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					Marabu-Colours for silk painting
Silk Elegance – easy and modern
The new silk painting.

Silk Color                   Velvet Touch                                         Stencil Peacock Feather

                             Marabu Silk Elegance stands for
                             the new silk painting. New products
                             and techniques make completely
                             new, modern creative ideas possible.

                             Stylish scarves and interior home
                             decorations are given a very
                             personal look through striking
                             velvet effects and dramatic features
                             created with stamps or stencils.

Stencil Lady Charlston                                                            Contours & Effects Glitter

                             Marabu -Silk .........................      Page 4
                             Marabu-Silk painting media ......                5
                             Marabu-Silk Color ...................            6
                             Marabu-Contours & Effects .......                7
                             Marabu-Velvet Touch ...............           8/9
                             Marabu-Silk Easy Fix ...............         10/11
                             Painting techniques ..................       12–14
                             Accessories .............................    15/16
                             Colour Ranges ........................       17–19

Contours & Effects Glitter                                                        Velvet Touch

                                                      Here’s how
                                                      it’s done:

                                                      Marabu-Silk is fixed by
                                                      ironing or in the oven.
                                                      Your design can even
                                                      be fixed in one single
                                                      process when you also
                                                      use Marabu-Contours
Brilliant and versatile.                              & Effects or Marabu-
Silk paint fixed by ironing.                          Velvet Touch besides

Intense colours, brilliant, very good flow            Fixing:
properties – this water based iron fixed
silk paint is suitable for school, hobby,             1. Set the iron to cotton
leisure use and art and craft. Marabu-                temperature and iron for
                                                      2–3 min. from reverse
Silk is ideal for painting on all types of
                                                      side (30 x 30 cm
silk and thin cotton fabrics.                         per area), through a
                                                      thin cotton cloth, by
The vibrant colours of Marabu-Silk are                constantly moving the
divided into colour-shade groups, which
make it easy to achieve elegant                       2. The silk is fixed
combinations in toning colours for                    for approx. 8 min. at
attractive creations. Completely new                  150°C in a pre-heated
creative possibilities for silk painting              oven. We recommend
                                                      laying the silk onto
are offered with the matching                         baking paper to avoid
shades of Marabu-Velvet Touch and                     unwelcome scorches.
Marabu-Contours & Effects.                            This fixing method is
                                                      not suitable for large
Marabu-Silk is available in
39 fashionable colours (see
page 17). Available in 50 ml
and 250 ml sizes.

                     Striking decoration and
                        delicate colours. For a
                     glamorous look, sparkling
                         outlines, intricate motifs
                               and fewer colours.

Silk painting media

Marabu-White                                            Marabu-Painting                                          Marabu-White liner
blender                                                 medium                                                   For painting white motifs   ness of the White liner
For making pastel           the shades or creates       To preserve the colour         Marabu-Painting           on coloured silk. Water     application; if necessary,
shades. Water based         soft pastel shades          brightness and wash-           medium (water based)      based Marabu-White          apply several layers
Marabu-White blender        without affecting the       resistance of Marabu-          should be added.          liner allows painting       (the feel of the silk can
can be mixed with           feel of the silk. Fix the   Silk at extreme dilution       Available in 50 ml.       or over-painting on         be affected if applied
Marabu-Silk (max.           silk as usual. Available    levels. For a dilution                                   coloured or dyed silk.      very thickly). Fix like
1:1). Marabu-White          in 50 ml.                   of more than 20 times                                    White liner has no flow     Marabu-Silk. Available
Blender either lightens                                 with water, 25%                                          properties. The opacity     in 50 ml.
                                                                                                                 depends on the thick-

