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									Consulting Agreement

This is an agreement by and between
herein after referred to as Client and America’s Sales Force, LLC dba EZ-LINE Credit Services
hereinafter referred to as Consultant. Client is requesting Consultant to seek Business and/or
Personal Credit Lines and or Credit Cards in the range of $10,000.00 to $150,000.00

The undersigned hereby authorizes Consultant to obtain credit commitment(s) from various
creditors(s) to procure unsecured Credit Lines and/or Credit Card(s) as described in the terms
and conditions set forth in this agreement.

    1. Client understands and agrees that Consultant is applying for Lines of Credit and/or
         Credit Cards on Client’s behalf.

    2. Client understands and agrees that the minimum Credit Line(s) or Credit Card(s) is
         10,000.00 and the maximum is $150,000.00 and that Consultant makes no
         representations or warranties as to what amount, if any, Client will be approved for.

    3. Client understands that Consultant will be contacting creditors, on Client’s behalf, to
         follow up on Client’s credit application(s) and that, by signing this agreement Client
         is giving Consultant authorization to do so.

    4. Client understands and agrees that Consultant is making no representations or
         warranties as to the annual percentage rates, terms or credit limits for any Credit
         lines or Credit Cards obtained for Client. The creditors will disclose the rates, terms
         and limits with Client directly.

    5. Client understands that not all Credit Lines and/or Credit Cards come with
         convenience                                                                    checks.

    6. Client understands that one, or more, potential creditor(s) may contact Client
         directly to verify his or her identity and/or personal information.

    7. Client understands that in some cases, a creditor may require additional verification
         of identity, and gives Consultant permission to contact Client and request any such

    8. Client understands and agrees that creditor may contact him or her to verify that
        Client applied for a Credit Line or Credit Card. Client agrees to be truthful. Client
        also understands and agrees that by signing this agreement Consultant is
        authorized to apply for Credit Lines or Credit Cards on Client’s behalf, which is the
        same as Client applying for credit him or herself.

    9. Client understands that some creditors may restrict large charges on Credit Lines or
        Credit Cards within the first 10 days of activation.

    10. Client confirms that his or her home address is their mailing address.

    11. Client agrees to pay a fee, to Consultant, in the amount of 10% of the credit limit
        for each Credit Line or Credit Card they receive and accept as a result of
        Consultant’s efforts.

    12. Client understands and agrees that payment of the fee agreed to in paragraph 11
        above, is to be made no more than 48 hours after acceptance of each Credit Line or
        Credit Card obtained by Consultant for Client.

    13. Client understands and agrees that up to 50% of the fee may be paid using
        convenience checks associated with the Credit Line(s) or Credit Card(s) obtained for
        Client by Consultant.

    14. Client understands and agrees that the other 50% of the fee may be paid using
        Credit Lines or Credit Cards Client is already using, i.e. Credit Lines or Credit Cards
        OTHER than those obtained for Client by Consultant.

    15. If the 10% fee, referenced above, is not paid to Consultant within the 48 hour time
        frame stated in paragraph 14 above, said Credit Lines and/or Credit Cards may be
        closed and the amount owed to Consultant will be submitted for collection and may
        result in negative information appearing on Client’s personal credit files with the
        appropriate credit bureaus.      There are no exceptions to this paragraph.

    16. Client understands and agrees that he or she must fax or scan and email copies of each
        approval letter, to Consultant, which clearly state the credit limit. Please furnish us
        with a copy of each decision letter you receive from each creditor we apply to on your
        behalf within 3 days of receipt before we can proceed to the next bank.

Payment of Consultant’s fee may be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or
Discover credit or debit cards, wire transfer, checking or savings accounts, or certified funds. It
is understood that the Client agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the process as stated
Consultant is not responsible for the repayment of credit. It is the Client’s duty to comply with
the terms and conditions set forth by the creditor(s) and repay the amounts as required by the
agreement(s) as required by the creditor. This is a legally binding contract. If you are not clear
on the terms of this agreement, please consult an attorney.

