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					10/01/2006 - 09/30/2007
UNIT 990232 - Scott County, MO

                              NAME OF                                          RECRUITMENT                                                                          DATE
      DATE POSITION            OPEN              RECRUITMENT        # OF 1ST     SOURCE OF                     # OF 2ND         RECRUITMENT SOURCE OF             POSITION
         OPENED               POSITION              SOURCES
                                             1) Internal Posting  INTERVIEWS    APPLICANTS                   INTERVIEWS              APPLICANTS                    FILLED
                                             2) The Paducah Sun
                                               408 Kentucky Ave.
                                               Paducah, KY 42002
                                               Ph: 270-575-8700
                                             3) The Southeast                3 from The
                              Information    Missourian                      Paducah Sun
                                Systems        301 Broadway                  2 from The
                                Support        Cape Girardeau, MO            Southeast
        5/30/2007              Specialist    63702                      5      Missourian                          0           N/A                                7/30/2007
                            Open Position
        9/14/2007          Design Engineer 1) Internal Posting

      /TRANSFERS              POSITION             EFFECTIVE              EXIT


• Company subsidizes a training program available to employees through National Cable Television Institute to help employees qualify for increased payroll earnings and,
potentially, higher level positions.
• Provided EEO information and training to management-level personnel on a one-to-one basis, as needed; and through distribution of the review information entitled "Manager's
Training, 3rd Quarter, 2007"
• Company offers an education assistance program to any employee who meets the assistance criteria; thereby aiding employees working toward a higher education or
qualification for higher level position.