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									                                                                                The College of Arts
University Goals   Initiatives/Highlights                       Outcomes                                          College Goals                             FY99-FY00    Issues

Quality of the     Appointed new faculty consistent with                                                          Hire faculty strategically in relation    $    249,705
Academic           replacement schedule and ERI reallocation                                                      to most pressing needs and
Programs           of positions                                                                                   priorities, primarily at the asst level

                   Continued support of faculty development     External Awards: Book chosen for annual award    Increase resource base and                                Lack of funding for faculty
                   through FPL, SRA, and Seed Grant             exhibition, American Institute of Graphic Arts;  support for initiatives through                           and student paper
                   programs, travel support and college         Fulbright; Scherker/Preserve Inc Award for       Academic Enrichment, Selective                            presentations and
                   research and development grants              Excellence and Innovation in Documentation and   Investment, TELR grants, Regents'                         performances and for faculty
                                                                Preservation of Dance; "Bessie" award for        Equipment Funding, Office of                              professional development
                                                                lighting; Grand Prize, furni                     Research-funded faculty research
                   Continuing and growing commitment to                                                          Hold faculty lines open for a year or                     Lack of funding for needed
                   media arts technology: how-to sessions on                                                     longer to provide cash for other                          faculty, staff, and GA
                   scanning images, image compression, and                                                       needs; encourage chairs and                               positions
                   printing graphics, presentations on                                                           directors to examine possibility of
                   technology projects                                                                           not filling faculty line to shift
                                                                                                                 resources to other needs
                   Established the Csuri archive and attracted Internal Awards: University Meritorious Service Use media arts technology to                                Lack of funding to maintain
                   interest of SIGGRAPH for archive            Award; Rosalene Sedgwick Faculty Service          generate new revenue through                              competitive faculty and staff
                                                               Award                                             distance and executive education                          salaries and GA stipends
                   Instituted graduate student designers       Exhibitions & Performances: exhibitions at or as Pursue and respond to external                             Lack of funding for
                   exchange with the theater design center of part of: CALM Project (U of Central lancashire,    opportunities to develop private                          productions/performances;
                   Europe, Acad of Performing Arts, Prague     England), 14th West League Exhibition (Kobe,      support and build sponsorships                            minimal supplies and
                                                               Japan), and 6th Annual New York Digital Saloon; with businesses and industry                                services budget
                                                               video work shown at NY Video Festival at
                                                               Lincoln Center; public
                                                               Publications: one book; three co-edited books; Increase the visibility of the College
                                                               contributed to two publications; six editorships,
                                                               four members of editorial boards
                                                               Service: Service to professional organizations,                                                             Academic Enrichment
                                                               community, national and international arts                                                                  Priorities: 1) Ethno-
                                                               organizations by 13 faculty                                                                                 musicology at Ohio State;
                   Requirement by several departments of       Grants: $150000, Getty Institute and Annenberg Implementation of an instructional                           2 tie ) Public Policy and the
                   meeting with all tenured faculty as part of Foundation; $18000, Ohio Arts Council;            computing fee                                             Arts Admin Program;
                   annual review process                       $754333, Annenberg Foundation and Public                                                                    2 tie) The Huntington Archive
                                                               Education Foundation; $270000, Pew Charitable                                                               and the Department of the
                                                               Trusts; $76250, BETHA grant                                                                                 History of Art
                   Growth of Art Critical Practices graduate   Connections to all other Arts disciplines and to
                   specialization program                      departments in Humanities and Engineering

Quality of the     Mentoring new faculty and involving          SEI scores in every category .1 to .4 points                                                               Lack of funding for
Student            department personnel committees in           above the University average                                                                               instructional equipment and
Experience         probationary faculty annual reviews to                                                                                                                  technology
                   improve quality of instruction
                   Implemented new uses of instructional        Internal Awards: Distinguished Teaching Award
                                                                                   The College of Arts
University Goals   Initiatives/Highlights                          Outcomes                                            College Goals                      FY99-FY00    Issues

