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									                                                                                                April 2011

                                        2011 MAPPS Board of Directors Call for Nominations
   Upcoming MAPPS                  MAPPS President Jeff Lovin         Individuals who wish to be con-   process is hereby established:
       Events                      (Woolpert, Dayton, OH) has         sidered for election to the
                                   announced the 2011 Nomina-         MAPPS Board can submit in-        April 1 - Announcement of
  2011 Summer Conference           tions Committee to recommend       terest in writing to Mr. Tuck     Nominations Committee mem-
       June 26-30, 2011            candidates for election to the     before May 1, 2011.               bers by MAPPS President and
    The Sagamore Resort
     Bolton Landing, NY            MAPPS Board of Directors and                                         call for candidates for MAPPS
   Conference Information          a call for candidates. There are   The Nominations Committee         Board of Directors
                                   eight (8) seats on the MAPPS       will announce its recommended
   2012 Winter Conference
      January 22-26, 2012
                                   Board up for consideration. The    slate of candidates on May 27.    May 1 - Close of submissions
       Arizona Biltmore            Committee includes:                                                  to Nominations Committee
         Phoenix, AZ                    Bobby Tuck, Tuck Map-         The election of Directors will
   2012 Federal Programs                ping Solutions, Inc. (Big     take place at the annual busi-    May 27 - Nominations Com-
         Conference                     Stone Gap, VA), Chairman      ness meeting of MAPPS on          mi t t e e s l a te a n n o u n ce d
      March 13-14, 2012                 Kurt Allen, Photo Science,    June 27, during the summer        (additional nominations may be
   The Westin City Center                                             conference, in Bolton Landing,    made from the floor at the an-
      Washington, DC                    Inc. (Bowie, MD)
                                        Marvin Miller, AeroMetric     NY. Any individual not nomi-      nual business meeting)
   2013 Winter Conference               Inc. (Maple Grove, MN)        nated by the Nominations Com-
      January 27-31, 2013               Dave Hart, Continental        mittee can be considered by a     June 27 - Annual MAPPS
  Trump International Resort                                          nomination from the floor at      Business Meeting and Election
    Sunny Isles Beach, FL               Mapping Consultants, Inc.
                                        (Sun Prairie, WI)             that meeting.                     during the Summer Conference
For updates go to:        Richard Crouse, Richard
                                        Crouse & Associates           A schedule for the nominations
                                        (Frederick, MD)

                                                  MAPPS Members Testify in Maryland
                                   On Wednesday, February 23,     lish a Council on Effi-
                                   MAPPS members in Mary-         cient Government;
Inside this issue:                 land testified before the staterequiring a review of
                                   legislature at a hearing on    goods and services
President’s Column             2   H.B. 451, a bill to create a   between State govern-
Economic Survey Results        3   „Council on Efficient Gov-     ment entities to deter-
Public Service Award           3
                                   ernment‟.                      mine if a private enter-
                                                                  prise can provide the
Federal Programs Recap         4
                                   MAPPS members who testi- State with cost savings
LiDAR Threatened               5   fied were Mike Shillenn or more advantageous (L-R) Mike Shillenn, John Palatiello, Tim
VA Land Inventory Law          6   (Photo Science, Bowie, MD); offers.                     Stagg, Del. Michael Hough, Al Wainger,
                                   Tim Stagg (AeroMetric, Inc.,                            Richard and Travis Crouse.
COGO STEM Letter               6
                                   Easton, MD); Al Wainger “Work is all done out-
Summer Conference              7   (Michael Baker Jr., Inc., Sil- side of the public spot-       basis that does not invite the
                                   ver Spring, MD); and, light; it is done inside of             competitive commercial mar-
Federal Appointments           8
                                   MAPPS Executive Director government organiza-                 ket,” said Stagg.
New Member Firms               8   John Palatiello                tions through closed door
                                                                  inter-agency agreements,       MAPPS has sent a letter to
                                   The bill, introduced by Rep- particularly with state          Governor Martin O‟Malley
                                   resentative Michael Hough universities. The work is           outlining university competi-
                                   (R-Frederick), would estab- done on a sole-source             tion issues in Maryland.
                               President‟s Column
                                              What Congress Can Learn from MAPPS
                                                                     by Jeff Lovin, PS, CP