Marabu-Thickener                                        Marabu-Effect salt                                       Marabu-
The ideal thickening        Mixing ratio Thickener      Amazing and                    The more you dilute       Watercolour base
medium for painting,        and silk paint 1:1. After   expressive pattern             Marabu-Silk with water,   The perfect medium to       with Marabu-Silk when
printing, stencilling and   fixing, surplus Marabu-     effects are achieved           the more intense the      prevent Marabu-Silk         dry and fix as usual.
spatula application         Thickener is simply         with Marabu-Effect salt.       salt effect will be.      from flowing in certain     As Marabu-Watercolour
with Marabu-Silk.           washed out in lukewarm      The salt grains are            Available in 50 g.        applications. Even the      base is permanently
Water based Marabu-         water. A small amount       simply sprinkled onto                                    most detailed painting      fixed by ironing, the
Thickener reduces the       of Thickener will remain    the still wet silk. The salt                             without outliner is         feel of the silk is
flow properties of the      in the fabric, which        grains can be applied                                    possible with water         affected. Available in
paint and allows fine       slightly affects the feel   in diverse shapes on                                     based Marabu-               50 ml.
decorations, textured       of the silk. Available in   the silk to obtain the                                   Watercolour base.
painting and                50 ml.                      desired patterns.                                        Apply with a broad
experimental work.                                                                                               brush all over, as thinly
                                                                                                                 as possible, and paint

Marabu-Silk Color
Marabu-fun & fancy tex
                                                                                                                              Here’s how
                                                                                                                              it’s done:

                                                                                                                              A pack of Marabu-Silk
                                                                                                                              Color (12.5 gms) is
                                                                                                                              sufficient for 75 gms
                                                                                                                              of silk.

                                                                                                                              1. Pour 4 litres of
Vivid and light fast.                                                                                                         boiling water into a
The hand dyeing colour for silk fabrics.                                                                                      large, rustproof

Silk fabrics can be dyed very easily and                                                                                      2. Stir the pack contents
individually with Marabu-Silk Color. The                                                                                      into the water, dissolve
versatile selection of colours offers both                                                                                    and add the following:
up to the minute fashionable shades and                                                                                       • 40 ml (4 tablespoons)
                                                                                                                              of vinegar essence or
classic basic shades. Silk dyed with
                                                                                                                              200 ml of white vinegar
Marabu-Silk Color is a delight because                                                                                        (5%)
of its exceptional colour brilliance,                                                                                         • 4 tablespoons of salt
permanent light fastness and incredibly                                                                                       Stir everything well and
soft feel.
In combination with Marabu-Contours                                                                                           3. Moisten the silk with
& Effects and Marabu-Velvet Touch,                                                                                            lukewarm water first,
which are applied after dyeing, brand                                                                                         squeeze out gently and
new dimensions in silk fabric design can                                                                                      put in the solution.

be created.                                                                                                                   4. Dye for 20 minutes
Marabu-Silk Color is available in            A silk scarf with personality, hand dyed and full of colour.                     moving the silk constantly
20 fashionable and co-ordinating             After dyeing, ornate features are produced with glitter and                      in the solution.
colours (see page 18).                       metallic shades of Marabu-Contours & Effects.
                                                                                                                              Then rinse the silk in
                                                                                                                              lukewarm water until the
Dyeing and adding accents.                   Stretching the              tightly and fix with        fix according to the     water becomes clear.
                                             dyed silk:                  masking tape.               instructions.            Always wash dyed silk
                                                                                                     For this see product     by hand and separately
Give your dyed silk fabrics a professional
                                             Stretch the dyed and        Adding accents to           labels or instructions   using gentle detergents.
appearance with Marabu-Contours              ironed silk fabric onto     dyed silk:                  in this leaflet.
& Effects and Marabu-Velvet Touch. The       a smooth surface
combination of these Marabu products         (covered with film if       Put stencils and stamp
                                             required) with masking      motifs on your silk
adds a brand new look to your silk
                                             tape: first stick one       fabric according to
creations. With the help of Marabu-          edge with masking           the instructions on
Stencils and Marabu-Design Stamps,           tape. Then stretch the      page 12. As soon as
creating something individual is very        opposite side of the silk   the applied paint is dry,
Marabu-Contours & Effects

                                               Here’s how
                                               it’s done:

                                               The water based,
                                               coloured outliners resist
                                               very well on thin and
                                               medium types of silk.
                                               On thicker qualities we
                                               recommend drawing
                                               the coloured outlines
Shapes on silk.                                as thickly as possible
Painting with outlines                         to ensure a reliable
                                               resist. After fixing, all
                                               coloured outliners are
Beautiful outlines and great effects are
                                               wash and dry-clean-
achieved with Marabu-Contours & Effects.       resistant.

