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									        Wood County Probate Court Birth Correction
                Application Instructions
                             (Ohio Revised Code Section 3705.15)

Birth Corrections are granted only to correct errors made on a birth certificate. It is not
done to change any part of a name. An application to correct a birth record can only be
filed for a person born in the State of Ohio. To correct a birth record, a fully completed
and notarized application must be filed with the Court. The proper place to file is the
county in which the birth occurred, applicant’s current county of residence or the county of
residence for the mother at the time of birth. Applications submitted for a minor are to be
signed by the parent or guardian.

The following steps are necessary when filing an Application for Correction of Birth:

   1. Complete an Application for Correction of Birth. The applicant’s signature must
      be notarized.
   2. Secure the affidavit of the physician in attendance at the birth or, if not available,
      the affidavits of two witnesses who have first hand knowledge of the facts as stated
      in the application. Documentary evidence submitted with the affidavits is also
   3. File the application and all affidavits and/or evidence with the Wood County
      Probate Court on the 2nd Floor of the main Courthouse.
   4. At the time of filing, pay a filing fee of $20.00 to the Wood County Probate Court.
      In addition, include a check made payable to the Treasurer of the State of Ohio for
      $21.50 to cover the cost of the birth certificate.
   The Court may set a hearing to review the application. The following requirements are
   applicable only if a hearing is ordered:
   1. The Court will notify the applicant of the date of the hearing, which shall be at least
      7 days after the filing of the application.
   2. The Court may require the applicant to post one notice in a newspaper of general
      circulation in the County which shall be done at least seven days prior to the date
      for the hearing.
   3. If notice is required, the applicant shall file proof of notice of the hearing with the
   4. The applicant shall appear for the hearing. The witnesses who signed affidavits
      may have to appear as well.

Additional Information:

Examples of documentary evidence used to support the facts surrounding the birth:
May include but are not limited to: medical/hospital statements/bills, baptismal documents,

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school records, immunization records, insurance policies, lodge records, family bible,
federal census records, or any record established in the past that supports the facts as stated
in the application.

When a hearing is scheduled, the applicant is responsible for publication of notice of
the hearing at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing date. Usual publication should
occur in the Sentinel Tribune of Bowling Green. The date of the hearing must be
published at least one time. The applicant is responsible for providing proof of the
publication to the Court. Proof of the publication is a copy of the notice cut from the
newspaper and proof of a statement/bill of the cost of publication. The applicant must file
the proof with the Court prior to the hearing date or bring the proof with them on the
hearing date.


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