                   Engaged faculty with creative activities that   Enrollment increases of 77 students over
                   enable them to apply current concepts and       previous year; steady growth in Art and Theater
                   experiences to teaching
                   Sponsored TA teaching seminars
                   Created cross-department initiatives such
                   as Music Ed and Theater faculty teaching in
                   Expanding use of media arts/instructional
                   Increased retention efforts: move toward        Moving MFA in Design through approval process
                   direct enrollment; development of Parents       at OBOR; considering eliminating the General
                   Weekend program, arts dorm, and                 Fine Arts specialization for undergrad Art majors
                   "Scholars in the Arts"; increased admissions
                   selectivity and revised curricula is some
                   Developed new courses, including honors         A new GEC course will broaden the teaching
                   courses, and expanded enrollment capacity       experience of music performance GTAs
                   in some existing courses

Diversity          Sponsored diverse visiting faculty and
Outreach &         Studying the possibility of a community
Engagement         music school
                   Outreach to teachers & students state- and      Served five organizations, over 850 high schools,
                   nationwide: school performances; teacher        143 teachers
                   development; instructional media
                   Outreach to arts policy community
                   Outreach to industry: design collaboration      Served four organizations
                   Outreach to community at large: perform-        Served over 45,000 individuals
                   ances, concerts, exhibitions, lectures
Other              Developing Research Partners Program:
                   meetings w/prospects, visits to corporate
                   sites, invitations to visit Ohio State
                   Received Basic Renovation funding to                                                                Develop a College-wide space and                Inappropriate, disparate, or
                   renovate and improve the ceramics program                                                           facilities plan                                 remotely located space;
                   spaces in the Department of Art; renovated                                                                                                          poorly configured and
                   or relocated printmaking, Art Ed                                                                                                                    equipped space; badly
                   administration and some offices, Emerging                                                                                                           deteriorated and not
                   Teechnologies Studio; created additional                                                                                                            accessible instructional
                   studio classrooms                                                                                                                                   space; space that presents
                                                                                                                                                                       safety and health concerns
                                                                                                 The College of Arts
University 2000 College           Strategic Indicators           Outcomes                                       Related 1999 College Goals                   2000 Initiatives/Highlights/Issues
Goals      Goals
Quality of   Hire top-notch                                                                                     Hire faculty strategically in relation       Final ERI replacement will be used as a fdg match for an Acad Enr
the          faculty and staff                                                                                  to most pressing needs and                   hire in Ethnomusicology
Academic                                                                                                        priorities, primarily at the asst level
Programs     Leverage          Operating budget per              Ext Rsch Grant funding betw July99             Increase resource base and support           Rec'd tech/educ grant from OBOR - collaborating w/Cleveland St,
             awards to attract fac, stdt                         and Mar00 = $1,353,709                         for initiatives through Academic             Rio Grande Comm College, public schls - to use distance ed to
             internal and                                                                                       Enrichment, Selective Investment,            provide multimedia access to global cultural content. Corporate
             external funds                                                                                     TELR grants, Regents' Equipment              sponsors Apple and ULT/WetCT; finalist in Select Inv competition
                                                                                                                Funding, Office of Research-funded
                                                                                                                fac rsch grts
                                  Rsch partnerships
                                  Investments in new                                                            Use media arts tech to generate              Dual focus for investmt - media arts tech and contemp arts. Sel
                                  media technology                                                              new rev through dist and exec ed             Inv finalist: support new fac/rsch in motion control/motion capture

