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									                                                                          INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for
                                                                          UNIVERSAL TRIGGER
                                                                          Part Number 6000-8950

INTRODUCTION                                                                  When the ignition switch is turned off and the O.E. ignition stops
                                                                              firing, the adapter cuts power after a delay of about 2 seconds.
      The Crane Universal Trigger adapter facilitates installation of
                                                                              The +12 volt power output from the adapter is capable of provid-
HI-6 and HI-6S ignitions on certain late model vehicles. The
                                                                              ing 1 amp current. In most cases the aftermarket system has a
Universal Trigger adapter can also be used with other aftermarket
                                                                              main battery positive connection or a connection from the battery
ignition systems that are “module” triggered, such as the MSD-6
                                                                              positive to the Coil+ terminal which does not have to be switched.
series. Installation of the aftermarket ignition system is simplified
                                                                              A separate ignition switch wire is usually brought out to control the
in that no connections are required to the vehicle wire harness.
                                                                              ignition. The current draw on this wire is only a fraction of an amp.
The only connections required are to the high voltage terminal of
the O.E. (original equipment) coil, battery positive terminal, and            SPARK PLUGS AND WIRES
chassis ground. The Universal Trigger adapter generates a trigger
pulse and switches power on/off for the aftermarket ignition sys-                CAUTION: Do not use solid copper core
tem. A second coil is connected to the aftermarket ignition and
used to drive the O.E. distributor.                                              spark plug wires, or non-resistor spark
                                                                                 plugs, as this can generate electrical
      Vehicles equipped with an OBD II system (on-board diagnos-
tics) require the use of the Crane Universal Trigger adapter when
                                                                                 noise that may interfere with the on-
installing an aftermarket ignition system. Connection of aftermar-               board computer and radio equipment or
ket equipment to the O.E. wiring harness may cause the OBD II                    the aftermarket ignition system.
malfunction indicator light to come on. Many late model Japanese
vehicles with fuel injection or tach will not operate properly when
an aftermarket ignition is installed unless the Crane Universal                    For optimum results, use low resistance spark plug wires,
Trigger adapter is used. The Crane Universal Trigger adapter is not           such as Crane FireWire spiral core. Wire resistance should be
compatible with distributorless ignitions and is not legal for sale or        300-900 ohms per foot. Resistor spark plugs are required for all
use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.                                   applications unless recommended otherwise by vehicle manufac-
                                                                              turer. Use manufacturer’s recommended plug gap.
     The Universal Trigger adapter connects to the high voltage               COIL COMPATIBILITY
terminal on the O.E. coil. It simulates a normal spark plug load and
thus prevents any interaction with an OBD II system. The fuel                 WARNING: High voltage is present at the coil
injection and tach also continue to see the normal signal wave-               primary and secondary terminals. Do not
forms that these systems require for proper operation.                        touch the coil while the engine is running. Do
                                                                              not connect any test equipment to the coil.
     When the Universal Trigger adapter senses a high voltage
pulse from the O.E. coil, it generates a trigger signal for the after-             The O.E. coil must remain connected since it drives the
market ignition. This trigger signal is a 12 volt square wave. The            Universal Trigger adapter. As far as the (second) coil used with
trigger event is on the rising edge of the signal. This type of trigger       the aftermarket ignition, follow the ignition manufacturer’s recom-
signal is referred to as a “module” or “points” signal. Most after-           mendations. The Crane LX-91 coil is an excellent choice for most
market ignition systems have provision for this type of trigger sig-          applications.
nal. Note that a module type signal cannot be used to drive a trig-
ger input intended for magnetic pickups.                                      INSTALLATION
     The Universal Trigger adapter also controls +12 volt power to                 A parts bag with hardware and electrical terminals is provid-
the aftermarket ignition. When the engine is started, power is                ed for your convenience. All connections must be made with
applied after the adapter senses about 2-3 high voltage pulses.               stranded copper wire. Crimp terminals are recommended over sol-