                            Over the past few months, there     sessions learning and solving        owns, and that a parcel-based
                            has been a lot of talk in the Na-   problems together. She‟d have        GIS or cadastre can provide an
                            tion about civility, cooperation    them enjoying each other‟s           efficient means of real property
                            and political bipartisanship.       company at cocktail parties and      asset management. Congress
                            That discussion led me to think,    dinners. She‟d have everyone         can also learn that the FEMA
                            there is a lot the U.S. Congress    river rafting, playing softball,     flood mapping program can be
                            could learn from MAPPS.             participating in an Olympics or      improved through a variety of
                                                                taking part in one of the many       reforms that embrace the latest
Jeff Lovin                  MAPPS is an incomparable            enjoyable activities in which        geospatial technology. And
MAPPS President             organization and MAPPS meet-        MAPPS members are engaged            Congress can learn that there is
                            ings are unique events. Each of     at our conferences for the pur-      a need for coordination, govern-
                            our firms is competitive and we     pose of team building, creating      ance and leadership, by an
                            try to best one another in the      an esprit de corps and enhanc-       agency such as USGS, to better
                            marketplace. There are rival-       ing each member‟s understand-        manage the Federal govern-
                            ries, for sure.                     ing of one another.                  ment‟s geospatial activities.

    “In other words, if     But we‟ve all learned to come       In other words, if Congress          In fact, these are the issues
                            together in MAPPS for a com-        could operate like MAPPS,            MAPPS members brought to
 Congress could operate     mon good. We figured out that       Republicans and Democrats            Congress on March 16 during
like MAPPS, Republicans     a firm that is our competitor       would get along much better,         our annual Federal Programs
and Democrats would get     one day is a partner the next.      put competitive differences          Conference. We educated Con-
  along much better, put    We know that when it comes to       aside and arrive at solutions        gress about contracting out, the
                            dealing with the government,        without sacrificing individual       FLAIR Act, FEMA flood map-
  competitive differences
                            promoting our profession and        principles.                          ping and Federal geospatial
    aside and arrive at     growing the market, we can                                               governance to promote legisla-
     solutions without      accomplish more working to-         There are other things Congress      tion that will create private-
   sacrificing individual   gether than we can individually.    can learn from MAPPS. Con-           sector jobs while reducing the
                            While there are differences in      gress can learn there is a deep,     size and cost of government.
                            the competitive market, they        broad, capable and qualified         Thanks to those who joined us
                            never seem to manifest at           private geospatial community in      as we brought our message to
                            MAPPS meetings. We come to          the U.S. that can provide ser-       our Congressmen and Senators.
                            the conferences to learn, net-      vices, data and technology to        While we were on Capitol Hill,
                            work, build relationships, catch    the government at all levels         we might also have taught them
                            up on news and have fun. At         with professionalism, efficiency     a thing or two about how com-
                            MAPPS meetings, differences         and cost effectiveness. Con-         petitors can get along. Another
                            are checked at the door.            gress can learn that government      opportunity to work with and
                                                                should utilize, rather than dupli-   learn from our colleagues in
                            It occurred to me that if our       cate and compete with, the pri-      MAPPS will be our Summer
                            Meeting Planner, Sally Pala-        vate geospatial community.           Conference, June 26-30 at The
                            tiello, could get the U.S. Con-     Congress can learn that the Fed-     Sagamore Resort in Bolton
                            gress to a MAPPS meeting for        eral government lacks a current,     Landing (Lake George), NY.
                            five days, she‟d have them in       accurate inventory of the land it    Be there.

