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									YWCA Renovation Ideas

   Review of Project Proposal
   Slide Show
        -Review of division of space
   Timeline
   Final Questions and Concerns
     YWCA Team Semester
       -Creation of Project Proposal
       -Poster Design
       -EPICS Recruitment Fair
       -Project Partner Meeting and Presentation
       -Research Building Codes
       -Review Budget
       -Get Information from PP on our Questions

To utilize the under-used YWCA
 gymnasium by adding a second floor.

The top floor will be used for offices and

The bottom floor will be a multi
 functional room.
Top Floor

The office space will be occupied by two
 YWCA programs:
     -Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program
     -Women’s Cancer Program
The top floor will also contain the
 following shared space:
     -Reception Counter
     -Conference/Meeting Room
     -Small Kitchen
Bottom Floor

   The bottom floor will be used for a
    variety of different purposes and
    programs such as:
       -dance and exercise classes
       -day care
Domestic Violence
Intervention And Prevention
   For the DVIPP office we will include:
       -Four confidential office spaces for:
                -Program Director
                -Legal Advocate
                -Case Managers
                -Bilingual specialist.
       -Two cubical style offices for:
                -Child Advocate.
       -Storage areas
Women’s Cancer Program

   For the Women’s Cancer Program we
    will include:
              -Two confidential offices for:
                    -Program Director
                    -Intake Area

            -Six cubicle offices
            -A room for files/office equipment
            -Storage areas
Top Floor Temporary
Top Floor Temporary

        Office Office
Bottom Floor Temporary
   Reception Area in Front?
   Bathrooms for:
              -Office Personnel?
   Office sizes?
   Conference Room Size?
              -How Many People?
   Program Director Office Location
              -Corner Office?
              -Up Front vs. In Back?
   Storage? How Much?
                                             YWCA Team Semester Timeline (Fall 2007)

Task                                                 1   2    3   4   5   6    7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16
Team Organization
Meeting with Project Partner
Project Proposal
Gather Information
Prepare Presentation to Project Partner
Prepare and Print Poster
Recruit at Callout
Present Ideas to Project Partner
Review Project Proposal and Make Necessary Changes
Retrieve and Review Building Codes
Establish Contacts with Consultants
Design/Project Review Presentation
Final Sketches of Possible Floor Plans
CAD Designs of Floor Plans with Dimensions
Planning for Spring 2008
Final Presentation
Question? Concerns?

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