit
  19. Full Spectrum Light Meter : Thank You State of Alaska
  20. Archive Freezer Thank You State of Alaska
  21. Massive Tool Sets for Restoration Workshop
  22. Panel Saw for Workshop
  23. 4 Packing Blankets for exhibits
  24. Large Fire extinguishers 4ea
  25. Ceiling mount air reels for Res. Shop 3ea
  26. Height matched guide table for the table saw
27. Shear and box break for Res. Shop Thank You State of Alaska
28. Large band saw
29. Trolley hoist
30. Large spray booth
31. Large standing compressor
32. New air tools
33. Centerpieces
34. New Museum Camera
Furniture and Fixtures

   1.    Nice furniture for main hall sofa, loveseat, 3ea chairs leather? Removed 25 Jan 10
   2.    Rolling serving countertop / bar for hall rental : Thank you Bill Odom
   3.    Rolling salad bar for hall rental
   4.    Podium for hall rental with light and microphone / battery powered: Thank You
        Clark Rush & Morgan Stanley
   5.    New decorative garbage cans for Galleries 7ea
   6.    Padded folding chairs matching 150ea : Thank You Dave Karp & Don Keil
   7.    Large conference table for Board of Directors (wing shaped)
   8.    Museum directors desk in the form of a A/C rudder
   9.    Guest seating for directors office
   10. Credenza for directors office
   11. Cabinet for computer server
   12. Decorative coat rack for pioneers hall
   13. Coordinated shelving in directors office
   14. Library table / research table
   15. New admissions counter
   16. Professional display cases for museum store
   17. New lighting in Museum store
   18. New furniture for Marketing directors office
   19. Sturdy mobile coat racks for museum stores
   20. Better storage shelves in the store storage closets
   21. New A/V cabinet for main theater       wired to front desk
   22. Book & DVD display shelves
   23. Standing cocktail tables 6ea
   24. Hang more aircraft in the Museum store (large scale models?)
   25. Heavy clear glass cookie jars with lids 3ea
26. Collections Storage Cabinets (20) Thank You State of Alaska
27. Four Drawer Lateral Files (4) Thank You State of Alaska
28. Sign-in KIOSK for guest book
29. New Credit Card Machine: two each; one wireless model
30. Aircraft ceiling fans 6ea
31. 2nd folding chair rack: removed 25 January 2010
32. Clear Donation Boxes (3ea.)
33. Free standing American & Alaska Flags
34. Stage for events
35. Electric Hand Dryers(squeegees) for Restrooms
36. Hot Dog Stand
Buildings and Grounds

