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					Program Management,
 Communications, and
 Analysis Office

Vacant, Director                     Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery                                  Special Assistants
Barbara Roth, Assoc. Director                                                                                      Lana Suarez
                                                       Suzanne Rudzinski, Director                                 Kelly Greene
                                                  Sandra Connors, Acting Deputy Director

                                                                                      Date: January 28, 2011

                                 Materials Recovery and Waste         Resource Conservation and                  Program Implementation and
  Communications                    Management Division                 Sustainability Division                      Information Division
  Services Staff
  Laura Gentile, Acting         Bob Dellinger, Director            Betsy Smidinger Director                    Jim Berlow, Director
  Chief                         Betsy Devlin, Assoc. Director      Thea McManus, Assoc. Director               Sonya Sasseville, Assoc. Director
                                                                   Janette Peterson, Assoc. Director           Ben Lesser, Sr. Advisor
  Resources Mgt Staff
  Roy Prince, Chief

  Economics and Risk              Recycling and Generator          Chemicals Management Branch             Cleanup Programs Branch
  Analysis Staff                  Branch                           Linda Barr, Chief                       David Hockey, Chief
  Lee Hofmann, Chief;             Charlotte Mooney, Chief
  Science Advisor

                                  Waste Characterization Branch    Municipal Source Reduction              Permits Branch
                                  James Michael, Chief             Branch                                  Mimi Guernica, Acting Chief
                                                                   Vacant, Chief

                                  International and                Materials Conservation and              Federal, State and Tribal Programs
                                  Transportation Branch            Recycling Branch                        Branch
                                  Vacant, Chief                    Elizabeth Resek, Acting Chief           Michaelle Wilson, Chief

                                  Energy Recovery and Waste        Industrial Materials Reuse              Information Collection and Analysis
                                  Disposal Branch                  Branch                                  Branch
                                  Frank Behan, Acting Chief        Richard Kinch, Chief                    Lori Furr, Acting Chief

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