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									                                            cards). The programme is run by
SUCCESSFUL EU MARKET ENTRY                  independent consultants - with
WITH THE CBI’s                              specialized experience in this specific
EXPORT DEVELOPMENT                          market - whose extensive knowledge
PROGRAMME FOR OFFICE &                      and networks throughout Europe
SCHOOL SUPPLIES *                           guarantee high quality, specialised and
                                            up-to-date content. As an approved
*(including computer supplies, office       participant, you will receive individual
furniture, stationery, art materials,       support over a number of years by
greeting cards; view product group list).   means of on-site consultancy, training
                                            schemes, market information, trade
To international entrepreneurs, Europe      fair participation and business-to-
is potentially one of the most              business activities. Depending on its
profitable markets in the world. At the     specific needs, your company may also
same time it is also a very complex,        receive support in the field of product
competitive and dynamic market. Its         and production improvement, quality
structures are changing constantly and      control, export marketing and market
buyer motives today are different than      entry.
they were five years ago. Exporters
are constantly facing new regulations         The CBI: targeted export support
and market standards, especially with         The Centre for the Promotion of
regard to safety, quality, packaging        Imports from developing countries
and the environment. Exporters eager        (CBI) does what its name suggests - it
to access the EU market must prepare        assists entrepreneurs in developing
themselves carefully and thoroughly.        countries in selling to markets in
                                            Europe. For this purpose, it has
But the time is ripe for exporters.         developed a wide range of support
Rising production costs are forcing         programmes for many sectors of
many European companies to                  industry. The CBI also supports local
purchase outside the EU and imports         business support organisations, for
have shown major growth in recent           instance by assisting them in training
years. This means there are good            and market research activities. The
opportunities for aspiring                  CBI’s work is financed by the Dutch
exporters. The only question is:            government, which means
how do you turn them into                   participation costs are limited. Its
profitable business?                        many years of experience and its
                                            extensive international network make
To support you developing exports to        the CBI one of the most important
the European market or to improve           centres of expertise in export
your export position, the CBI has           promotion from developing countries.
developed a very practical export           The Centre was founded in 1971 and is
development programme for Office &          an agency of the Dutch Ministry of
School Supplies (including also             Foreign Affairs.
stationery, art materials and greeting
On the other side of the negotiating            willingness and capacity to invest in
table, our programme is geared to                adaptations of, for instance,
helping EU buyers obtain new supply              product range, pricing strategy and
sources in developing countries.                 production processes, if and as
                                                 required by the European market.
DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME                        For more detailed information on CBI
Our export development programme             and its programmes please visit our
for Office & School Supplies is meant        website:
for ambitious manufacturers and
exporters in the office and school           An easy procedure
supplies sector who are eager to             Each CBI export development
expand their export activities in the        programme operates on a step-by-
EU. The programme is accessible for          step approach that is clear and simple
companies that meet the following            to follow. Our programmes include
criteria:                                    certain regular features but are also
                                             flexible and tailored to participants’
   the company is at least 51% locally      individual needs.
   from 25 up to 500 employees;             Different stages
   manufacturer of office & school          The programme for Office & School
    supplies (including stationery);         Supplies consists of the following
    please view product group list at        stages:
    the end of this document;
   no joint venture with a company          Stage 1. Pre-selection
    based in a country with a                Based on the incoming application
    classification of UMIC (Upper Middle     forms, a CBI consultant makes a pre-
    Income Country, for more                 selection of companies that meet the
    information please visit our             general admission criteria and are
    website) or higher;                      eligible for participation. Factors such
   compliance or the willingness to         as export experience, product
    comply with EU market                    development, quality assurance
    requirements;                            systems, capacity, products,
   no licensing commitments that            production facilities and marketing
    prohibit or limit export possibilities   know-how are taken into
    of products to the EU                    consideration.
   optimal price/quality balance for EU
    market or ability to work towards        Stage 2. On-site support
    that and sufficient production           Once your company is pre-selected, a
    capacity or the ability and              CBI consultant will visit your
    willingness to increase;                 production facilities to carry out a so-
   management which is able to              called export audit and to further
    communicate in English;                  evaluate crucial factors, such as your
                                             production facilities and capacity, the
organisation of production and export,      held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It
pricing, packaging, marketing,              consists of lectures, discussions, case
management, product features,               studies and practical assignments in
international competition, certification,   the areas of export marketing,
environmental, safety, quality and          management and sector-specific
consumer health regulations, as well        topics. During the seminar,
as labour conditions. Following this        participants may also visit a European
exploration a SWOT (Strengths               trade fair and a leading buyer and
Weaknesses Opportunities Threats)           receive individual counselling from
analysis will be made. The consultant       consultants.