As well as outlines, even smaller shapes       The water based, clear
can be painted with this product (e.g. by
                                               & Effects resists very
stencilling) producing new highlights on       well on thin and
the silk. The flamboyant colours tone with     medium types of silk.
the colour-shade groups and increase the       On heavier qualities
versatility of silk painting.                  (thicker than pongé 14,
                                               crêpe satin 12.5, crêpe
                                               de chine 16), we
Marabu-Contours & Effects are available        recommend drawing
in 16 fashionable and co-ordinating            a thicker outline or
colours (see page 19).                         applying outliner to
                                               both sides of the silk,
                                               so as to prevent the silk
                                               paint from bleeding
                                               through. After iron
                                               fixing, clear outliner is
                                               simply soaked in water
                                               and washed out.

                                             A powerful combination
Filigree outlines and decorations in         of style and colour.
particular can be obtained with               Marabu-Thickener
metal Marabu-Paint Tips which can              prevents paint from
be simply screwed straight onto the             bleeding; perfect for a
plastic tips of the outliners.                   stamped motif design
                                                  on large areas.

Marabu-Velvet Touch

Raised soft features.
Silk painting with velvety effect.

This paint has been specially developed
for silk fabrics to give a unique and
incredibly soft velvety feel. Marabu-
Velvet Touch is a water based, opaque
                                            Velvet and silk.
velvet effect paint and is suitable for
                                             Marabu-Velvet Touch
light and dark-coloured silk fabrics. The     adds soft velvet-like
impression of a Dévoré look can be             effects to silk painting.
produced without requiring a lot of time.

In combination with Marabu-Stencils
and Marabu-Design Stamps, beautiful
creations can be achieved. The range
of colours has almost universal
application and co-ordinates
perfectly with any Marabu-Silk
and Marabu-Silk Color shade.
Working with toning colours can
be just as attractive as working
with strong contrasts. Stencilling,
free painting and printing are
easy to do with Marabu-
Velvet Touch.

Marabu-Velvet Touch is
available in 7 fashionable
co-ordinating colours
(see page 19).

Here’s how
it’s done:

After drying (approx.        Use in combination
6 hours), the silk is        with Marabu-Silk
fixed by ironing for         Color:
2–3 min. at cotton
temperature, depending       First dye the silk fabric
on thickness of paint.       with Marabu-Silk Color
Iron on a soft underlay      following the instructions.
(or fix for approx. 8 min.   Then stretch the washed
at 150°C in the oven).       and ironed silk fabric
Large silks should be        onto a smooth surface
fixed with an iron.          (please see instructions
                             Silk Color page 6) and
Use in combination           paint with Marabu-
with Marabu-Silk:            Velvet Touch in the
                             desired technique
Paint Marabu-Silk on         (stencilling technique,
the silk as desired or       stamping technique or
prime the whole area         free painting). Afterwards
of the silk fabric. After    fix according to the
drying, Marabu-Velvet        instructions.                 Silk cushions dyed with Marabu-
Touch can be applied                                        Silk Color. With Marabu-Velvet
in different ways (for                                       Touch you can conjure up
suggestions see                                                amazing birds of paradise in
“painting techniques”        Tip:                               soft, toning colours.
on pages 12/13).
Afterwards allow to          Never use the iron on
dry thoroughly and           Marabu-Velvet Touch
fix at the same time as      directly, but always
Marabu-Silk following        iron on a thin cotton
the instructions.            cloth.

