Repair Samsung LE40M71B t-con 400WHC8LV1.3 Board by funnel123

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									      Repair Samsung LE40M71B t-con 400WHC8LV1.3 Board

This is an article about Samsung t-con board in the flat screen models called
These t-con board called 400WHC8LV1.3 and they have a bug, they hold
only about 2 years, it's just when the warranty on a flat screen has expired,
then it becomes defective.
The most frequent error le40m71b is a mistake coming on the t-con board
400whc8lv1.3 and it turns out, by coming red or blue shadows.
It can also look like there missing colors on the screen if you see such an
error on your samsung le40m71b flat is quite sure that it is your TCON
400whc8lv1.3 is defective.
What can you do about it, yes there is not much to do about it, you can not
buy a new 400whc8lv board anymore, but you can get your old defective t-
con board 400whc8lv1.3 repaired at a very cheap price.
and it is very easy, all you have to do is follow the easy instructions are on the
t-con service website and then send the defective 400whc8lv board for them,
they fix it and send it back to you.
This is the only way in which you can get your samsung le40m71b flat panel
to work again, but once you have repaired your t-con board is like new again,
or actually even better, it will be repaired with high quality materials such and
keep in many years.

It is very annoying that you have an expensive samsung LE40M71B flat
screen televisions do not work after just 2 years, but there is help available.
This is a very difficult repairs that require specialized equipment and tools but
the result of a 400WHC8LV1.3 repairing a television that is as new, the image
on the flat screen will be very sharp and colors are just right, so save yourself
a lot of money and get your repaired samsung tv.

If you have a samsung LE40M71B flat screen TV which is faulty, please visit
their website and see if you can get your TV to work like new again.

To get your LE40M71B T-con Board 400WHC8LV1.3 repaired go here

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