HVLP Spray Gun Suitability by sdfgsg234


									                                                                    HVLP Spray Gun Suitability
                                  Binks                                                        DeVilbiss                                     Campbell Hausfeld
        Portable                 Gravity                Pressure                  Gravity       Suction             Pressure
                                                         2TKN6                                                       4JY99
                                                         1ZLA5                    2TPK2         4JY97                4TH18             3FY84                 4RR07
         1ZLB6                    2TKP4                  1ZKZ5                    4JY98         4TH17                4TH19             3FY85                 3JR91
  Very Low Viscosity Coatings - Dyes, Inks, Wash Primers, Stains, and Solvents

  Low Viscosity Coatings - Sealers, Lacquers, Acrylics, and Lubricants

  Medium Viscosity Coatings - Enamels, Epoxies, Urethanes, Fillers, and Primers
            v                       v                                               v                                                    v
  High Viscosity Coatings - Enamels, House Paint, and Latex
                                   NR                      v                        NR            NR                  v                                          v
    = Good. v = Better.       = Best. NR = Not Recommended.

HVLP Spray Guns
 High-quality finishes with low overspray. Use                   No. 1ZLA5 is lighter-weight construction.            improved atomization. Comes with 1.8 mm fluid
 standard compressors and meet current envi-                     Suction-Feed Gun, No. 4TH17—Comes                    tip and 1-liter aluminum cup.
 ronmental laws for high transfer efficiency.                    with a 1-qt. cup.
 Low CFM models achieve fine finishes with light                                                                      D DEVILBISS FLG3
 to heavy materials.                                             B DEVILBISS JGA                                      Use with top coats and primers. Uniform spray
                                                                 Drop-forged gun body and stainless steel fluid       pattern with compressors as small as 2 HP.
 A BINKS MACH 1 & MACH 1SL, NOS. 2TKN6,                          areas. Sprays most maintenance, wood, and            Aluminum construction resists solvents.
 1ZKZ5, AND 1ZLA5                                                automotive finishes, including waterborne types.     Replacement parts Nos. 1ZKZ6 and 1ZLF6 are
 Aircraft-grade forged aluminum pressure-feed                    Replacement parts Nos. 1ZLB7 and 1ZLA2 are           available on page 1187.
 guns comply with all government regulations for                 available on page 1187.                              Suction-Feed Gun, No. 4JY97—Comes with 2.2
 HVLP spray guns. Come with a 1.4 mm tip.
                                                                 Pressure-Feed Gun, No. 4TH18—Can be used             and 1.8 mm fluid tips, and a 1-qt. suction cup.
 Compatible with waterborne coatings. Use with
                                                                 with No. 4TH14 1-qt. cup, No. 4TH11 2-qt.
 cup No. 4TH11 or paint tanks Nos. 6Z899 or                                                                           Gravity-Feed Gun, No. 4JY98—Comes with 1.5
                                                                 remote cup, or a remote pressure tank.
 2RA53 (sold separately).                                                                                             and 1.8 mm fluid tips, a 1-liter aluminum cup,
                                                                 Gravity-Feed Gun, No. 2TKP2—For spot repair,         and sample-size pack of disposable cup liners.
                                                                 with the comfort of a full-size spray gun.
                                                                                                                      Pressure-Feed Gun, No. 4JY99—Comes with a
                                                                 Pressure-Feed Gun, No. 4TH19—For high-               1.5 mm tip. Use with pressure tank or pressure
                                                                 production spraying. Produces fine finishes,         cup (sold separately, pages 1187 and 1190).
                                                                 especially with high-viscosity materials.
                                                                                                                      E HVLP SPRAY GUN KIT, NO. 2TKP4
                                                                 C DEVILBISS EXL, NO. 5AB33                           Includes full-size gun with 1.3mm fluid tip and
              B Pressure-Feed                                    Gravity-feed gun with patented air cap technol-      1.8mm extra-fluid tip, and a touch-up gun with a
B Suction-Feed              C Gravity-Feed                       ogy provides a large spray pattern with              1.1mm fluid tip.

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