Stretching silk with Marabu-Silk Easy Fix

Marabu-Silk Easy Fix
The new silk painting:                         1.
On a firm support.

Stretching silk onto a wooden frame is
an annoying step in preparing to paint
on silk for many people. Marabu-Silk
Easy Fix is a good alternative and offers
totally new possibilities for silk painting.
Simply spray Marabu-Silk Easy Fix on
a firm, washable support and stretch
the silk. Using this stretching method,
painting techniques, which had been            2.
impossible until now on silk can be
achieved: stamping, stencilling,
lettering, painting.

Using this technique, quick and simple
painting is possible anywhere, and
you will experience a completely new
feeling for silk painting. Marabu-Silk
Easy Fix is a residue-free adhesive spray,
which can be removed from the painting
support with cold water or a wet cloth.        3.
Never spray on the silk fabric – always
on the support or the stencil.
                                               1. Using a paint roller you can prime large areas or create blocks of several colours
                                                  (Marabu-Silk in combination with Thickener) very easily and quickly.

                                               2. The stencilling technique using Marabu-Silk and Thickener is very simple to do and
                                                  produces an attractive result.

                                               3. The standard outline technique is much easier using the new stretching technique, as
                                                  the pattern goes under the film and you work on a firm support.
                                                                                    Classical stretching technique

                                                                                    Silk painting on a stretching frame
Here’s how
it’s done:                                              Tips:
                                                                                    Until now silk was stretched onto a
1. You need a firm          4. Lay the rolled out       1     The film can also     wooden frame for silk painting. This is
support (table, acrylic     silk onto the area          be sprayed outside
                                                                                    still possible, of course.
or glass plate etc.); if    sprayed with Marabu-        and stretched onto the
this is not washable,       Silk Easy Fix. Then         painting support after
you will also need a        gradually press the silk    drying.
washable film to cover      onto the painting
the support first.          support, brushing any       2      Particularly large                        Here’s how
Smooth the film over        small air bubbles away      silk fabrics can be                              it’s done:
the support very evenly     to the edges. Very small    painted on the floor.
and stick with adhesive     creases or air bubbles      Glue the film on, spray,                         1. Stretch the silk onto
tape at one end. Then       will not affect painting.   draw on the silk and                             a frame which is big
stretch the opposite                                    start.                                           enough using stretching
side of the film tightly                                                                                 fasteners or pins. Press
and stick. Use the same                                 3    Iron the silk                               the fasteners or pins
procedure for the sides                                 before stretching.                               into the frame,
until the film is smooth.                                                                                alternating right and
                                                        4     A sticky film can                          left for the best results.
2. Spray Marabu-Silk                                    develop on the reverse
Easy Fix on the support                                 side of the silk, which                          2. Now the silk can
or on the film and allow                                will disappear after                             be painted – just as
to dry for approx.                                      fixing and washing.                              you like. First paint the
5–10 min. Ensure the                                                                                     outlines and allow them
area is completely                                      5     Using this new                             to dry well. Then paint
sprayed.                                                technique working on                             in the motif with
                                                        a firm support, silk                             Marabu-Silk.
3. Roll the silk fabric                                 painting is much easier
onto a cardboard tube                                   for children.                                    3. As soon as the paint
or similar to control                                                                                    is dry, remove the fabric
stretching better.                                      6    Pay us a visit                              and fix according to
                                                        on www.marabu-                                   the instructions.
                                               – where
                                                        there are lots more tips!