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                                       Tech Line: (386) 258-6174    Fax: (386) 258-6167
                                       Check our web site for updates:
3/99                                                                      1                                                         9000-8950A
dering, which can make wires brittle near the solder joint. Make             92 or PS-92 coil with MSD-6 series ignitions. The MSD-6 is not
sure all terminals are clean and free of corrosion. Scrape off paint,        capable of supplying the high current required by the LX-92/PS-92
dirt, and grease when making connections to ground. You will                 and may be damaged.
require common hand tools including a proper wire stripping and
crimping tool. Do not attempt to use pliers to crimp terminals.              CRANE HI-6S IGNITION HOOKUP
                                                                                 Follow the hookup diagram and instructions given in Figure 2.
      The parts bag includes an assortment of coil and distributor
                                                                             You will need to install a second coil for use with the HI-6S. We rec-
terminals and boots, including the special narrow snap terminals
                                                                             ommend the Crane LX-91 for optimum results. Note that Figure 2
and long straight boots used on some Chevy LT-1 engines. It also
                                                                             shows a direct connection from the Battery+ terminal to Coil+.
includes a length of Crane 8MM spiral core wire for connecting the
                                                                             Power is always applied to the Coil+ terminal. When the HI-6S is
aftermarket coil to the distributor. The recommended Crane LX91
                                                                             powered down by the Universal Trigger adapter, only a very small
coil includes mating terminals and connectors for the coil end.
                                                                             leakage current will flow through the coil. For additional protection,
     Select the terminals and boots that best fit your coil and dis-         you can add a 10 amp fuse in this circuit.
tributor. You must use a proper spark plug terminal crimping tool
such as NAPA 726601. For bent terminals, slide the boot over the             FINAL CHECK
wire first and crimp on the terminal. For straight and snap termi-                Before starting the engine for the first time, double check all
nals including the LT-1 style, crimp the terminal on first and then          electrical connections. Start the engine and verify that timing is set
slide it into the boot. Spray WD40 on the wire and inside the boot           to manufacturer’s specifications.
to ease assembly.
MOUNTING THE ADAPTER                                                               Did the engine run properly before installation of the Universal
      The Universal Trigger Adapter is fully encapsulated and capa-          Trigger adapter. If not, simply reconnect the O.E. coil to the distribu-
ble of withstanding water splash in an engine compartment. Make              tor and then find and correct the original problem. Did the Universal
sure that the mounting location is away from exhaust system heat,            Trigger adapter function correctly before the problem occurred? If
protected from salt water splash, and has good airflow for cooling.          the answer is yes, did you change anything that may have affected
The cable exits should face down to prevent water from wicking               it? If you connected an external control or changed anything in the
into the unit. Make sure that the wire harness will reach the mount-         aftermarket ignition system (including the coil), try going back to the
ing location. Use the supplied sheet metal screws for mounting.              last setup that worked OK to help isolate the problem. If the engine
                                                                             will not start, or runs rough or intermittently, use the following check-
BASIC HOOKUP                                                                 list steps:
Ground hookup. Connect the black wire directly to chassis                    CHECK O.E. SYSTEM FIRST
ground. Use the supplied 1/4” ring terminal.
                                                                                   Reconnect the O.E. coil high voltage terminal to the O.E. dis-
Battery positive. Connect the red wire directly to the battery pos-          tributor. If the engine will not start and run properly, the problem is in
itive terminal. Use the supplied 3/8” ring terminal.                         the O.E. system. If the engine runs with the O.E. system, reconnect
                                                                             the Universal Trigger adapter and aftermarket ignition and proceed.
Switched +12 volt power. Connect the red/white wire to supply
                                                                             CHECK FOR +12 VOLT SWITCHED POWER
switched +12 volt power to the aftermarket ignition. The maximum
current is 1 amp.                                                              Use a voltmeter or 12 volt test light. Verify +12 volts at
                                                                             the red wire. Verify +12 volt power at the red/white wire
O.E. coil high voltage. Connect the thick (8 MM) high voltage wire           while the engine is cranking. If not, recheck power and
from the Universal Trigger to the O.E. coil secondary high voltage           ground connections.
terminal.                                                                    CHECK FOR TRIGGER SIGNAL
Trigger. Connect the white trigger output wire to the module trig-                 Use a voltmeter. Connect the negative (black) test probe to the
ger input on the aftermarket ignition.                                       white trigger wire. Connect the positive (red) probe to the battery
                                                                             positive terminal. The voltmeter needle or display indication should
CRANE HI-6 CD IGNITION HOOKUP                                                flicker when the engine is cranked.
    Follow the hookup diagram and instructions given in Figure 1.            CRANE IGNITIONS WITH STATUS LED
You will need to install a second coil for use with the HI-6. We rec-
                                                                                  Does the status LED on the ignition module light up or blink
ommend the Crane LX-91 coil for most street applications and the
                                                                             when the engine is cranked? If no, the Crane ignition may not be
LX-92 coil for racing.
                                                                             receiving switched +12V power from the Universal Trigger adapter.
MSD-6 SERIES CD IGNITION HOOKUP                                              If the status LED lights up when the engine is cranked, but the
                                                                             engine will not start, verify that the status LED blinks while the
      Follow the hookup diagram and instructions given in Figure 1.
                                                                             engine is cranking. If the status LED doesn’t blink, the Crane ignition
Color codes and hookup of MSD-6 series ignitions is the same as
                                                                             may not be receiving a trigger signal from the Universal Trigger
for the Crane HI-6.You will need to install a second coil for use with
                                                                             adapter. Also, make sure unused magnetic pickup leads are not
the MSD-6. We recommend the Crane LX-91 coil. This will provide
                                                                             shorted together or to ground.
a higher output than MSD Blaster coils. Do not use the Crane LX-

