Manor Downs 2009 Mixed Meet

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					                          Manor Downs 2009 Mixed Meet
                                Stall Application
Live Racing                                                                          Applications are due
February 28- April 26                                                                By January 15, 2009

                              Past performances must accompany the application.
       Applications not accompanied with past performances will not receive consideration until completed

                Foal Papers must be on file by February 18, 2009 to receive a 0 (ZERO) Date
   Name Of Horse     Sex         Class:         Track & Date Maiden          Acc.      Name Of Owner
                      &       Stakes/ Alw/       of Last Start                TX
                     Age     Claiming Price                                  Bred

  Trainer:________________________________                 Assistant Trainer:___________________________
  Address:________________________________                 City: _________________________
  State:______          Zip: _________________             Phone: ________________________
  Signature:_______________________________                Mobile Phone: ___________________
  Manor Downs Inc.            Attention: Race Office       PO Box 141309                Austin TX 78714
                               Phone (512) 278-2025         Fax (512) 272-4403
Stable Area Rules:
   1. All Horses entering the stable area of Manor Downs must have a valid AGID (coggins) test, and a
       health certificate within the last forty-five days or as required by T. R. C.
   2. Track Hours will be posted.
   3. Helmets are required when mounted on a horse on association grounds.
   4. Anyone wishing to school his or her horse in the paddock must obtain permission from the Paddock
       Judge or Racing Secretary.
   5. Stable area entry is restricted to properly licensed owners, trainers, and their employees, jockeys,
       Racing Officials, employees of Manor Downs, and properly licensed vendors. The employees of
       each stable and all persons having regular business in the stable area must register at the Texas
       Racing Commission and the Racing Secretary’s Office and be issued proper credentials. Persons
       wishing temporary entry into the stable area must state their business at the Stable Gate Security
       Office and be granted a temporary pass. Horsemen are reminded that they are solely responsible for
       the conduct of their guests in the stable area after temporary passes are issued.
   6. Stall space will not be allotted to two year olds whom are not nominated to a stakes race at Manor
   7. The use of electricity for heating, cooking and other unauthorized use is prohibited. The lighting and
       electrical outlets provided by the association are not to be altered in any manner.
   8. No smoking is allowed in horse stalls, tack rooms, feed rooms, the shed row of any barn, or in any
       other highly combustible area.
   9. All licensed jockeys and exercise riders are required to wear a protective jacket while on horseback.
   10. No bulk shavings are to be dumped without permission of the stable superintendent.
   11. All horse trailers will be parked in space provided by Manor Downs.
   12. All shed rows and barn area assigned to trainer must be kept clean at all time. All water hoses
       should have nozzles on them and should be kept rolled up when not in use. Any alteration (painting,
       tarps, wind breaks, etc.) must be approved by Stall Superintendent. Anything left behind after the
       meeting may become property of Manor Downs Inc.
   13. Manure bins should not have wire, paper, cans, or anything other than manure put in them.
   14. Anyone riding in barn area must be licensed, no children riding pony horses in barn area.
   15. Driving through rain ditches is not permitted. Keep all drainage pipes around barn area cleaned.
   16. Horse walkers are permitted. No materials other than sand or sandy loam will be used. No
   17. All electrical or water problems should be reported to stable superintendent.
   18. All stalls and tack rooms must be cleaned and stripped at end of meet, a $10.00 fee per stall will be
       imposed if not cleaned when vacated.

   Must provide copy of papers for two year olds and current past performances for older
   horses on stall application to be allotted stall space.

   Signature:___________________________                              Date:________________

   Application will not be accepted without signature.

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