Summer School Now by mudoc123


									Summer School Now:
Reimagining Success for
Struggling High School
Students in Round Rock ISD
Rationale – traditional Summer
School data
The need for change
Purpose – to provide 9th grade
students with additional learning
opportunities using a just-in-time
approach so that students:
 Recover Algebra I credit for the 1st
  semester while fostering skills (and self-
  confidence!) for the 2nd semester
 Develop knowledge and understandings
  of algebraic concepts and skills so that
  they will be well-prepared for TAKS as
  well as Algebra II
Expected outcomes:

 Build a strong math foundation for
  struggling students
 Improve achievement on TAKS
 Increase completion rate due to
  academic success
Nuts and bolts

 Dates: 5 consecutive Saturdays
  beginning in early February
 Hours: 9:00-12:00
 Sites: all four district high schools
 Transportation: to and from designated
  bus stops
 Budget: approximately $7,000
 Teacher-student ratio 12:1
Student participants
   Criteria:
    ◦ Failed Algebra I coursework for 1st
      semester AND
    ◦ Failed 8th grade TAKS math AND
    ◦ Failed the most recent Algebra I
      benchmark for the Fall semester
                           School Now
 Targeted TEKS-based 5E lessons
 Based on analysis of each individual
  student’s assessment data
 Designed to address deficits in basic
  algebra skills
 Delivered by master teachers
Evaluation – Short term
 71 students (95%) recovered 1st
  semester credit for Algebra I
 57 students (76%) received Algebra I
  credit for the current school year
 16 students (21%) passed 9th grade
  TAKS - of the 59 TAKS failures, 14
  students (24%) demonstrated growth
  from the previous TAKS
Evaluation – Long Term (the
following school year)
 42 students enrolled in Geometry
 11 students enrolled in Math Models
 1 student enrolled in Algebra II

   29 students (51%) passed the first
    semester of their subsequent math
    course for the next school year with a
    grade of 70 or higher
Keys to success
   Commitment:
    ◦ District leadership
    ◦ Campus leadership
    ◦ Students & parents
 Targeted instruction delivered by master
 TEKS-based 5E lessons
Next steps

   Expanded to science

   Expand to ELA/R and Social Studies

   Reimagine “Saturday School” for
    elementary and middle school students
Suzanne Burke

Director of Curriculum &
Professional Development


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