 1.       New museum perimeter fencing chain link 750 2ea vehicle & 3ea man gates
 2.       Facelift model shop for use as temporary collections storage
 3.       New heaters installed in main museum hangers gas 4ea
 4.       New heaters for restoration hanger gas 4ea
 5.       Exterior material storage racks
 6.       Electric system and lights installed in white A/C shelter
 7.       Tower burger bar / Café /Coffee house and educational center constructed
 8.       Dumpster enclosure built
 9.       Kitchen countertops and cabinets in catering center : Thank You BP
 10.      Sink installed in catering center
 11.      Icemaker installed into catering center
 12.      Two classrooms for educational events above pioneer hall
 13.      Close up all windows in restoration hanger
 14.      Parking stripes in museum complex
 15.      Bronze bush pilot statue for entranceway
 16.      Large shed for grounds equipment: Lawnmowers, snow blowers, rakes, shovels etc.
 17.      Covered entrance way using DC-6 wing
 18.      Custom picnic tables and benches 3ea
 19.      Gazebo for picnic tables
 20.      New docks for aircraft slips: One Remaining to install Spring 2010
 21.      Bulletin board case in entry area: highlight upcoming events, notices, ad s etc.
 22.      Shed outside main hanger garage for catering equipment: chairs, tables, etc. removed 25
       Jan 10
 23.      Hanger floors painted or graphics installed
 24.      Monumental sign for SE corner
 25.      Monumental sign for entrance
26.   Ceiling grids in library and curators office
27.   Better barricade for stairs / mezzanine
28.   Upgrade décor in main theater 1940 s art deco motif     add curtains
29.   Cove base installed in pioneer hall
30.   Install motion switches for lights and fans in bathrooms
31.   Install broom racks and shelving in utility rooms
32.   Update security system closed circuit TV for front desk
33.   Wall in hanger insulation near bi-fold doors
34.   Paint all of the RR wheel tie downs
35.   Landscaping all over (park-like setting)
36.   All heated buildings weatherized and optimized for energy efficiency
37.   All roof repairs done
38.   Repair liners on hanger doors Thank You State of Alaska
39.   Acquire offsite environmentally controlled storage at Armory
40.   Install heating in white A/C shelter
41.   Install floor in white A/C shelter
42.   Heated sidewalks for entry areas and handicap spaces
43.   Bird houses
44.   Carports to house: Plow truck Forklift, Van, A/C tug
45.   Planters heavy decorative exterior 6ea
46.   Additional water outlets
47.   EZ-Up Sun Shades        at least 3 (1 10x10; 2 10x20)
48.   Acquisition of Branham s property
49.   Acquisition of Gillett Property
50.   Acquisition of Opportunity Flying Club
51.   Move Front Gate Thank You State of Alaska
52.   Add restroom for restoration facility
53.   Commissioned Totem Pole for Centennial of Powered Flight
54.   Spotlight for flags outside
55.   Convert Tower Cab to Observation Deck with Binocs, Benches & tables, etc.
56.   Parking place for DC-6
57.   Flooring upgrade in Main Hangar
58.   Mezzanine for Jr. Bush Pilot Discovery Zone
59.   Sprinkler system for twin hangers
60.   Add Garage Door to North wall of Restoration Hangar
61.   Parking Signs: See Steve s List
62.   Expand & Renovate Office in Restoration Hangar
Volunteer Opportunities

   1.     Museum librarian
   2.     Magazine collection organization
   3.     Technical manual organization
   4.     Museum exhibit cleaning crew
   5.     Docent program (training, manuals, gallery guides: Thank You Dave Knapp
   6.     Survey of historical Alaskan A/C and pilots (clubhouse project)
   7.     Grass roots advertising campaign
   8.     Grant team volunteer 3 needed
   9.     Volunteer appreciation program Volunteer organizer
   10.    Museum I.T. Manager
   11.    Organize logs and histories in binders for each aircraft in the fleet
   12.    Electrician
   13.    Carpenter
   14.    Desktop publisher
   15.    Graphic artist
   16.    Plumber
   17.    Label the Museum Exhibits
   18.    Investigate R.S.V.P= Retired Senior Volunteer Program
   19. Museum web master


   1.    Endowment fund of $7.5 million dollars to enable self sustainability
   2.    Operations                     aviation fuel 1500 gallons per season
   3.    Operations                     auto gasoline 350 gallons per season
   4.    Marketing                      Ad space Anchorage Daily News
   5.    Marketing                      Ad space Alaska Magazine
   6.    Marketing                      Ad space Horizon Magazine
   7.    New position                   Director of Development
   8.    New position                   Maintenance Manager
   9.    New position                   Education Coordinator
   10.   New position                   Restoration Director
   11.   New position                   Exhibits Curator
   12.   New position                   Collections Curator
   13.   Raffle classic aircraft for launch of capital campaign
   14.   Funding for any restorations
   15.   Funding for any exhibits
   16.   Media conversion old film and tape to digital media
   17.   Museum aviation scholarship grant
   18.   Museum expedition Liberator lake B-24
   19.   Museum expedition Liberator at Bechevin Bay
   20.   Museum expedition Anna Waco 9
   21.   Museum expedition Lend lease P-39
   22.   Restoration of Pilgrim 100-A
   23.   Restoration of SR-9
   24.   Restoration of L-1
   25.   Raffle items of all shapes and sizes for fund raising events