Painting techniques

                                                    Here’s how
                                                    it’s done:
                                                    1. Apply some paint        using the paint roller, if
                                                    onto an even surface       necessary.
                                                    (e.g. paper plate) and
                                                    roll it out smoothly       3. You can now stamp.
                                                    using a paint roller       Press the stamp lightly
                                                    (e.g. from Marabu).        and evenly onto the silk
Stamping technique                                  Do not use too much        (approx. 20–30 sec.)
with Marabu-Velvet Touch, Marabu-                   paint otherwise the fine   so that the paint really
Contours & Effects, Marabu-Silk                     spaces in the stamp will   seeps into the silk. If
                                                    get blocked up with        necessary, try the first
in combination with Marabu-Thickener.
                                                    paint.                     stamp print on a test
Modern silk painting on a firm support                                         surface and press into
makes it possible to use stamps on silk.            2. Then press the          the paint again.
                                                    Marabu-Design Stamp
                                                    into the paint, motif
Tip:                                                side down. Check that
Prime the silk and stamp in the same colour after   the motif is completely
drying. The stamped motif appears a shade darker    covered with paint.
and produces an interesting tonal effect.           Carefully add more

                                                    Here’s how
                                                    it’s done:
                                                    Spray stencil with         The stencil can be
                                                    Marabu-Silk Easy Fix,      re-used several times
                                                    allow to dry briefly,      when sprayed just once
                                                    place it in the chosen     with Marabu-Silk Easy
                                                    position and firmly        Fix. After completion,
                                                    press onto the silk.       rinse stencil under cold
                                                    When painting with a       water.
                                                    stencilling brush or
                                                    paint roller, dab off
                                                    surplus paint onto
                                                    scrap paper first. This
Stencilling technique                               prevents excess paint
with Marabu-Velvet Touch, Marabu-                   from getting under the
Contours & Effects, Marabu-Silk                     stencil.
in combination with Marabu-Thickener.
Versatile stencils add new highlights.

                                        Here’s how
                                        it’s done:
                                        First of all choose a
                                        brush for your design.
                                        The stronger the brush
                                        hairs the more visible
                                        the brush strokes will
                                        remain after fixing.
Free painting                           When you paint with
with Marabu-Velvet Touch, Marabu-       Marabu-Velvet Touch,
Contours & Effects, Marabu-Silk also    we recommend a very
                                        soft brush so that the
in combination with Marabu-Thickener.
                                        velvety effect is
Design your motifs “free hand”.         particularly successful.

                                        Here’s how
                                        it’s done:
                                        Paint the motif in the     Carefully lift the base
                                        chosen Marabu colour       off, and it’s finished!
                                        on a painting base.        Particularly beautiful
                                        While doing so a           effects can be obtained
                                        pattern can be put         with Marabu-Velvet
                                        under the transparent      Touch.
                                        base. Draw the desired
                                        pattern into the paint
                                        using a rubber brush
                                        or similar. Place the
                                        painted side of the
Monotype technique                      base onto the silk
with Marabu-Velvet Touch, Marabu-       fabric.
Contours & Effects, Marabu-Silk
in combination with Marabu-Thickener.
This printing technique produces
distinctive effects.

Painting techniques

Outline technique                          Here’s how
                                           it’s done:                   Tips:
Painting outlines on silk is really easy
with Marabu-Contours & Effects.            For very fine outlines,      1     The outlines must
The outlines are painted straight from     Marabu-paint tips are        be solid otherwise the
the liner. Simply put a pattern under      simply screwed straight      silk paint will bleed
                                           onto the liners. Allow       through.
the transparent film painting support,
                                           the outlines to dry well
then even difficult patterns can be        and paint in with            2      Do not apply too
easily copied.                             Marabu-Silk to prevent       much paint to the silk
                                           the silk paint from          with the brush when
                                           bleeding through. Then       filling in the outlines, as
                                           fix all together following   otherwise the shapes
                                           the instructions.            will be flooded.

Watercolour technique                      Here’s how
The watercolour technique with             it’s done:
Marabu-Silk is one of the original         Apply your favourite         Both techniques result
painting techniques – with superb          combination of colours       in a wonderful range of
effects. Let the colours flow!             one after another to         colours as you paint.
                                           produce exciting blends.
                                           When painting wet on
                                           wet, the colours flow
                                           softly into one another
                                           and produce gentle
                                           waves. For this purpose,
                                           damp the silk with
                                           water before painting.
                                           Unusual lines develop
                                           when dry when
                                           painting wet on dry,
                                           either directly onto dry
                                           silk or onto dried paint.