MAPPS Economic Survey Results Indicates „Marginal‟ Change
The results of the latest (January     (equipment, etc.) is expected If you need assistance ac-
2011) MAPPS Economic Survey            to rise slightly in 2011 over cessing the members only
are now available for review on        2010.                         section of the MAPPS web-
the Members Only section of the                                      site, please contact Tammy
MAPPS website.                         The views of MAPPS mem- (, 703-
                                       bers closely reflect those of 787-6996).
A total of 69 MAPPS Member             counterparts in the private
Firms participated. The survey         geospatial community in the
showed some marginal change in         membership of The Survey
business attitudes over the past six   Association (TSA) in the
months. There is a slight increase     United Kingdom.
in anticipated firm revenue in 2011
over 2010; there will be fewer         MAPPS once again thanks
reductions in force in 2011; more      Dr. Steven Cox of the
than 60% of firms are operating        McColl School of Business,
below their production capacity;       Queens University of Char-
and investment in capital              lotte, NC, for conducting the

        Nicholas “Miki” Schmidt Receives MAPPS Public Service Award
Nicholas "Miki" Schmidt,            Mr. Schmidt was recognized         to recognize and
Coastal Geospatial Services Di-     for forging public-private         honor employ-
vision Chief, of the National       partnerships, and inter-           ees in public
Oceanic and Atmospheric Ad-         agency       and      inter-       service     posi-
ministration (NOAA) Coastal         governmental arrangements          tions who have
Services Center, Charleston, SC,    to carry out NOAA projects         made extraordi-
has been presented the MAPPS        that promote economic de-          nary contribu-
Public Service Award.               velopment and environ-             tions to the pub-
                                    mental balance in America's        lic and the geo-
Mr. Schmidt was recognized at coastal communities.                     spatial profes-
the NOAA Coastal Geo Tools                                             sion in their
Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC "The program Miki leads is a            government
on March 22.                        'best practices' model for         service roles.    MAPPS President Jeff Lovin (Woolpert, Inc.),
                                                                                       Miki Schmidt, NOAA Coastal Services Center, and
                                    how collaboration among
                                                                                       John Palatiello, MAPPS Executive Director at the
"Partnerships is not a slogan for government entities, con-            Schmidt has had MAPPS Winter Conference.
Miki Schmidt, it is a way of life," tracting with the private sec-     a long career
said MAPPS Executive Director tor for commercially avail-              with the Federal government.     Schmidt is only the third re-
John Palatiello when announcing able services, and the em-             From 1988 to 1991, he            cipient of the MAPPS award.
the award. "He has been a great ployment of qualifications in          served as a civilian remote      The award was first presented
advocate for the utilization of the the delivery of solutions re-      sensing scientist for the U.S.   to Moody K. "M.K." Miles,
products and service provided by sults in geospatial applica-          Army's Strategic Defense         III, Deputy Chief Engineering
the private sector to achieve mis- tions that NOAA, other Fed-         Command. He later joined         and Construction, U.S. Army
sion success in government pro- eral agencies, and state and           NASA's commercial remote         Corps of Engineers in June
grams."                             local coastal resource man-        sensing program, working         2007 and most recently to
                                    agement organizations im-          with private firms to develop    Major L. Clark III, Assistant
Schmidt was selected for the plement to address complex                new remote sensing products      Chief Counsel for Procure-
award by the MAPPS Board of coastal issues," Palatiello                and services. He joined the      ment, Office of Advocacy,
Directors, which was bestowed said.                                    NOAA Coastal Services            Small Business Administra-
on January 27, 2011 at the                                             Center in 1996. He previ-        tion (SBA) in November
MAPPS Winter Conference.            The Public Service Award           ously worked in private prac-    2010.
                                    was established by the             tice.
                                    MAPPS Board of Directors
MAPPS Host 20th Annual Federal Programs Conference
Numerous policy and market        tions of small businesses in a     Committee‟s (FGDC)‟s ex-
opportunity pronouncements        variety of Professional, Tech-     ecutive committee. She re-
were unveiled at the 20th         nical, and Scientific Services     ported on a meeting between
annual MAPPS Federal Pro-         categories. The classification     FGDC and Federal Trade
grams Conference, held            for surveying and mapping,         Commission (FTC) staff in
March 15-16 in Washington,        as well as architecture and        which the FTC said it was
DC. More than 90 MAPPS            engineering, is proposed to        “flooded” with comments on
member firm principals, own-      rise from $4.5 to $19 million      proposed regulations prohib-
                                                                                                        Karen Siderelis, FGDC
ers, partners and senior pro-     in gross annual receipts,          iting the collection, storage or
fessionals converged in the       measured on a three year           use of “precise geolocation
nation's capital for briefings    average.                           data" without a citizens‟ prior
and meetings with more than                                          approval. Siderelis said the
20 Federal agency officials,      The Federal Communications         FTC admitted it inappropri-
as well as more than 150 vis-     Commission (FCC) provided          ately used the term, resulting
