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									   NASDAQ BX TotalView-ITCH
   System Description

   NASDAQ BX TotalView-ITCH (“BX TotalView”) provides every single quote and order at every
   price level in NASDAQ-, NYSE-, Amex- and regional-listed securities on NASDAQ BX.*

    Please note that pricing for the BX TotalView data feed is not yet available.

    To order BX TotalView, please mail, fax or email this completed form to:

   NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products
   9600 Blackwell Road, Suite 500
   Rockville, MD 20850
   Fax: 301.978.5295
   Email: DataAdmin@nasdaqomx.com

   Please complete a separate system description for each entitlement system controlling
   the BX TotalView data feed.

   Please note that your firm will also have to complete and submit a Distributor Agreement
   or Subscriber Agreement relevant to NASDAQ BX data. Please contact your NASDAQ OMX
   Global Data Products Account Manager for additional details.

                              I. OVERVIEW AND SYSTEM INFORMATION


    Firm Name:

    Name of Service/System:

    Installation Address for the                      Billing Address for the data feed (if
    data feed (required):                             different than the installation address):

    Contact Name                                      Contact Name

    Street Address                                    Street Address

    City, State Zip Code                              City, State Zip Code

    Phone Number                                      Phone Number

    Email Address                                     Email Address

NASDAQ BX TotalView-ITCH System Description                                                       1
    Please provide contact information for the following notifications:

    Primary/Business Contact                     Technical Contact:

    Contact Name                                 Contact Name

    Street Address                               Street Address

    City, State Zip Code                         City, State Zip Code

    Phone Number                                 Phone Number

    Email Address                                Email Address

    Administrative Contact
    (reporting, policies, etc.):

    Contact Name

    Street Address

    City, State Zip Code

    Phone Number

    Email Address

    a. Describe your intended use of the market data:

    b. Provide the name and address of the organization that will supply the data feed:

        Data Feed Provider(s)                     Account Number(s)

NASDAQ BX TotalView-ITCH System Description                                               2
    c. How will your firm distribute the data?

           Method of Distribution                                                  Real-Time              Delayed

           Dedicated Landline/ Satellite/FM Broadcast



           Internet – Co-Branding Other Firm’s Website


       If you are distributing market data via the internet, please provide the following

       Website Address(es):

       Demo ID(s) and Passwords:

    d. To whom will your firm distribute the market data?

           Recipients                                                              Real-Time              Delayed

           Internal Users

           External Professional Users

           External Non-Professional Users

           Retransmission Data Feed

           Non-Display/Derived Data

           Software Development Only

    e. Will your firm utilize the market data for purposes other than the display of data
       (i.e., automated trading, Blackbox/program trading, limit order routing, analysis,
       order verification surveillance programs, etc.)?

             Yes1                 No

        Non-display usage is defined as any device that a distributor allows to access the BX TotalView information or that
       communicates with the distributor so as to cause the distributor to access such information. Non-display usage of the
       BX TotalView data is fee liable. If a controlled non-display device is part of an electronic network between computers,
       the burden will be on the Distributor to demonstrate that the particular controlled device should not have to pay for a
       BX TotalView entitlement. Examples of non-display usage include, but are not limited to, the following: operations
       control programs, program trading, investment analysis, order verification, surveillance programs, risk management
       and order routing activities.

NASDAQ BX TotalView-ITCH System Description                                                                                      3
    f.   What is the display software information (if applicable)?


            Display Software Application:

            Provider:                                               Version:

    g. Distributors providing real-time data to external subscribers are required to:
            Administer the relevant Subscriber Agreement to each subscriber, or
            Choose to indemnify NASDAQ BX and its affiliates.

         How will your firm offer the Subscriber Agreement to real-time data subscribers?

            Vendor Indemnification — Distributor includes language in its own legally valid and
            enforceable contract with the Subscriber that protects NASDAQ BX to the same extent as if
            Distributor had administered the Subscriber Agreement to the Subscriber.

            Online Subscriber Agreement — Distributor offers the Subscriber Agreement via the
            internet. Completion of the Online Subscriber Agreement Application and the Online
            Subscriber Agreement Amendment are required.

            Incorporation by Reference — Distributor adds specific language into its own agreement
            with the Subscriber. Submission of a copy of this agreement is required.

            Stand Alone/Hard Copy Agreement — Distributor provides subscriber with a hard copy
            of the Subscriber Agreement. Distributor retains executed originals but does not submit
            the documents to NASDAQ BX.

                                       II. ENTITLEMENT SYSTEM

    a. Provide the name and version number of your firm’s entitlement system and the
       associated provider(s) of the entitlement system used to control distribution of
       market data to your display devices/users.


            Entitlement System Application:

            Provider:                                               Version:

    b. The Distributor Agreement requires that monthly usage reports be maintained on file
       for at least three years. Does your firm have this capability?

            Yes              No

NASDAQ BX TotalView-ITCH System Description                                                         4
    c. How will the entitlement history data be maintained?

            Hard Copy

            Electronic File


    d. How will device entitlement be controlled? (Please check all that apply.)

            User ID/Password

            Terminal ID


    e. How much time is necessary to entitle new end users?

            Within Market Hours



    f.   Does your data feed/network system provide an audit trail, identifying each
         transaction (i.e., additions, deletions, etc.)?

            Yes               No

    g. Please describe how your entitlement system operates and how your firm will
       administer user IDs and passwords. Please be specific regarding whether your data
       feed provider will add and delete users or if your firm will have these capabilities in-
       house. (Please provide attachments if necessary.)

    h. How does your system prevent the unauthorized use or concurrent sharing of IDs?
       (Please provide attachments if necessary.)

NASDAQ BX TotalView-ITCH System Description                                                   5
    I certify that the information I am providing in this document is true and accurate.

    Signature                                           Title

    Print Name                                          Firm Name


    For questions, please contact your NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products Account Manager, or call


    * The availability of the data referenced on this system description is subject to Securities and
    Exchange Commission (“SEC”) approval of the acquisition of Boston Stock Exchange,
    Incorporated (“BSE”) by The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc., the closing of that acquisition, and SEC
    approval of revised rules governing equity trading through BSE.

NASDAQ BX TotalView-ITCH System Description                                                             6

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