If Consultant requires an attorney to assist in the collection of fees, borrower hereby agrees to
pay all legal and collection fees in addition to the original 10% Consultation Fee.

Client agrees that for a period of six (6) months, from the application date, not to circumvent
Consultant, in order to avoid paying compensation to Consultant, and contact any Creditor
referred to Client, by Consultant, for purposes of obtaining credit.

It is understood that Consultant is not a creditor or lender. Client gives Consultant and/or
assignees permission and authorization to submit credit applications to various lenders and
Consultant’s staff. Client verifies that all information contained in any application for credit and
any subsequent documents submitted by Client is true, and correct

                              Non-Circumvention Agreement
Throughout the application process, CLIENT may learn the names, telephone numbers and
contact information of investors, borrowers, lenders, agents, brokers, banks, lending
corporations, individuals and/or trusts, or buyers and sellers hereinafter called “CONTACTS”.
The CLIENT with this agreement acknowledges, accepts and agrees that the identities of the
CONTACTS will be recognized by CLIENT as exclusive and valuable contacts of the CONSULTANT
and will remain so for a period of 24 months after the date hereof. CLIENT agrees to keep
confidential the names of any CONTACTS introduced or revealed to the CLIENT, and that their
firm, company, associates, corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, divisions, subsidiaries,
employees, agents, heirs, assigns, designers, co-brokers, or consultants will not contact, deal
with, negotiate or participate in any transactions with any despite the place of actual
execution. Such confidentiality will include any names, addresses, email addresses, telephone,
telex, facsimile numbers, and/or other pertinent information disclosed or revealed by the
CONSULTANT. In case of circumvention, the CLIENT agrees and guarantees they will pay a legal
monetary penalty that is equal to the fee the CONSULTANT would have realized in the
transaction. If CONSULTANT must commence legal proceedings to interpret or enforce the
terms of the "fee agreement" or "non-circumvention agreement", CLIENT is aware
CONSULTANT will be entitled to recover court costs and reasonable attorney fees. This
Agreement shall be deemed to have been made in the City of Portland, Oregon. The parties
agree that any dispute arising out of the Agreement shall be determined exclusively by the
courts in and for the State of Oregon. CLIENT and CONSULTANT will construe this "fee
agreement" and "non-circumvention agreement" to be in accordance with the laws of the State
of Oregon. If any provision of this agreement is found to be void by any court of competent
jurisdiction, the remaining provisions will remain in force and effect. This agreement contains
the entire understanding between the CLIENT and CONSULTANT and any waiver, amendment
or modification to this agreement will be subject to the above conditions and must be attached
hereto. A facsimile copy of this "Consulting Agreement" and "Non-Circumvention Agreement”
shall be valid and enforceable as if it were the original. By setting forth my hand below I
warrant that I am freely and voluntarily entering into this agreement.

Arbitration: Any question, claim or dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement
shall be referred to binding arbitration, except with respect to disputes regarding breaches of
confidentiality. Such arbitration shall take place before a single arbitrator in the City of
Portland, Oregon. The arbitrator shall apply legal principles in accordance with Oregon law,
without regard to its conflict of laws principles, unless the alleged claim or dispute is otherwise
pre-empted by federal law. By agreeing to this arbitration clause, neither party waives
applicable defenses or immunities available to it under Oregon law. Any arbitration demand
made under this clause must be made no later than one year from the expiration or
termination of this agreement. Each party will be solely responsible for payment of its own pro
Rata share of any expenses and fees incurred during the course of arbitration. In no event will
the arbitrator have the power or authority to award consequential damages, indirect or special
damages, lost profits, loss of goodwill, punitive, or speculative damages.

         By signing below Client accepts this Agreement and Terms of Service


         By checking this box Client agrees and accepts this Agreement and Terms of Service

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