its to the offices of Represen-   an update on its role in pro-      in an “unintended conse-
tatives and Senators in the       ducing a national broadband        quence” that would be cor-
U.S. Congress.                    map, compiled from individ-        rected in the final rule. FTC
                                  ual state mapping efforts, and     is also considering a work-
At the Federal agency brief-      plans for a next-gen 911 sys-      shop with the geospatial com-
ings on March 15, MAPPS           tem. Michael Byrne, the Geo-       munity to identify ways to           Michael Byrne, FCC
members were treated to first     spatial Information Officer        implement privacy protec-
-look information that could      (GIO) of the FCC, assured          tions against phishing and
lead to upcoming business         MAPPS members that the             cyber stalking, without dis-
opportunities for private geo-    FCC is well aware of the           turbing the legitimate activi-
spatial firms. The National       GPS interference posed by          ties of geospatial firms.
Geospatial Intelligence           the LightSquared application,
Agency‟s (NGA‟s) Dennis           that the FCC understands the       Both Siderelis and BLM
Morgan announced that its         concerns expressed by              Chief Cadastral Surveyor
request for proposals for         MAPPS and others in our            Don Buhler predicted a de-
Geospatial Intelligence           community, and that the            mand in boundary data on
(GeoINT) Data Readiness           LightSquared application will      Indian lands resulting from
(GDR) contacts, the succes-       either be rejected or amended      settlement of the Cobell case.
sor to the current Global         to assure no interference with     Buhler reported the Interior           Don Buhler, BLM
Geospatial Intelligence (GGI)     GPS. While noting he could         Department‟s Inspector Gen-
contracts, will be issued later   not comment on an ongoing          eral found “the Bureau of
this year. Additionally,          investigation, Byrne said          Land Management's Cadas-
FEMA‟s Paul Rooney noted          FCC‟s inquiry of certain           tral Survey program was
the Department of Homeland        Google activities will not         missing the opportunity to
Security (DHS) released its       result in regulation of the        identify and perform surveys
request for qualifications        broader geospatial commu-          on high risk lands where sig-
from firms for contracts for      nity. He reported the caution      nificant potential revenues
Remote Sensing to Support         provided by MAPPS was              could be collected by the
Incident Management and           helpful in educating the FCC       Department or Indian tribes.
Homeland Security days be-        on the activities of the private   Proper survey and manage-
fore the MAPPS session.           geospatial profession.             ment of high risk lands with        Leslie Godwin, Census
                                                                     antiquated surveys has the
While MAPPS was in Wash-          The privacy issue was also         potential to generate hun-
ington, the Small Business        addressed by Karen Siderelis,      dreds of millions of dollars in
Administration (SBA) re-          GIO of the Department of the       revenue from lands with
leased its proposal to revise     Interior and chairman of the       valuable resources.”
“size standards” or defini-       Federal Geographic Data            Leslie Godwin of the Census
                                                                               Continued on Page 5
   Page 4
MAPPS Concerns Heard By Numerous Federal Agencies
From Page 4                        provided details on a more         the Federal Land Asset
Bureau shared information          than $80 million program           Inventory Reform (FLAIR)
on research and develop-           for base mapping and               Act, providing a current,
ment opportunities for the         charting activities, hydro-        accurate, GIS-based inven-
2020 Census to exploit tech-       graphic surveys, integrated        tory of Federal land owner-
nology on a secure (web)           ocean and coastal mapping,         ship, nineteen Representa-
exchange process for ad-           and shoreline mapping. He          tives and Senators pledged
dress and spatial data, ways       also said an investigation         to cosponsor the Freedom
                                   was being launched in re-          from Government Compe-         Rep. Bill Posey (FL) with
to ingest spatial and address
                                   sponse to a MAPPS com-             tition Act and five mem-       MAPPS Member Liz Nielsen
data from partners, products                                                                         (Harris Corporation)
and services that may facili-      plaint about a recent bid for      bers of the House agreed to
tate the exchange of spatial       professional LiDAR data            introduce a bill to reform
and address data from Cen-         collection services in Cali-       governance and coordina-
sus to partners, and the use       fornia that violated the           tion of Federal geospatial
of imagery and change de-          Brooks Act and was                 activities, known as the
tection methods. She also          awarded to a university.           Map It Once, Use It Many
said that the current Census                                          Times (MIO-UIMT) Act.
policy that Title 13 restric-      On Wednesday, March 16,
tions prohibited sharing of        MAPPS members traveled             All agency presentations
master address file (MAF)          to Capitol Hill to visit their     are available in the            MAPPS Member Bobby Tuck
and building structure point       Congressional delegations.         “Members Only” section of       (Tuck Mapping Solutions, Inc.)
data is being reviewed.            As a result of the MAPPS           the MAPPS web site.             with Rep. Morgan Griffith (VA)
                                   efforts, ten cosponsors
David Kennedy, Assistant           were secured for FEMA                                                  More Pictures Available on
Administrator of NOAA for          flood risk map reform leg-
the National Ocean Service,        islation, seven lawmakers
                                   committed to cosponsoring