              Design Stamps
              Impressive creative designs can be
              produced with Marabu-Design Stamps.
              They are of a first-class, fine pored
              quality of foam and have a durable
              plastic handle which ensures an even
              stamp print.
              The stamp also includes a separate
              small stamp extracted from the design,
              which is ideal for adding to print
              patterns. The removable handle allows
              easy cleaning of the re-usable stamp.

                                           example motifs

              Stencils add to the possibilities of silk
              painting, difficult patterns can be easily
              achieved. The motifs developed in the
              Marabu studio can be used as mirror
              images, placed anywhere and enable
              totally unique creations.
              The durable, laser-cut polyester and the
              extra thin quality allow for highly
              detailed motifs and clean finished
              outlines. The robust and durable stencils
              are PVC free.
              Marabu offers a wide selection of
              motifs: floral, ornamental or graphic
              motifs are available as both borders and
              large-sized motifs.

                                           example motifs

     Starter Set Silk                              Marabu-Foam Paint Roller
     Makes silk painting for beginners easy.       Foam paint roller on a stable metal handle
     The Marabu Starter Set Silk includes          for large-area paint applications.
     4 shades of 50 ml each (medium yellow,        Particularly suitable for stencilling and
     carmine red, medium blue, black), a           adhesive tape technique. Foam roller is
     brush and instructions. For the first         removable for easy cleaning. 1 set with
     incredible steps with silk paints.            2 foam paint rollers: 5 cm/10 cm.

     Stencilling Brush                             Brush
     Fine-pored, robust dabbing brush for          Marabu offers an extensive and
     stencilling. Also suitable for even dabbing   balanced assortment of brushes in
     of large areas. 1 set with 3 stencilling      different sizes and shapes for silk
     brushes: 1.5 cm/3.5 cm/5 cm.                  painting.

Colour Range

              available in 50 ml plus
              *also in 250 ml

        222      vanilla                007   lavender *      061   reseda

        020      lemon *                037   plum            282   leaf green

        019      yellow *               039   aubergine       065   olive green

        021      medium yellow *

                                        291   arctic *        062   light green

        025      apricot                255   aquamarine      067   rich green *

        225      tangerine              095   azure blue      075   pine green *

        023      red orange *

                                        292   pastel blue     017   amber

        031      cherry red             052   medium blue *   294   caramel

        032      carmine red *          053   dark blue       046   medium brown

        004      garnet red                                   045   dark brown *

        034      bordeaux *             096   emerald *       008   terracotta

                                        091   caribbean       646

        236      light pink             092   petrol          278   light grey *

        033      rose pink                                    073   black *

        005      raspberry *                                  67

Colour Range

              Silk Color:
              available in 12.5 gms

        225      tangerine            061   reseda

        013      orange               281   lime green

                                      041   khaki

        009      orient red

        032      carmine red          017   amber

        034      bordeaux             295   cocoa

        236      light pink           078   grey

        081      amethyst             073   black

        039      aubergine

        280      duck egg blue

        055      dark ultramarine

        293      night blue

        255      aquamarine

        098      turquoise

      Velvet Touch:                           Contours & Effects:
      available in 100 ml                     available in 25 ml as liner
                                              *and in 50 ml

223   blackberry                        100   clear *

039   aubergine                         045   dark brown

293   night blue                        073   black *

294   caramel

295   cocoa                 Metallic:                                       Glitter:
070   white                             747   metallic-taupe                           563   glitter-peridot

073   black                             746   metallic-brown                           598   glitter-aqua blue

                                        770   metallic-white                           559   glitter-smoky blue

                                        787   metallic-copper *                        539   glitter-amethyst

                                        784   metallic-gold *                          547   glitter-taupe

                                        782   metallic-silver *                        579   glitter-graphite

                                        772   metallic-anthracite

           since 1859

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