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           STATE OF OHIO
                                        Construction Bidding and Contract
                                                                            NUMBER: 21-CAM-05

                                        RULE/CODE REFERENCE:                SUPERSEDES:

                                        RELATED ACA STANDARDS:              EFFECTIVE DATE:
                                                                            February 15, 2001
      AND CORRECTION                    RELATED AUDIT STANDARDS:            APPROVED:

   I.      AUTHORITY:

           This policy is issued in compliance with Ohio Revised Code section 5120.01 which delegates
           to the Director the authority to manage and direct all aspects of the Ohio Department of
           Rehabilitation and Correction. This policy is also issued in compliance with Ohio Revised
           Code Chapter 153 which provides the Ohio Department of Administrative Services with the
           authority to administer capital improvement construction projects for the State of Ohio.

   II.     PURPOSE:

           The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines by which the Ohio Department of
           Rehabilitation and Correction conducts bidding and contracting for new construction or
           renovation of any facility.


           This policy applies to any person employed by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and
           Correction who conducts any construction related business at any of the various Ohio
           Department of Rehabilitation and correction facilities.



    V.     Policy

           It is the policy of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to process
           construction bids and construction contracts in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Chapter
           153 and to follow rules of the Ohio Administrative Code regarding construction activities.


DRC 1361
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           A.   Any work site within the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC)
                contracting with a prime contractor for general, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and/or fire
                protection services for a project which is greater than $50,000.00, but less than
                $1,500,000.00 must notify, in writing, the Deputy Director of Administration, ODRC or
                his/her designee. The written notice shall include the project Name, total budget
                estimate, the facility where the work is to be performed, and whether or not the project
                requires design services.

           B.   The Deputy Director of Administration will determine if the project is approved and
                request “Local Administration” from the Ohio Department of Administrative Services,
                General Services Administration, and Office of the State Architect and Engineer.

           C.   If Local Administration for the project is approved, the project will require architectural
                and/or engineering certified drawings and specifications as required in the Ohio Revised
                Code Chapter 153.

           D.   Specifications shall include the “Front End Specifications” (published by the Ohio
                Department of Administrative Services, General Services Administration, Office of the
                State Architect and Engineer), Special Conditions and Standard Conditions for
                Construction. The specifications shall include separate bids for each of the five prime
                contractors, provided each individual estimate exceeds $5,000.00. Any prime contract
                of less than $5,000.00 can be combined with one of the other primes being bid.
           E.   A “Notice to Bidders” shall be advertised in a newspaper published in the County for
                which the construction is located. The advertisement period shall not be less than one
                day a week for three (3) consecutive weeks and the bid opening shall not be sooner than
                eight (8) days after the date of the last advertisement.

           F.   The public bid shall be open to the public and copies of the bids available, upon request,
                for viewing. Bids must be in sealed envelopes and should be date and time stamped to
                verify receipt prior to the bid submittal deadline.

           G.   The bid opening shall be conducted by two ODRC employees. One employee to open
                and read the bids and the other for recording bids on the tabulation sheet, DRC Form
                (DRC 1738).

           H.   Prior to entering into a construction contract with the most responsive and responsible
                contractor, the contract administrator shall receive a recommendation letter from one of
                the following:

                     1.    Associate Architect
                     2.    Associate Engineer
                     3.    Chief, Bureau of CAM, or his/her designee
           I.   The construction contract shall be in the format of the construction contract included in the
                Front-End Specifications and attached hereto and incorporated herein as attachment.

DRC 1362
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           J.   Construction services shall not begin until the contract is signed by the Attorney General
                of the State of Ohio or in the case of an emergency, the ODRC Director issues a “Letter
                of Intent to Contract”.

           K.   The “Letter of Intent to Contract” should only be issued with the approval of the Controlling
                Board to assure funds are available to pay the contractor for any work performed.

           L.   The Bureau of CAM shall issue a “Notice of Commencement” and a “Notice to Proceed”
                for the contractors and the project, prior to beginning construction.


DRC1728; DRC1738

DRC 1362

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