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									South Korean EPC contract awards 2009
Country        Project                                 Contractor                                     Client                Estimated
                                                                                                                           value ($m)
Jordan         Construction of a 5MW nuclear             Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and   Jordan Atomic            173.0
               research reactor. The client will use the Daewoo Engineering & Construction            Energy Commission
               facility for research, development and
               training, as well as for radioisotope
               production for medical purposes

Saudi Arabia   Construction of a 300,000-tonne-a-     Daelim                                          Saudi Kayan              425.0
               year low density polyethylene plant at
               Saudi Kayan’s existing petrochemicals
               complex at Jubail
UAE            Build four nuclear power reactors in   Korea Electric Power Corporation, Hyundai       Emirates Nuclear      20,000.0
               Sila in Abu Dhabi’s Western Region     Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering and       Energy Corporation
                                                      Construction, and Doosan Heavy Industries &
Saudi Arabia   Delivery and installation of 21 civilian SK Engineering & Construction, and GS         General Authority         59.0
               radar systems. The radars will cover     Engineering & Construction                    for Civil Aviation
               Saudi airspace and monitor air traffic
               routes at altitudes of more than 4,572

UAE            Expansion of the Ruwais refining        Samsung Engineering, GS Engineering &          Abu Dhabi Oil           9,600.0
               complex from 417,000 barrels a day      Construction, Daewoo Engineering &             Refining Company
               (b/d) to 817,000 b/d                    Construction, and SK Engineering &

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South Korean EPC contract awards 2009
Country        Project                                Contractor                                    Client                 Estimated
                                                                                                                          value ($m)
Iran           Construction of a plant to sweeten gas GS Engineering & Construction (South Korea)   Pars Oil & Gas             1,400
               from the South Pars field                                                            Company

Qatar          35-month EPC and technology contract Saipem (Italy) and Hyundai Engineering &        Qatar Fertiliser            610
               to expand the Mesaieed complex       Construction                                    Company

Saudi Arabia   Conversion of the Qurayyah simple-    Arabian Bemco Contracting (local) and Doosan   Saudi Electricity         1,800
               cycle power plant to a combined-cycle Heavy Industries & Construction                Company
               by adding five steam turbines and 15
               heat recovery steam generators,
               raising the capacity of the plant by

UAE            Expansion of the fertilisers complex at Uhde (Germany) and Samsung Engineering       Ruwais Fertilizer        1,200.0
               Ruwais                                                                               Industries Company

Jordan         Construction of a simple-cycle plant    Hanwha Engineering & Construction            Samra Electric            193.0
               with two gas turbines with total                                                     Power Generating
               capacity of 286MW                                                                    Company
Kuwait         Build a 2,000MW power plant in          GE (US) and Hyundai Heavy Industries         Electricity & Water      2,600.0
               northern Kuwait                                                                      Ministry
Saudi Arabia   Construction of a sulphur recovery unit GS Engineering & Construction                Saudi Aramco              100.0


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South Korean EPC contract awards 2009
Country        Project                                    Contractor                                      Client                  Estimated
                                                                                                                                 value ($m)
Sudan          Construction of a substation in Sudan      LS Industrial Systems and Daeong Industrial     National Electricity          14.3
               to help meet increasing demand for         Machinery Corporation (South Korean             Corporation
               power in southern Khartoum and the         consortium)
               Arkawit district in the east of the
Algeria        Renovation of refinery                     Samsung Engineering                             Sonatrach                 2,600.0

Kuwait         Extension of 400kV overhead             Hyundai Engineering & Construction                 Kuwait Electricity &        163.0
               transmission lines from the Al-Zour                                                        Water Ministry
               North power plant
Saudi Arabia   Phase five and six expansions of the    Hanwha Engineering & Construction                  Power & Water               720.0
               Yanbu Industrial City power plant. The Corporation                                         Utility Company for
               contractor will supply two 250MW                                                           Jubail & Yanbu
               steam turbines to the project, which is
               located on the Red Sea coast

UAE            Five construction deals on its major       JGC Corporation (Japan) with Tecnimont (Italy); Subsidiaries of Abu       6,500.0
               integrated gas development. Scheme         Hyundai Engineering & Construction; UK-based Dhabi National Oil
               will transfer high pressure gas from the   Petrofac; GS Engineering & Construction; CBI Company
               offshore Umm Shaif field to new            Lummus (US); and Hyundai Heavy Industries
               onshore processing facilities at
               Habshan and Ruwais via Das Island


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South Korean EPC contract awards 2009
Country         Project                                   Contractor                                  Client                  Estimated
                                                                                                                             value ($m)
Iran            Construction of a liquefied natural gas Daelim Industrial Company                     National Iranian Oil        111.0
                plant at Tombak on the Hormuzgan                                                      Company (NIOC)

Algeria         Expansion of the Djen Djen port, 350 Daewoo Engineering & Construction                Transport Ministry
                kilometres east of Algiers and includes
                extending the north and east
                breakwaters by 400 metres and 250
                metres respectively. Daewoo will also
                create a new breakwater and an
                absorbing beach

UAE             Construction of the block of four         SK Engineering & Construction Company (South Tamouh                    373.0
                towers at its Marina Square               Korea)                                       Investments
                development on Abu Dhabi's Reem
Kuwait          Construction of the 1,050 bed Jaber al-   Posco Engineering & Construction and Syed   Public Works               1,200
                Ahmed al-Sabah hospital                   Hamid Behbani & Sons (local)                Ministry
                                                        Daewoo Shipbuilding
                Supply of crude carrier, weighing more than 160,000 tonnes & Marine Engineering       National Iranian             128
                                                                                                      Tanker Company
Saudi Arabia                                             Hyundai Engineering & Construction (South
               Delivery of six gas trains to the Karan gas development                                Saudi Aramco              1,300.0
EPC=Engineering, procurement and construction. Source: MEED Projects

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