Buildings & Grounds
   26.     12-Passenger Van: Thank You Princess Tours: Annual Operations, Repair,
         Insurance & Graphic Wrap
   27.     Medical insurance for staff
   28.     Four One new Board member for Board of Directors

Buildings & Grounds
Research Projects

   1.     Nike missile sites
   2.     Aleutian campaign 11th AF
   3.     Iditarod Air Force
   4.     The serum runs
   5.     Early Alaskan aircraft lineage
   6.     Ladd Field cold weather testing history
   7.     Extremes of Alaska aviation
   8.     Wiley Post & Winnie Mae: Exhibit In Progress
   9.     Alaskan aviation accidents and their causes
   10.    History of Elmendorf AFB
   11.    History of Lake Hood
   12.    History of Merrill field
   13.    History of Anchorage International Airport
   14.    Native Alaskan Pilots
   15.    Database of all commercial aviation operations with timeline (Charlie Rogge)

Graphic Art, Documents & Signage
Graphic Arts, Documents & Signage

 1.    Cartoon mascot for the museum and educational programs
 2.    Building murals inside and outside
 3.    Redesign Museum Guide & Map
 4.    Advertisement set
 5.    Open signs
 6.    Brochures set Thank You Poccaro Communications & PIP
 7.    IRAN all exhibit signage
 8.    Banners in aircraft shelter
 9.    Large wall graphic for main hall garage door (map of Alaska?)
 10.   Large sandwich board parking signs 4ea
 11.   New signage in Museum store windows
 12.   Professional marketing materials Thank You Poccaro Communications & PIP
 13.   Aleutian chain map graphic
 14.   Permanent set of Sponsor Signage/Graphics (Logos)
 15.   Revised Intake form for collections
 16.   Accession & Deaccession Policy and Guide
 17.   Four WWII Aleutian Campaign Paintings(Prints) from National Archives
 18.   Kiosk for ADAK Panoramic photo
 19.   Frame for Goldbeck Panoramic Squadron Photo
 20.   B-727 Cockpit NAC Graphics
 21.   Transparent Graphic for Window in Southern Connector
 22.   Photo Album Highlighting Museum, Alaska Aviation & Alaska in general
 23.   New T-Shirt Design
Desktop Publishing

 1. Advertising Set
 2. Revised intake form for collections
 3. Free Passes
       a. Double-sided business card stock
 4. New Letterhead with Envelopes
 5. New Stamps
 6. Address Labels