      Contact your Congressman, Don‟t Make LiDAR Criminal
The U.S. Senate has approved an amend-           that can measure the distance to or
ment to the FAA Reauthorization Bill, S.         other characteristics of an area of land
223, and the House of Representatives has        or an object by illuminating the area or
passed a free-standing bill, H.R. 386, to        item with light beams or pulses from a
make it a criminal offense for anyone who        laser. LiDAR indeed uses a directed
“aims the beam of a laser pointer at an          beam of light to identify a specific
aircraft in the special aircraft jurisdiction    position, but does NOT pose the safety
of the United States, or at the flight path of   threat of the lasers intended by the
such an aircraft.” The legislation defines a     legislation. A LiDAR device could be
“laser pointer” as “any device designed or       defined as pointing a laser beam, how-
used to amplify electromagnetic radiation        ever LiDAR devices are not pointers.        MAPPS members that provide or
by stimulated emission that emits a beam                                                     use LiDAR data and services are
designed to be used by the operator as a         The legislation is clear in its intent to   respectfully urged to bring this
pointer or highlighter to indicate, mark, or     prohibit inappropriate use of the laser     matter to the attention of their
identify a specific position, place, item, or    pointer, particularly when the objec-       Congressman and Senators. For
object.”                                         tive is to disrupt or harm a pilot in the   more information go to the
                                                 cockpit. With a slight modification,        MAPPS Blog or contact John
MAPPS is deeply concerned that this defi-        the legislative language could meet its     “JB” Byrd, MAPPS Government
nition is too broad and vague. It could in-      intent, without impeding the safe and       Affairs Manager, 703-787-6996
clude LiDAR (Light Detecting And Rang-           legitimate use of LiDAR technology.         or
ing), a state-of-the art mapping technology