             Strengthen                                                                                                                                      Programs that are being enhanced: Glass program (attracted
             strongest progs                                                                                                                                 external funder to develop its own Visiting Artist Program);
             to benefit                                                                                                                                      holography (electronics and robotics lab)
             Raise stature of     Rkgs: Studies in Art Ed                                          Art Ed: 1 Increase the visibility of the College          NRC rankings not comprehensive; progs w/comprehensive
             college within       Dance Teacher                                      Dance: Grd, 1 UG, 2                                                     master's frequently overlooked in rkgs. Nat'l and int'l prominence
             and outside the      Design Mgmt Inst               Design: Grd, Top 5 Prod Dsn, 1st tier                                                       attained by: ACCAD; Dept of Art, glass area; Art Ed, arts policy &
             institution          Wall Street Journal                          Art: Grd, 11 Ceramics, 5                                                      admin; Music, music ed Phd and musicology, music cognition;
                                  US News                                                         Music: 21                                                  Histo
                                  NRC                                        Music: 28 Hist of Art: 29
                                  Awds, honors,                  20+ nat'l and int'l listed, incl 2 Univ                                                     Inter- and multidisciplinary activities w: Comp Stds (software lrng
                                  distinctions                   Dist Tchg Awds                                                                              tool for deaf children); Glenn Inst (Arts & Cultural Policies
                                  Performances, etc in           24 nat' and int'l listed                                                                    Initiative); Hist & Engl (Virtual Amer Stds Ctr); Engineering (media
                                  major venues                                                                                                               arts tech, design); Inst for Coll Rsch & Publ Hums; Phys
                                  Peer-reviewed pubs             12 books, 17 articles, 1 monograph
                                  Reviews/citations of           6 editorships, 8 positions of                                                               Faculty development: 3 new funds rsch support awds; Faculty
                                  rsch/creative wk               leadership in prof societies                                                                Administrative Internship
                                  Wk with/in nat'l/int'l                                                        Implementation of an instructional           Computing fee in addition to the proposed Univ tech fee is
                                  venues, companies,                                                            computing fee                                essential to ART
                                  institutions, industries
Quality of                        Stdt satisfaction              10 stdt awds listed; 4 stdt                                                                 Rsch Partners Prog provides placemt of stdt interns, shared
the                                                              performances or exhibitions in major                                                        training initiatives
Student                           Stdt Eval of Tchg              venues listed                                                                               Continuing to develop dist ed courses, incl version of Art 162
Exper-                                                           Alumni accomplishments range from                                                           Hist of Art creating grad crs to train stdts in instr'l tech; GA
ience                                                            working on Toy Story 2 and Fantasia                                                         positions involving web/digital tech in the Visual Res Library
                                                                 2000 to solo exhibitions to                                                                 Developing 2yr grad stdt training prog "Preparing Studio Art Fac"
                                                                 academic/academic admin positions
                                                                                                                                                             New honors course give hands-on experience in video making;
                                                                                                                                                             planning to use tech to improve tchg/lrng in Theatre 100
                                                                                                                                                             AU99 began direct enrollment of all tagged-degree stdts; SU00
                                                                                                                                                             ART takes over advising of their mjrs from ASC
                                                                                                                                                             Arts Scholars Interdisciplinary Prog; planning for stdy tour to
                                                                                                                                                             Africa; living/lrng residence hall - highlight was Cultural Diversity
                                                                                                                                                             Tour to New Orleans to see jazz performed

        Blue indicates connectedness in a row or rows across columns; Red highlights tuition increase requests, budget restructuring issues, Academic Enrichment proposals
                                                                                                  The College of Arts
University 2000 College            Strategic Indicators           Outcomes                                       Related 1999 College Goals                   2000 Initiatives/Highlights/Issues
Goals      Goals
Quality of                                                                                                                                                    Eliminating Gen Fine Arts spec; inst portfolio review for adm to BA
the                                                                                                                                                           prog; revise BFA portfolio review in ART; new MFA in Design
Programs                                                                                                                                                      Depts developing new honors and interdisciplinary courses
                                                                                                                                                              Beginning discussions to bring 1/3 of the Art Ed MA on line; shld
                                                                                                                                                              improve time to degree
Diversity                          % of minority fac and          Female faculty = 39%; minority faculty                                                      Full prof offer to Bebe Miller, Afr-Am choreog; FHAP prop to hire
                                   staff                          = 10%; minority staff = 4%                                                                  Afr Am female asst prof & Afr-Am male lect in mus ed
                                   % of minority stdts                                                                                                        Design wkg w/Em Schol to recruit more diverse hs stdts to design
                                                                                                                                                              field; Dance dept mtgs focus on cult diversity twice/yr
                                   Index of schol/creative                                                                                                    Diversity, multicultural, and community goals strengthened
                                   wk on diversity issues                                                                                                     through: int'l tchg exchanges, visiting artist progs, internships &
                                   Range of curr offerings                                                                                                    summer residency progs, interdisc opp's, exhibitions, concerts,
                                   on diversity issues                                                                                                        plays, performances, productions. Examples include Picturing P

                                   Range of performances,
                                   exhibitions featuring wk
                                   by minority artists or on
                                   diversity issues