  1.    Aircraft of the oil industry (pipeline display and oil platform display)
  2.    Aleutian WWII airfield diorama
  3.    Instrument and radio display
  4.    Ejection seat photo opportunity
  5.    High cost of aviation display
  6.    Wien Airlines display: Exhibit Design & Build In Progress
  7.    AK flying insects pin board display with aerodynamic info
  8.    AK bird display with aerodynamic info
  9.    AK military shoulder patch and insignia display
  10.   F-15 head to head dog fighting simulator:
        a. Cockpits: Thank You Boeing & Lynden
        b. H/W & S/W integration
  11.   Donor honor wall: Design completed
  12.   Alaska search and rescue display
  13.   Survival Equipment display
  14.   Royal Canadian Air force display
  15.   Coast Guard aviation display
  16.   Alaskan aviation humor display (only in Alaska)
  17.   Lightning strike interactive combat simulators
  18.   Flying Weather Bear for Jr Bush Pilot Discovery zone
  19.   Exterior Plane on a stick (weather vane) 1:1 scale
  20.   Lend lease exhibit
  21.   Alaska military squadrons and aircraft timeline
  22.   First American A/C to the north pole R4D on skis
  23.   Black Wolf squadron display
  24.   Restore large scale Pilgrim model
25.   Restore Norge exhibit: Design In Progress
26.   Flying toys exhibit (old and new)
27.   Russian Cold War Alaskan intercepts
28.   Paper airplane mobile
29.   10th Rescue squadron exhibit
30.   Additional ski exhibit wall for Ski Alley
31.   Aleutian campaign opposing forces
32.   Airport fire truck simulation
33.   Wind tunnel display
34.   Civil Air Patrol display
35.   Japanese bunker display mounting 75mm howitzer
36.   Alaska Native Bush Pilots
37.   Wiley Post-Will Rogers Exhibit: In Final Phase of Install
38.   Eielsen Search Mission
39.   Supercharger Exhibit
40.   Marionette Program
41.   Alaska Thru the Windscreen
42.   Alaska UFO Sightings
43.   Northwest Airlines in Alaska
44.   Parade Float & Photo Op
45.   Cartoon Photo Ops Cutouts
46.   Radial Engine Start-up Experience
47.   PBY Turret Exhibit
48.   Radial Engine & Jet Cutaway
49.   Bird Skeleton
50.   Elapsed Time Video for Merrill, TSAIA, Lake Hood, EDF
51.   Children s Exhibit: Sounds of aviation
52.   Feather Exhibit: Aviation Correlation to Feathers
53.     Totem Pole Refurbish and Move to front yard: Thank You George Dorman &
54.     Centennial of Powered Flight Totem
55.     First flight Sawtooth Modification
56.     Shelter Banner Project: 8-10 large information banners
57.     New cases for P-40, Japanese & Beaver Case (renovation)
58.     Barf Bag Exhibit
59.     Children s Wings
60.     Airline In-Flight meals and amenities
61.     Modern Flight Suit w/ancillary gear on mannequin
62.     Display on aerial firefighters and water bombers
63.     Decorate Quonset Hut Theater
64.     Aircraft Recognition Interactive in Military Gallery
65.     Aircraft Ranging Interactive in Military Gallery
66.     Stick of bombs from ceiling
67.     E6-B Flight Computer Display
68.     Add aircraft elements in Pioneer Hall
69.     Big Book of Aviation Knowledge
70.     Fountain Sculpture of 2 Men prepping floatplane for flight
        a. One checking fuel
        b. Second pumping floats
        c. Decoy ducks
71.     Donation Solicitation Display
72.     Float Plane Fish Tank Style Display: $5,000 exhibit DBI estimate
Exhibit materials

  1.    Aim 7 & Aim 9 missiles for Bear intercept display
  2.    5ea practice bombs
  3.    Props and engines for the PBY
  4.    Large commercial jet engine for display
  5.    Cutaway radial engine for display
  6.    12ea Interactive computer systems (Mac style) for exhibits
  7.    Survival equipment civil & military
  8.    Framing and matting for 26 pictures and prints
  9.    Antique tools for tools of the trade display
  10.   Large map of Alaska
  11.   15ea digital picture frames
  12.   Any aviation artifacts pre 1950
  13.   Belt of .50 caliber machine gun ammo and ammo boxes pre 1945
  14.   F-15 engines 3ea
  15.   P-40 model 1/5 scale: Thank You Troy Built Models & UPS
  16.   P-38 model 1/5 scale
  17.   Stand for B-24 Diorama (55gal drum?)
  18.   3 square steel tubing, plate steel , pipe for engine stands
  19.   Dummy for hang glider (cabbage patch style0
  20.   Black fabric for neutralizing hanger doors
  21.   Heavy duty custom engine mounts, mobile 5ea (A/C motors)
  22.   Turboprop engine cutaways
Aircraft and Vehicle restorations (we already have it)

