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					                                                                     SAMPLE ORDER FORM
                                                        Please fax this completed form and a copy of your purchase order to

                                                                                                                               CID #

                                     Date: April 10, 2013                                      Purchase Order #
                                    Name:                                                                 Name:
     E-mail:                   Company:                                                               Company:
      Web:                  Bill To Addr.                                                         Ship To Addr.
                                      City:                                                                 City:
                                  County:     Fresno County                                            State/ZIP
                                 State/ZIP                                                               Phone:
                                   Phone:                                                                   Fax:
                                      Fax:                                                                Email:

            Credit Card:                                              Card Number:                                                Exp. Date
                                                                   Cardholder Name:
     Visa              Master Card

     Discover          American Express

Item Code/Paper Type                          Product Description                      Size        Length           Quantity Price Each       Total
                                                                                                                                 Subtotal:    $0.00
                                                                                                                        Tax:      7.875%      $0.00
                                                                                                                                  TOTAL:      $0.00
Instructions on how to fill out the required fields on the order form:

                      1                                                2                            3             4
         Item Code/Paper Type                             Product Description                     Size      Length
                8650000042                                     20# inkjet bond                   36" roll   300 ft
Description: This Sample Order Form is a template form that businesses can use to document a sale of goods. This form can be provided by selling companies to potential customers, or purchasers can use this form to order goods from sellers that do not have their own purchase order form. The purchaser should list the item code, product description, quantity, and price for each item. This document also contains instructions for how to complete the order form.
This document is also part of a package Sales Templates 39 Documents Included