Outreach &                         Range of public                                                                                                   Festival of Contemp Music: Pied Piper Fantasy , w/Dance &
Engage-                            performances,                                                                                                     Theater, involved 150+ flutists from elem to high school age; first
ment                               presentations,                                                                                                    ever Young People's Concert
                                   exhibitions                                                                                                       Activities listed: "The Fold," An Ohio State Sampler (perf in
                                                                                                                                                     McConnelsville, partnered w/AGR); Multimedia Wkshps in Dance
                                                                                                                                                     Documentation/Presentation; OSUDancers in the Schools; fac
                                                                                                                                                     curated museum exhibits/related lectures & symposia; Jazz in the
Other        Form                                                                                                Pursue and respond to external      Research Partners Program: Desgrippes Gobe & Assc (joint
             partnerships                                                                                        opportunities to develop private    design rsch proj's); Industrial Light & Magic (motion-capture
             w/business,                                                                                         support and build sponsorships with component for Marceau Archives); Ford Motor Co (safety vehicle
             industry, and                                                                                       businesses and industry             rsch and product semantics); IBM (digital technologies applied to
             private & public                                                                                                                        Huntin
                                                                                                                 Develop a College-wide space and             College-wide space plan has helped focus and prioritize renovation
                                                                                                                 facilities plan                              needs. Phys Fac has funded some projects, and ART rec'd $920K
                                                                                                                                                              for Ceramics Renovation. Preparing OSHA proposal to replace
                                                                                                                                                              rigging system in Thurber Theater.
                                                                                            Budget Restructuring Issues
Support for shifted stdt advising not annualized, add'l .50 clerical support needed, cost assessed from both UVC and ASC; add'l tech fees needed; class sizes smaller than in other colleges; ART has specific,
and expensive, space requiremts for tchg, so is

         Blue indicates connectedness in a row or rows across columns; Red highlights tuition increase requests, budget restructuring issues, Academic Enrichment proposals
                                                                                 COLLEGE OF THE ARTS
                                                                             SUMMARY OF 2001 ANNUAL REPORT
University Goals         2000 College Goals                      Goals Met & How                                 2001 College Goals                          Critical Issues/Strategies/Comments
                                                                                                                 Recruit internationally celebrated artist
Build a World Class                                              Hired 4 outstanding faculty; tripled grants for to Art faculty ; target other world-class
Faculty                  Hire top-notch faculty and staff        faculty development                             faculty

                                                                                                                 Support Theatre's "New Works"
                                                                                                                 Program via grants to the Theatre

                                                                                                                 Create new faculty development

Develop High-Quality     Raise stature of college within &       Created Arts Interdisciplinary Scholars         New interdisciplinary research              Detailed Strategies included for aligning resources to
Academic Programs        outside the institution                 Program                                         partnerships under development              implement the academic plan

                                                                 Marcel Marceau - Multi interdisciplinary
                         Leverage Awards to attract internal &   project; Barnett International Symposium on Support for visiting artists/teaching
                         external funds                          Arts Policy & Global Cultural Interactions  exchanges

                                                                 Design research collaborations benefit          Assess success of new organizational
                                                                 students                                        model in ACCAD

Enhance the Quality of Strengthen strongest programs to          Completed several Distance Education            Distance Education & Web-
Teaching & Learning    benefit students & faculty                projects                                        enhancement expansion

                                                                 Reorganized Emerging Technologies
                                                                 Studio; positive outcomes of Technology

                                                                 Facilities renovations /improvements/           Build new and renovate existing
                                                                 modifications benefit faculty & staff           facilities                                  New music building a College priority

Enhance & Better Serve                                                                                           Seek additional staff support to ensure
the Students                                                     Implemented Direct Enrollment                   quality undergrad advising services

                                                                 Developed interdisciplinary graduate            Moving students through curriculum
                                                                 specialization in design                        and managing enrollments

                                                                                                                 Summer program planned that is a
Create a Diverse                                                                                                 mentoring experience for young
University Community                                             3 female hires - 2 African American             women