  1.      aircraft tug G: Thank You Dick Benner & Volunteers
  2.      small A/C fuel bowser
  3.      Dodge fire truck
  4.      F-15A Boeing
  5.      Stinson L-1
  6.      H-21 Workhorse helicopter
  7.      Bellanca Pacemaker
  8.      PBY 5-A Consolidated
  9.      Cessna T -50 Bamboo bomber
  10.     Hamilton Metalplane
  11.     Stinson SR-9 in early bush livery
  12.     Noorduyn Norseman
  13.     Keystone Loening
  14.     Stinson SR JR
  15.     Waco UIC
  16.     Fairchild FC2W2
  17.     Stinson SM-8
  18.     Bellanca Cruisemaster
  19.     Beech 18 on floats
  20.     Cessna Airmaster
  21.     Stinson SR-6
  22.     Spartan Executive
  23.     UH-1 Iroquois (repainted)
  24.     Boeing 737-200 cleaned and reconfigured for events G: Thank You Bill
        Woodland/Snow White Linen & The Volunteers
  25.     Beechcraft C-45
26.   Aeronca Chief
27.   Ryan Brougham
28.   Flying Museum Fleet: Airborne Museum, Promote Alaska
29.   NAC Fuel/Oiler Truck: Thank You Northern Air Cargo
30.   Preservation work on Japanese Mountain Cannon
31.   Marsten Matting exhibit in Military Gallery
Aircraft and Vehicle acquisitions (we don t have it)

  1.    Cletrac A/C tractor
  2.    AN-2 biplane
  3.    DC-3: Thank You Dennis Gladwin
  4.    P-40E
  5.    WWII era follow me jeep
  6.    Dehaviland Beaver on floats
  7.    Mobile aviation museum (large motor home or bus)
  8.    A-10 A/C
  9.    Curtiss Jenny
  10.   DeHaviland Standard
  11.   New Standard
  12.   B-24
  13.   B-17
  14.   PV-2 Harpoon
  15.   Beechcraft Staggerwing in Alaska Star livery
  16.   Aeronca L-3 Defender
  17.   Bell P-39 Aircobra
  18.   Bell P-63 Kingcobra
  19.   C-47
  20.   Grumman J2F Duck
  21.   Martin Gage reproduction
  22.   Piper L-4 Grasshopper
  23.   Sikorsky CH/HH-3E Jolly Green Giant
  24.   Nike missile
  25.   Stinson SR-5
  26.   Ford Trimotor Ptarmigan II
27.      Stinson Trimotor
28.      C-46
29.      Fairchild 71
30.      Boeing 80A
31.      Martin B-10
32.      P-36
33.      Bell 47 helicopter
34.      Bell 206 helicopter
35.      Hot air balloon basket: Thank you Reed Family
36.      Lockheed P-38 E
37.      F-102
38.      Fairchild 42
39.      Zenith Z6
40.      Taylorcraft L-2
41.      Stinson L-1
42.      Bellanca Pacemaker
43.      C-119
44.      Lockheed Vega: Proposed grant thru Lockheed-Martin $450K Orville Tosch
      Northern Consolidated Airlines
45.      Lockheed 10
46.      Fleetster
47.      Bellanca CH-300
48.      Krusof (loaning Commuter from SE AK)
49.      Howard DGA
50.      F-4 Phantom
51.      Supercub on floats Moved to Restoration Section: Thank You Floyd Carlson
52.      Airport fire truck
53.      C-82
54.   C-123
55.   B-25
56.   Douglas DC-6: Thank You Northern Air Cargo
57.   Lockheed C-130E
58.   Helio Courier

  1.   Aircraft Crew Chief Program
        a. Grumman Goose
        b. Grumman Widgeon
        c. Taylorcraft L-2
        d. Stinson Gull wing V77
  2. HOBO Environmental Monitoring systems (12 sensors, 1 monitoring station)
  3. Integrated Pest Management Program
  4. Memorial Medallion
  5. Educational program In-house K-12
  6. Educational program In-classroom K-12
  7. Make & take model program K-6
  8. Children s Art program (design your own A/C)
  9. A&P, IA Inspections & Annuals on flying fleet
  10. Living history interview program
  11. Aviation Movie Collection for showing
  12. Scout Merit Badge Field Trip for attaining Aviation Badge

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