will simultaneously advice in the fields
evaluated.                                  Action plan & adaptations After
                                            stage 2 your company will be able to
The consultant’s visit, which typically     already start working on the action
takes one day, will result in an action     plan and execute adaptations
plan describing problems, required          necessary to meet EU market
measures and deadlines. While you           requirements. This action plan may be
implement this plan, the CBI will           extended and adapted during stage 3.
render long-distance assistance and
coaching.                                   At the end of the seminar the export
                                            marketing plan, the adapted action
In this stage the selection of potential    plan and the company’s attitude
participants is also narrowed down: on      shown, will determine if and if so when
the basis of the consultant’s findings,     first market entry activities are
the CBI determines definitely whether       feasible. If so, you will be invited to
– and if so, at which speed – your          enter stage 4.
company should go through the
programme. Companies that pass this         Stage 4. Market entry
second stage are visited for a second       Supported by the CBI, you will then be
and in some cases for a third time          encouraged to attend a major trade
(one or two days) by a CBI consultant       fair, such as Paperworld in Frankfurt or
after stage 3.                              a similar event. Here you will not only
                                            make personal contact with potential
Stage 3. Export marketing training          business partners, but also acquire
The first part of the training in this      first-hand and in-depth market
stage consists of an e-learning course.     experience. To help you make
One of the (important) issues dealt         maximum use of the trade fairs, the
with is desk-market-research. The           CBI will provide:
goal is to start developing the External     publicity and invitations through
Market Analysis. This is analysis is part       mailings and telemarketing;
of the Export Marketing Plan that each       fair presentation preparation
company will develop and finish during          support;
the second part of the training, the so-     a booth of approximately 9-12 m²;
called EXPRO seminar. This seminar is
   a briefing prior to the fair about the   Participation fee
    latest market developments;              Participants in an export development
   training on stand behaviour and          programme do pay a non-refundable
    advice on the best market                participation fee of € 1,000, --.
   on-site professional assistance in       The fee is collected after stage 2 only
    preparing your booth presentation;       if the CBI has determined that the
   hands-on consultancy during the          company is suitable for enrolment.
    fair;                                    This will be based on the company’s
   assistance in measurement of             willingness and ableness to proceed in
    results.                                 the programme and thus agreeing to
                                             the measures that are to be taken
In principle participants may be invited     (action plan) and the expected results.
to take part three times in the trade        Usually this agreement is formulated
fairs.                                       after a CBI consultant has fulfilled an
                                             initial so-called on-site mission at the
Throughout Stage 4, your company             company during stage 2.
will also be actively involved in other
B2B activities carried out by CBI.           Other costs
                                             The international travel expenses
Action plan & adaptations                    incurred by participants attending
The action plan formulated during            trainings in Europe may be partially
stage 2 (and adjusted after stage 3)         remunerated. If the CBI arranges
will be discussed with you by the            lodging, transportation and meals
cosultants during and after stage 4.         participants will not be charged. This
You will most probably adapt your            arrangement also applies if the CBI
action plan as well as your export           conducts training activities in your
marketing plan based on the                  region. The regular expenses made by
experiences during stage 4.                  the CBI during the programme are not
                                             charged to participants either.
Stage 5. Consolidation
In the year following each fair              First-time trade fair exhibitors within
participation the CBI will support you       the CBI’s programmes are provided
to solidify and expand business              with a completely furnished, free-of-
contacts.                                    charge stand in the CBI pavilion.
                                             Second-time exhibitors are charged
Financial Contribution                       only the rent for the space they use.
The CBI is a development organisation        Third/time exhibitors are charged a
operating in a non-commercial market         additional costs for each square metre
and does not require participants in its     of stand space they use.
programmes to cover all considerable
costs.                                       Other expenses not mentioned here
                                             must be covered by participants.
References                                dispose of the digital application
In the past the CBI has conducted         forms, please contact us.
numerous successful export
development programmes for many           Deadline for sending applications:
years and in various sectors, such as     31 August 2007
handicrafts, tourism, domestic
furniture, fresh fruits and vegetables,   Only exceptionally we will accept the
and cut flowers.                          forms by traditional mail or fax (but in
At present the CBI is carrying out        those cases clearly typed, not written!)
export development programmes in          Fax number (+ 31) (0)10 411 40 81.
some 20 sectors.
                                          Postal address:
More information                          PO Box 30009
                                          3001 DA Rotterdam
For more information about the CBI,       The Netherlands
the export development programme
for office & school supplies, or to       Telephone: + 31 10 201 34 02 / 34
download an application form, please      Telefax:    + 31 10 41 14 081
visit our website at On the   e-mail: /
site you will also be able to check       website:
whether your country is qualified for
programme entry.                          Office address:
                                          Beurs WTC 5th floor
Please use the enclosed application       Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam
forms to apply for the programme.         The Netherlands
You are kindly but strongly requested
to return them by email to
or . If you do not


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