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Occupations                                                                                   P l a n n i n g D e p a r t m e n t ’s

Many Greensboro residents
                                                                                                    Guide to Zoning
operate a full-time or part-time                                                                  Regulations for Home
business from their residence. These                                                                  Occupations
businesses are called Home

Home occupations must comply with
all development regulations; this
guide is intended to explain how
zoning regulations affect home

According to the City of Greensboro
Development Ordinance, the
Definition of a Home Occupation is:

"Any use conducted entirely within a
dwelling and carried on by the
occupants thereof, which use is
incidental and secondary to the use
of the dwelling for residential
purposes and does not change the
character thereof. "                                                                                    Greensboro,
                                                                                                       North Carolina

WHERE ALLOWED                                         4. Except in connection with child day care homes,        9. Use or storage of any explosive material in
In the City of Greensboro, home occupations are          no person may be employed who is not an                   conjunction with the home occupation is prohib-
allowed in the following zoning districts: AG, all       occupant of the dwelling, except in the TN1               ited.
residential, TN1, GO-M, GO-H, NB, and CB                 District where the home occupation falls into the
Districts.                                               category of Artisans and Crafts, in which case         COMPLIANCE WITH OTHER REGULATIONS
                                                         one apprentice who is not an occupant of the           All home occupations shall comply with all applica-
MAXIMUM AREA                                             dwelling unit may be employed and work                 ble Federal, State, and local regulations.
Area set aside for the home occupation shall             on-site. In all other zoning districts where home
occupy no more than twenty-five percent (25%)            occupations are permitted and except for child         SIGNAGE ALLOWED
of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit.            day care homes, persons who are not occupants          One identification sign is allowed per building not
OUTSIDE STORAGE                                          of the dwelling may be employed in connection          larger than four (4) square feet in area and it must
No outside storage or display of items associated        with the home occupation provided they:                be mounted flat to the front wall of the building.
with the home occupation is permitted.
                                                                a) do not work at or on the site of the         PARKING REQUIREMENTS
OPERATION                                                            dwelling;                                  Minimum one (1) off-street parking space, maxi-
1. The home occupation shall be conducted                       b) do not report to work at or near the         mum three (3) spaces in addition to required resi-
   entirely within a dwelling unit exclusive of a                    dwelling;                                  dential spaces.
   garage or carport, with the exception of                     c) do not go by the dwelling to pick up
   home occupations consisting of artisans and                       orders, supplies, or other items related
   crafts in the TN1 District, which may occur                       to the home occupation;
   within a garage or other enclosed accessory                  d) do not report to the dwelling for pay;
   building. The home occupation shall be                            and,
   clearly incidental and secondary to the use                  e) do not associate with the dwelling in
   of the dwelling unit for residential purposes                     any manner which could be interpreted
   and shall not change the outward                                  as part of a normal employer or
   appearance of the residence.              Home                    employee relationship.
   occupations are not permitted in a detached        5.   Instructions in music, dancing, art, or similar
   garage or in any other accessory structure,             subjects shall be limited to no more than five (5)
   except as noted above.                                  students at one time.
2. Permitted home occupations include, but are        6.   Activities shall not generate traffic, parking,
   not limited to: typing services, telephone              noise, etc., beyond what normally occurs in the
   sales, barber or beauty services,                       district in which it is located.
   doctor/dentist offices, architects, accountants,   7.   One (1) commercial vehicle, not longer than 30
                                                           feet in length, is allowed in conjunction with the        CITY OF GREENSBORO
   child day care homes, food catering, and
                                                                                                                     300 W. Washington St.
   handcrafting.                                           home occupation.
                                                                                                                     P.O. Box 3136
3. Only handmade items, foodstuffs, and crafts        8.   No delivery of supplies and/or materials used             Greensboro, North Carolina 27402-
   made in the dwelling unit may be offered for            in connection with the home occupation may be
   sale on the premises. No goods, products, or            made by any commercial vehicle to the                     Tel: 336-373-2144
   commodities brought into the dwelling unit for          dwelling, however, the receipt of supplies or             Fax: 336-412-6315
   purposes of resale shall be sold on the                 materials is permitted if such items are not used         Email: planning.email@greensboro-nc.gov
   premises.                                               in connection with the home occupation.

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