Virginia Governor Signs Bill Creating Inventory of State-Owned Land
Virginia Governor Robert            ernment Reform appointed by
McDonnell signed into law SB        then Governor George Allen
1257 and HB 2003 providing          recommended in 1994 that “all
for an inventory of state-          state agencies should inven-
owned land on April 2.              tory and justify the retention of
                                    each individual real estate
This bill by Senator Jill Holtz-    holding.”
man Vogel and Delegate Jim
LeMunyon, requires the De-          Such inventories have been
partment of General Services        successful in other states. For
(DGS) to conduct an inventory       example, Georgia now oper-
of all real property owned by       ates the Building, Land and
state departments, agencies         Lease Inventory of Property
and institutions by January 1,      (BLLIP), providing an interac-
2012, and update the inventory      tive web-based geographic
at least annually thereafter.       information system (GIS) de-
                                    signed to enable registered          MAPPS Executive Director John Palatiello and Government Affairs Manager
The bill requires DGS to pro-       users to query, search and gen-      John “JB” Byrd attend the bill signing with Del. Jim LeMunyon and Gov.
vide a listing of surplus prop-     erate reports using real time        McDonnell. Photo by Michaele White is courtesy of Virginia Governor’s
erties on the Department's web      information about state owned
-site to include parcel identifi-   and leased properties and
cation consistent with national     buildings. Ohio has imple-            their current use, will allow        velop and use the land and
spatial data standards in addi-     mented a Comprehensive In-            Virginia to assess whether           assets that the Commonwealth
tion to a street address.           ventory of State Real Property,       public property is being used        no longer needs.
                                    a database of 53,010 distinct         and maintained in the most
Although McDonnell ordered          state-owned parcels located           efficient manner possible. It        Delegate LeMunyon and Sena-
all agencies to inventory all       throughout all of Ohio‟s 88           will help save the state             tor Vogel worked with
Old Dominion real property,         counties.                             money by identifying proper-         MAPPS on the bill and Le-
such an action had not previ-                                             ties that can be sold, collect-      Munyon spoke on his legisla-
ously occurred since a Blue         A comprehensive list of land          ing up- front cash and ex-           tion at a January 2011 MAPPS
Ribbon Strike Force on Gov-         and assets, up-to-date with           panding the tax base by let-         Washington Policy Luncheon.
                                                                          ting the private sector de-

COGO Urges Obama Administration to Include Geography in STEM Initiative
In a letter to the Obama Ad-        “Excluded from this list are        COGO listed seven points            MAPPS sent a letter in 2009
ministration, the Coalition of      the social, behavioral, and         documented by the Admini-           when the “Educate to Inno-
Geospatial Organizatio ns           economic sciences, especially       stration, Department of La-         vate” campaign was first
(COGO) urged a broader focus        those core social science dis-      bor, National Science Foun-         announced by the Admini-
on geography within Science,        ciplines like geography, that       dation, National Geospatial         stration.
Technology, Engineering, and        have long been the catalysts        Technology Center for Ex-
Math (STEM) for K-12 educa-         for education and research in       cellence and President‟s            In the letter MAPPS indi-
tion.                               the geospatial sciences,            Council of Advisors on Sci-         cated its support for the
                                    which is currently ranked as        ence and Technology                 campaign and placed an
In the letter, sent February 16,    one of the three top American       (PCAST), that emphasized            emphasis on the need for
COGO highlighted the need for       employment fields by the            the importance of geography         geography and geospatial to
geography to be included in the     U.S. Department of Labor,”          as a core skill-set to devel-       be part of the educational
STEM initiative.                    said Geney Terry, GISP,             oping a competent work-             curriculum to support the
                                    MGIS, COGO Chair.                   force.                              growing market.

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                                   Federal Legislation Affecting the Private Geospatial Community

                                          Turning University Competition into Cooperation

                                             GIS for Health Care: An Emerging Market

                                        MAPPS Annual Business Meeting & Board Elections

                                  Brother Can You Spare a Dime? An Innovative Idea of Financing
                                              Government Geospatial Data Activities

                                           Broadband Mapping: Past, Present and Future

                                             GIS from a State Coordinator’s Perspective
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                                                   UAV’s: Threat or Opportunity?

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                                  Congratulations. You’ve Developed a Strategic Plan. Now, How do
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                                             The Need for Immersive LIDAR Standards

                                  Data Verification & Validation: QA/QC Implementation and Chal-
                                                       lenges for the Profession

      Sponsorships Available              Is the World of GeoINT Moving into the Cloud?
             Contact                                  Federal Agency Updates

