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					Tire Storage
TI9000   Folding Rack For Passenger And Light Truck Tires                 TI9210       Stacking Rack For Passenger And Light Truck Tires
         ●Capacity 32 to 60 Tires                                                      ●Able To Move Rack With A Forklift
         ●Dimension 72" x 50" x 66"                                                    ●Capacity 28 to 35 Tires
                                                                                       ●Dimension 60" x 60" x 60"

TI9435   Tire Shelving                                                    TI9500       Wall Mount Tire Rack
         Ideal For Areas Where A Forklift Cannot Be Used.                              Installs On A Wooden Or Concrete Wall
         ●Maximize Upright Tire Storage                                                ●Capacity 8 Tires
         ●Capacity 30 to 36 Tires ●Dimension 66" Width                                 ●Dimension 60" x 60" x 60"

Tire Displays
TI9250   Tire Display On Casters                                                                  TI9345 Showroom Tire Display.
         ●Capacity 16 Tires                                                                       Complete With Pamphlet Holder
         ●Dimension 75" x 75" x 20"                  TI9380   Dolly For Tire Display              And 15 Sliding Strips Of Major Tire Brands
                                                              For Lifting And Moving Tire Racks
                                                                                                  ●Capacity 8 Tires
                                                                                                  (29" O.D.)

                                                                                                  35" x 98" x 34"

Tire Cart
TI9415   Tire Cart
         Maneuver Easily With A Full Load Of Tires
         ●Capacity 8 to 10 Tires
         ●Dimension 16" to 35" O.D. Max

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