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Westlake High School


									                           Westlake High School

         March 2006
1. Please describe your group     Leadership Challenge had a few different
goal for this month.              group goals for the quarter. Diversity is a group to
                                  inform students about racism and discrimination
                                  currently in our school. Their goal was to have
                                  lunch-ins with a diverse group of students.
                                  Beautification has volunteered to beautify the trophy
                                  cases at the entrance of our school. Our New-
                                  Student Welcome Group conducted a club fair for
                                  9th graders and students new to the school. Our
                                  Community Service Group sent student
                                  representatives to a locally sponsored workshop.
                                  Currently preparations are underway for the Second
                                  Annual Powerpuff Volleyball game to take place.
2. What activities took place     Most activities are described above. However, the
or are planned to take place to   Diversity Lunch-ins consisted of a informational
                                  movie offered at various lunch periods through out
achieve this goal.                the week which initiated constructive discussions. As
                                  we did for the Powderpuff Football Game, a
                                  discounted ticket will be offered with a donation of a
                                  canned good which will be delivered to a local
3. What barriers were             Because of the numerous goals Leadership
encountered during the            Challenge focuses on, it's difficult to narrow our
                                  attention to every goal each quarter.
attainment of this goal?
4. What successes were            Every one of the above activities was a success.
encountered during the
attainment of this goal?

      February 28, 2006
1. Please describe your group     A major goal that Leadership Challenge wants
goal for this month.              to achieve is to get students involved with our
                                  community. One of our subgroups is Inclusion. We
                                  try to work with the special needs kids to give
                                  them positive social experiences during high school.
2. What activities took place     Students volunteered at 2 elementary fun fairs and
or are planned to take place to   worked the different activity stations. A group of
                                  about 20 students spent a morning raking leaves for
achieve this goal.                a Westlake resident. Winter Fun Night is an annual
                                  night of fun and games for our elementary
                                  students. Our Inclusion group met with the special
                                  needs students to share a Thanksgiving meal. Also
                                  we treated the special ed kids to a night at the
                                  basketball game. Leadership students gathered
                                  information about each of the different clubs to post
                                  on the Westlake City School District Websiteto
                                  inform parents and students to increase school
3. What barriers were             Some of the student participants didn't show to the
encountered during the            different events. From experience, we know to sign
                                  up more volunteers than expected, just incase some
attainment of this goal?          don't follow through with their commitment.
4. What successes were            One of the successes encountered was at Winter
encountered during the            Fun Night, it was the most organized compared to
                                  the previous years. Also at the leaf raking, we
attainment of this goal?          accomplished our goal earlier than expected due to
                                  the hard-working volunteers.

      February 24, 2006
1. Please describe your group     Our group goal was to attend the Annual
goal for this month.              Retreat in Hiram, Ohio. Composed of eight groups
                                  each with different responsibilities, 2 facilitators led
                                  each group. We tried to get all the participants
                                  involved and thinking about improving school
                                  climate. One of our groups is called Community
                                  Service. We try to organize and volunteer at various
                                  events throughout the school year. Another group
                                  focuses on improving school spirit.
2. What activities took place     When we arrived back in Westlake, Leadership
or are planned to take place to   Challenge planned the Junior/Senior Powderpuff
                                  Football Game. Our goal was to accomplish two
achieve this goal.                things: Activities to increase school spirit, and also
                                  the collection of canned goods to donate to a local
                                  charity. With proceeds from this game, Leadership
                                  Challenge donated $100 to a local family to help
                                  relieve the family's financial burdens due to high
                                  medical expenses.
3. What barriers were             Barriers that we encountered were: some students
encountered during the            didn't follow through with their assigned tasks, the
                                  attendance was affected by poor weather
attainment of this goal?          conditions.
4. What successes were            We were happy with the financial contributions we
encountered during the            made. At the retreat in Hiram, we were able to
                                  increase student awareness of different problems in
attainment of this goal?          our school, and to influence student participants to
                                  lead by example and take initiative.

        May 31, 2006
1. Please describe your group     The continuation of school improvement
goal for this month.              projects and to select the facilitators for next year.
2. What activities took place     Held a training for potential
or are planned to take place to   facilitators/and some of this year's leaders to
                                  identify goals and
achieve this goal.                objectives for next year. Sponsored the "Senior
                                  Citizen Prom." Sponsored
                                  the Jr./Sr. Boys Volleyball game as a
                                  fundraiser. Conducted a student
                                  exchange with Beachwood High School.
3. What barriers were             We had more applicants than slots available
                                  for female student facilitators for next year. It was
encountered during the     a very difficult
attainment of this goal?   process to interview and ultimately select next year's
4. What successes were     The senior citizen prom was an amazing
encountered during the     success eventhough we had fewer "prom-goers" this
                           year. The event was
attainment of this goal?   extremely well organized and fun was had by
                           all. We made a $900 profit on
                           the volleyball game which we will use to help to
                           defer the costs of the
                           Leadership Retreat in the fall. The training was
                           highly successful and we
                           plan to make this an annual activity so that the
                           transition for the new
                           facilitators will be a smooth one. The student
                           exchange was very
                           educational and fun. We would like to attempt two
                           exchanges next year
                           with two different schools.
5.                         YES

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