   MAPPS Members Appointed to National Committees
National Geospatial                    Hydrographic Services             diverse field of experts in hy-
Advisory Committee (NGAC)              Review Panel (HSRP)               drographic surveying, vessel
                                                                         pilotage, port administration,
The US Secretary of the Interior       Scott Perkins of Wilson &         tides and currents, coastal zone
Ken Salazar appointed 15 indi-         Company, Kansas City, MO,         management, geodesy, recrea-
viduals to serve as members of         was sworn in on March 24,         tional boating, marine trans-
the National Geospatial Advisory       2011 to the NOAA Hydro-           portation, and academia. The
Committee (NGAC) for 3 years.          graphic Services Review           panel advises NOAA‟s strate-
                                       Panel (HSRP), a Federal Ad-       gic plan to improve the na-
Of these appointed individuals,        visory Committee. Perkins is      tion‟s marine transportation
four are from MAPPS member             a member of the MAPPS             system and NOAA‟s plans to
firms, including reappointed           Board of Directors and the        support commerce with world- Scott Perkins, MAPPS Director
members Jack Dangermond, Esri;         chair of the MAPPS-NOAA           class products and services that
Anne Hale Miglarese, Booz Allen        Liaison Committee.                will help ensure safe, efficient
Hamilton; Matt O‟Connell, Geo-                                           and environmentally sound
Eye; and newly appointed mem-          The HSRP is composed of a         marine transportation.
ber Pat Olson, AeroMetric, Inc.

                           MAPPS Welcomes New Member Firms

                                                                                                                Welcome Back                      Dewberry
                                                                                                         Olympus Aerial Surveys, Inc
The Haruspex Group                Endpoint Environmental, LLC            Certainty 3D
11585 S. Flower Mound Way         474 23rd Avenue, Suite 2               7035 Grand National Dr, 101
                                                                                                        Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc
Parker, CO 80134                  San Francisco, CA 94121                Orlando, FL 32819
303-748-1084                      415-902-0403                           407-248-0160
Garth Lawrence                    Catherine Burton                       Ted Knaak
CEO                               Owner/Manager                          President                            

Pelydryn LLC                     Urban Mapping                          Frank X. Spencer & Associates       3K3, LLC
4116 Whiting Street              26 O’Farrell Street, Suite 310         1130 Montana Ave.                   2104 West Ferry Way
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466         San Francisco, CA 94108                El Paso, TX 79902                   Huntsville, AL 35801
843-609-5871                     415-946-8170                           915-533-4600                        256-520-4341
Rupert Forester-Bennett          Ian White                              Frank X. Spencer                    Jeff Lower              CEO                                    Senior Vice President               Managing Partner

                            Do you know of a firm that would benefit from becoming a MAPPS member?

                            Please send contact information to Nick Palatiello, MAPPS Marketing & Communications Manager.

                                          Formed in 1982, MAPPS is the only national association exclusively
                                          comprised of private firms in the remote sensing, spatial data and geo-
                                          graphic information systems field in the United States. Current MAPPS
1856 Old Reston Avenue
Suite 205
                                          memberships span the entire spectrum of the geospatial community, in-
Reston, VA 20190                          cluding Member Firms engaged in satellite and airborne remote sensing,
                                          surveying, photogrammetry, aerial photography, LIDAR, hydrography,
Phone: 703-787-6996                       bathymetry, charting, aerial and satellite image processing, GPS, and
                                          GIS data collection and conversion services. MAPPS also includes As-
                                          sociate Member Firms, which are companies that provide hardware,
                                          software, products and services to the geospatial profession in the United
                                          States and other firms from around the world. MAPPS provides its 150+
      We’re on the Web                    member firms opportunities for networking and developing business-to-                       business relationships, information sharing, education, public policy ad-
                                          vocacy, market growth, and professional development and image en-

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                                            About FLIGHTLINE
FLIGHTLINE is a bi-monthly publication produced by MAPPS, the only association of pri-
vate geospatial firms, to inform members, Federal, state and local agency partners and the geo-
spatial community of news from the organization. FLIGHTLINE has been produced and dis-
tributed since 1985. Originally produced as a hardcopy publication, FLIGHTLINE has evolved
into an e-publication and now provides advertising opportunities. If you do not already receive
FLIGHTLINE and would like to, click here.

                                               To Our Readers
   Some information on the MAPPS web site is in the Members Only section. Any MAPPS member firm principal who does not
   have access to this section should contact Nick Palatiello, MAPPS Marketing Communications Manager. MAPPS government
   partners who desire further information on items in the Members Only section should contact John Byrd, MAPPS Government
   Affairs Manager. For information on membership in MAPPS, please click here.

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