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                                                                                   COLLEGE OF THE ARTS
                                                                               SUMMARY OF 2001 ANNUAL REPORT
University Goals         2000 College Goals                      Goals Met & How                                 2001 College Goals                     Critical Issues/Strategies/Comments
                                                                                                                 "Can We Talk" conversation to
                                                                 Major forum on diversity - "Can We Talk"        continue

                                                                                                                 International partnerships/exchanges
                                                                 Initiated hiring goals accountability process   planned

Help Build Ohio's        Form partnerships with business,        Distance Education: Network to enhance Art New Research partner's initiative
Future                   industry, & private & public agencies   teaching through technology                (OSU & IBM)

                                                                 Design students and faculty form                Present performances & workshops in
                                                                 partnership w/ Proctor & Gamble                 public schools/communities
                                                                                                                 Discussions with Center for ARTS &
                                                                                                                 Culture may lead to OSU's becoming
                                                                 Pre-service music students active in urban      site for inventory of searchable
                                                                 schools                                         databases

College Strategic                                                                                                Unique Indicator Documentation
Indicators               Unique Indicators Added                 Unique Indicator Data Provided                  Provided                               Clear Connection between Goals and Unique Indicators
                         Yes                                     Very Little                                     No                                     No

Plan for Pushing Base-                                        Budget Restructuring: Base-Budget Plans for Academic Units Within the College
Budget Decisions
Down to the Academic Departmental base-budgets will be determined using a similar methodology to the college level base-budget scenario, with College level central administrative activities financed
Units                  through a flat tax in the first year. Adjustments will be made over time in a

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                                                                COLLEGE OF THE ARTS
                                                           2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals                2001 College Goals           How Goals Met                    2002 College Goals            Critical Issues/Strategies

                                                          New Faculty hires are
                                                          outstanding. Two tenured            Create endowed
                            Recruit internationally       faculty of international caliber;   professorships as fund-
                            celebrated artist to Art      2 Assoc and 5 Asst Prof with        raising options; target new
                            faculty ; target other world- exceptional artistic &              hires at the Assoc Prof and
Build a World Class Faculty class faculty                 research records                    Professor level

                                                                                            Update college website to
                                                             Current faculty are leaders in accomplishments of faculty &
                                                             their fields                   staff expertise profiles

                                Support Theatre's "New    Article in national magazine
                                Works" Program via grants refers to "New Works" as
                                to the Theatre faculty    excellent

                                                             Commitment to small grants
                                                             program for faculty
                                                             development. Matching                                         Budget Reallocation an obstacles
                                Create new faculty           support from Office of           Continue faculty development in this effort because of lower
                                development initiatives      Research                         initiatives                  funding levels

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                                                          COLLEGE OF THE ARTS
                                                     2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals           2001 College Goals        How Goals Met                    2002 College Goals               Critical Issues/Strategies

                                                     Art Interdisciplinary Scholars   Changes in Arts
                                                     Program; students                Interdisciplinary Scholars;
                                                     participated in collaborative    faculty engaged in
                           New interdisciplinary     interdisciplinary research       Interdisciplinary activities with In fall 2002, freshmen will sign 2
Develop High-Quality       research partnerships     projects with Proctor &          colleagues in 31 different        year contract that includes
Academic Programs          under development         Gamble, Nestle, etc.             programs                          interdisciplinary options

                                                                                      Extend scholarship and
                                                                                      teaching to international
                                                                                      audiences; Arts Dept
                                                                                      residency for Cuban artist;
                           Support for visiting                                       continue offering visiting
                           artists/teaching exchanges Marcel Marceau residency;       artists/designers

                                                     Continue to streamline and
                                                     improved organization
                           Assess success of new     structure with Assoc Chair
                           organizational model in   who serves as Theatre
                           ACCAD                     season producer

                                                     $1.9M grant from Freeman
                                                     Foundation to support new        Digital Archives of Special
                                                     undergraduate courses            Collections

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                                                          COLLEGE OF THE ARTS
                                                     2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals           2001 College Goals         How Goals Met                    2002 College Goals              Critical Issues/Strategies

                                                     On-line books and new
                                                     distance education courses        College prioritizes
                                                     offered; Technology Fee           distance/distributed courses;
                                                     allowed for purchase of           increase revenue to meet
                                                     upgraded computer                 instructional needs in
Enhance the Quality of     Distance Education & Web- workstations; digital video       technology and studio
Teaching & Learning        enhancement expansion     camera, etc.                      curricula

