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									TOPSHOP / TOPMAN Recruitment


Our brand
TOPSHOP is the Mecca of fashion, the British Fashion Council's Retailer of
the Year for the second year running and the choice provider and destination
for the latest fashion fix. Born in the 60's, TOPSHOP was one of the first
fashion stores for girls on the London high street. Today TOPSHOP is a world
wide fashion brand with over 270 fashion stores nationwide, including the
world's largest fashion store at Oxford Circus.

Our customer
The TOPSHOP girl is style conscious, independent minded, and the ultimate
fashion junkie. She goes shopping every week in pursuit of her latest fashion
fix. A whole variety of people shop with us - TOPSHOP is visited on a regular
basis by the fashion cognoscenti from home and abroad including stylists, top
models and musical artists.

Our store
TOPSHOP is the ultimate fashion destination. TOPSHOP is where customers
hang out, have fun and most importantly create their own unique look.
TOPSHOP Oxford Circus, is the ultimate fashion Mecca. As well as providing
up to the minute fashion, including clothing, shoes, accessories and gadgets,
the stores also host catwalk shows, live music performances and celebrity

Our product
Quite simply, up to the minute fashion as affordable prices. The choice is vast
from our 'Tall' range - a favourite among the modelling world - to our 'Petites'
range. 'TS Design' boasts styles designed by the next generation of young
British fashion designers, including Markus Lupfer, Maria Chen, Hamish
Morrow, Olivia Morris, Zhandra Rhodes, Sophia Kokosolaki and many more.

Our brand
TOPMAN is the one-stop shop for all fashion needs today, and has developed
a reputation for rapidly becoming the leading choice for students across the
country. Born in the late 70's TOPMAN was created to lead a new approach
to menswear retail and sit comfortably alongside it's sister-brand TOPSHOP.
Rapidly developing as a world wide brand it has over 165 stores nation-wide
in the UK and a dedicated floor, a safe-haven for all lads, at the "World's
Largest Fashion Store", Oxford Circus, London.
Our customer
He is a pubber, a clubber, a sports fan and ladies man - in other words he is a
bit of a lad about town. From a style perspective he is young-at-heart and
wants fashion which makes him feel comfortable and confident within himself
and acceptable to his mates.

Our store
The place to shop for credible and affordable fashion - full of energy,
experience and excitement. With over 160 stores throughout the UK the
likelihood is that there is a TOPMAN store on your doorstep. TOPMAN
OXFORD CIRCUS, part of the "world's largest fashion store", is the ultimate in
a store experience. With a constant stream of innovative and exclusive ranges
the customer can be inspired by live in-store fashion shows, live music
performances and celebrity events and appearances.

Our product
Credible fashion at affordable prices ranging from great casual gear to the
more formal suit for that all important situation where appearances need to be
memorable. Any outfit selected can be easily accessorised by our wide range
of belts, shoes, socks and underwear - it's simple!

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