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  Agency        Interest Rate           Amount of Loan            Repayment Period                   Discounts               Down Payment

 HGC               6% p.a.         Up to P400,000               30 years                   15% for cash buyers              10% of selling
                   9% p.a.         Above P400,000 to P2M                                                                    price
                   12% p.a         Above P2 M                   1 year payment without

 NHMFC           6%, 7% & 8%       Any Amount                   15 years - 6%              None.                            10% down
               depending on the                                 20 years - 7%                                               payment but not
               repayment period                                 25 years - 8%                                               lower than
                                                                (not exceeding 70 years                                     P10,000
                                                                old at the day of
                                                                expiration of the term)

 Pag-IBIG            6%            Any amount up to P2M         30 years                   20% for cash buyers              5% down payment
                                                                                           15% upfront discount for         P1,000
                                                                                           housing loan; plus               reservation fee

                                                                                           5% additional occupancy
                                                                                           discount for litigation if

 Bangko               6%           Up to P400,000               25 years                   Case to case basis               At least 10%
 Sentral             10%           Over P400,000                15 years                                                    down payment

 GSIS                6%            Any amount                   30 years or up to 70       10% discount for cash            10% down
                                                                years old                  payment                          payment

 SSS                 6%            Up to P500,000               10 years or up to 70       10% discount for cash buyers     5% down payment
                     9%            Above P500,000               years old
                                                                                           10% discount for successful
Note: The down payment/equity/reservation fee/proposal deposit shall be deducted from the purchase price upon consummation/perfection of sale.

MODES OF PAYMENT                                                           BSP
HGC, Pag-IBIG Fund and GSIS                                                 Cash thru Over the Counter Payment
 Salary Deduction                                                          Post Dated Checks
 Cash thru Over the Counter Payment
 Post Dated Checks (GSIS)                                                                For more information or inquiry:
NHMFC                                                                                 Please text HUDCC at 09178948322
 Cash thru Over the Counter Payment                                           or call at telephone numbers 812-6495/ 811-4112
SSS                                                                                 or visit our website:
 Post Dated Checks
OBJECTIVES                                                                    Housing clinics will also be provided by the following shelter           For occupied units, the buyer shall be responsible for the
     The Housing Fair aims to:                                            agencies:                                                                     ejectment of squatters and/or occupants on the property subject
                                                                              Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council                       of sale.
    Assist and provide non-wage benefit to the government and                 (HUDCC)
     private sector employees, including overseas Filipino workers             Contact Person: Atty. Darwin Tambago                                 STEPS ON HOW TO APPLY FOR AN ACQUIRED
     (OFWs), to acquire housing units at affordable cost; and                  Tel. No. 817-6995                                                    ASSET
                                                                                                                                                       Scan for properties from the list provided by selling agencies;
    Fast track the disposition of acquired assets of key shelter             Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)
     agencies and government financial institutions.                                                                                                   Once you have selected the property, go to the concerned
                                                                               Contact Person: Ms. Mila Mendoza                                         selling agency to inquire about the property;
                                                                               Tel. No.: 927-2723
PARTICIPATING AGENCIES                                                                                                       Fill out the reservation form provided by the agency. (A
                                                                                                                                                        Certificate of Attendance will be issued to Pag-IBIG Fund clients
                                                                              National Housing Authority (NHA)                                         who have attended the scheduled Loan Counseling);
      The Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council                   Contact Person: Engr. Jovita Panopio
(HUDCC) spearheaded the conduct of the Housing Fair in                         Tel. No.: 922-3318                                                      Conduct an inspection of the property before paying the
coordination with the key shelter agencies and government financial                                                             reservation fee or down payment; and
institutions.                                                                                                                                          Pay the reservation fee/down payment and submit the
                                                                              Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC)
                                                                               Contact Person: Ms. Elvira Inton                                         necessary documents at the office of the selling agency.
      The selling key shelter agencies and government financial
institutions that will dispose their acquired assets are the following:        Tel. No.: 812-6978; 750-6337 to 50 loc. 821
                                                                                                                            DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS
    Home Guaranty Corporation (HGC)                                      QUALIFIED BORROWERS/BUYERS                                                     The prospective buyer shall submit the following documentary
     Contact Person: Ms. Ma. Caridad L. Calingo                                                                                                     requirements to the selling agency that owns the property:
     Tel. No.: 896-0425                                                        All government and private sector employees, including
                                                                          overseas Filipino workers, are qualified to avail of acquired assets          Community Tax Certificate or Cedula
                                                                          from any of the participating selling agencies.                               Proof of Income (Latest Income Tax Return, Certificate of
    National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC)                   INCOME REQUIREMENT                                                             Employment and Compensation, Latest Pay slip)
     Contact Person: Ms. Mercedita Lorenzana                                                                                                         Marriage Certificate (if married)
     Tel. No.: 892-5191                                                        Applying the provision in the General Appropriations Act (GAA),
                                                                                                                                                    Additional Requirements:                                                     the net take home pay of the buyer should not be lower than
                                                                          P3,000.00. Salary deduction for the program will be prioritized next to   HGC, Pag-IBIG Fund & BSP
    Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund)                         the statutory deduction.                                                   2” x 2” ID Picture
     Contact Person: Mr. Oscar Empensando                                      To improve the borrowing capacity, GSIS, SSS and Pag-IBIG            BSP
     Tel. No.: 811-4141                                                                                                                              Tax Identification Number (TIN)                                               Fund will allow additional proof of income, e.g. income from sari-sari
                                                                          store, etc. These agencies also allow tucking in of co-borrowers.          Copy of any government-issued ID (e.g. SSS, Voters ID)
    Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)                                    The Pag-IBIG Fund allows co-borrowers up to third degree of               NHMFC and GSIS
     Contact Person: Ms. Geraldine Alag                                   consanguinity or affinity provided they are Pag-IBIG members.              Valid identification cards
     Tel. No.: 524-8587                                                   STATUS/CONDITION OF THE ACQUIRED ASSETS                                                                                                                                 Free mini seminars to be conducted on several topics such as:
                                                                              The inventories of the acquired assets can be found at the
    Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)                           respective booths and the websites of the participating selling                How to detect a fake title?
     Contact Person: Ms. Normita Pascua                                   agencies.                                                                      How to identify Professional Squatters and Squatting
     Tel. No.: 551-4830/ 891-6161 local 4695                                                                                                              Syndicates and their Modus Operandi?                                                          The properties shall be sold on an “As Is, Where Is” basis.               Why deal with Licensed Brokers?
                                                                              The buyer acknowledges that he has been given the opportunity             How to Avail of Housing Loan from Pag-IBIG?
    Social Security System (SSS)                                              to investigate, inspect and verify the assets offered to ascertain        Community Mortgage Program (CMP) orientation
     Contact Person: Ms. Luz Generoso                                          the actual conditions as well as the status of the titles.
     Tel. No.: 922-1061

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