                                                      New Dept of Art Lecture
                                                      series; BETHA Grant brings       Develop Dance minor
                                                      Australian artist to campus;     curriculum

                                                      ACCAD and Design faculty
                                                      collaborate on new               History of Art to conclude
                                                      specialization "Digital          curriculum review; Design
                                                      Animation & Visualization" in    plans overall curriculum
                                                      Design's MFA program             review

                                                      History of Art offers new MA
                                                      specialization-Digital Imaging
                                                      and Visual Resources
                                                      Management; New Dance
                                                      technologies curriculum

                                                      Completed $980,000 Phase 1
                                                      major renovation to Ceramics     New Music Building
                                                      area in ArtOther facilities      development strategy; begin
                                                      renovations/improvements         Phase II renovation proposal
                           Build new and renovate     underway to benefit faculty &    for Ceramics; new roofs on
                           existing facilities        staff                            Hopkins & Hayes

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                                                              COLLEGE OF THE ARTS
                                                         2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals             2001 College Goals          How Goals Met                  2002 College Goals               Critical Issues/Strategies
                             Seek additional staff       At risk student retention
                             support to ensure quality   numbers excellent; rising
Enhance & Better Serve the   undergrad advising          audition & academic entrance Additional staff support in
Students                     services                    requirements                 advising

                                                                                        Music & Design considering
                                                                                        development of new minor
                             Moving students through                                    programs; recruit Design
                             curriculum and managing                                    undergraduates for direct
                             enrollments                                                enrollment into program

                                                                                        Expand use of History of Art's
                                                         Art Education & history of Art OSIRIS (standard image
                                                         piloted new doctoral courses database)

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                                                            COLLEGE OF THE ARTS
                                                       2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals              2001 College Goals        How Goals Met                      2002 College Goals              Critical Issues/Strategies

                              Summer program planned
                              that is a mentoring
Create a Diverse University   experience for young      This summer program a              Meetings/lunches with women
Community                     women                     success                            & minority faculty

                              Can We Talk conversation This and other public events
                              to continue              were held

                                                                                           Seek opportunities for
                                                        College funds faculty grants       increasing international
                                                        program to foster global           exchanges & internships for
                                                        understanding in the arts;         our students; Theatre Dept
                                                        multicultural Dance Alliance       host 1st International Senior
                                                        continue to develop;               Theatre Conference &
                              International             Visiting/guest artist positions;   Festival; 2003 Contemporary
                              partnerships/exchanges    music performance faculty          Music Festival highlight
                              planned                   going global                       Diversity

                                                        Nine new faculty on
                                                        Columbus campus (56%
                                                        female and 11% Asian;
                                                        success in Ohio Eminent
                                                        Scholar in Design's           Multicultural performance
                                                        recruitment/retention success series for Dance

                                                                                           More focused diversity
                                                                                           planning at the unit level;
                                                                                           assess climate for diversity;
                                                                                           foster faculty interest in
                                                                                           administration among women
                                                                                           & faculty of color

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                                                                COLLEGE OF THE ARTS
                                                           2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals           2001 College Goals              How Goals Met                    2002 College Goals               Critical Issues/Strategies

                                                           Design's outreach activities
                                                           contribute to Ohio economy
                           New Research partner's          (working with large
Help Build Ohio's Future   initiative (OSU & IBM)          corporations)

                                                           Jefferson Academy of Music
                           Present performances &          experiences growth; Peter        Support "Pathways Project"-
                           workshops in public             Gynt & other events receive      Columbus Public Schools
                           schools/communities             honors                           initiative

                                                           Music serves P-12 education Offer GEC course to high
                                                           in Ohio                     school students

                           Discussions with Center for
                           ARTS & Culture may lead
                           to OSU's becoming site for                                       Ohio's in-service teachers
                           inventory of searchable                                          served by on-line courses (Art
                           databases                                                        Education)

Budget Restructuring
      Best Practices              Help Needed                   Issues/Concerns

                           Fiscal staff frustration with    Using cash reserves to fund
                           the complexity of utilizing     courses with historically-high
                           data                            close outs

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