3/99                                                                     2                                                            9000-8950A
                                                      Figure 1. HI-6 Hookup

                                                                                                      NEW HIGH VOLTAGE COIL WIRE TO
                                                  BATTERY+                                         DISTRIBUTOR (LOW RESISTANCE SPIRAL
                   –              +                                                                     CORE WIRE RECOMMENDED)

                        12 VOLT                                      COIL CABLE
                       BATTERY                                                          BLACK
       GROUND                                                             ORANGE         COIL-
                MAGNETIC TRIGGER CABLE                                              +     -
                CUT SHORT AND TAPE UP
                EACH LEAD SEPARATELY                             USE PLUG
                                                                 WITH LX-91

                                                                                              LX91 COIL
             HI-6 UNIT

             HEAVY BLACK
             CHASSIS GROUND
                                        WHITE            SWITCHED
                                      TRIGGER            +12V
                                                                            RED                                    DISTRIBUTOR
                   1/4" MALE-FEMALE
                                                F M

                                                       F M

                  QUICK DISCONNECTS

                                        WHITE            RED/WHITE
                                      TRIGGER            SWITCHED

          P/N 6000-8950                                      HIGH VOLTAGE CABLE
       UNIVERSAL TRIGGER                                         (COIL LOAD)
            ADAPTER                    CHASSIS
                                       GROUND                                                             O.E.

 1. HI-6 cylinder select, stage limit, and retard input
                                                                          CAUTION: DO NOT REMOVE ANY WIRES
    connections not shown for clarity.                                    CONNECTED TO O.E. COIL OTHER THAN
                                                                          THE HIGH VOLTAGE WIRE THAT ORIGINALLY
 2. High voltage cable from universal trigger adapter to                  CONNECTED THE DISTRIBUTOR
    O.E. coil: Install appropriate terminal and boot from
    supplied parts bag.

3/99                                                                  3                                                    9000-8950A
                                                     Figure 2. HI-6S Hookup

                                                                                     NEW HIGH VOLTAGE COIL WIRE TO
                                                         USE HEAVY GAUGE          DISTRIBUTOR (LOW RESISTANCE SPIRAL
                                                         (16 AWG MINIMUM)              CORE WIRE RECOMMENDED)
                                       +12V POWER
                  –              +

                       12 VOLT
                                                             +      -
                                     USE PLUG
                                     WITH LX-91

                                                                          LX91 COIL

                                                                                  YELLOW COIL-
           HI-6S UNIT

            HEAVY BLACK
            CHASSIS GROUND                               RED              RED
                                                         SWITCHED         +12V
                                                         +12V             POWER

                 1/4" MALE-FEMALE
                                               F M

                                                       F M

                QUICK DISCONNECTS

                                       WHITE             RED/WHITE
                                     TRIGGER             SWITCHED

     P/N 6000-8950                                      HIGH VOLTAGE CABLE
  UNIVERSAL TRIGGER                  BLACK                  (COIL LOAD)
                                       CHASSIS                                                   O.E.
                                       GROUND                                                    COIL


  1. HI-6S cylinder select, stage limit, and retard input
                                                                        CAUTION: DO NOT REMOVE ANY WIRES
     connections not shown for clarity.                                 CONNECTED TO O.E. COIL OTHER THAN
                                                                        THE HIGH VOLTAGE WIRE THAT ORIGINALLY
  2. High voltage cable from universal trigger adapter to               CONNECTED THE DISTRIBUTOR
     O.E. coil: Install appropriate terminal and boot from
     supplied parts bag.

3/99                                                             4                                            9000-8950A

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