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					Chemical soaps strip your face of natural
  oil,causing it to produce even more
  oil,while alcohol-based toners dry your face
  leading to premature aging.
But our unique wash and tone system uses
  the most effective natural ingredients
  available.Bask in our breakthrough
  Tomato&Lemongrass lines for normal to
  oily and combination skin.Or indulge in the
  advanced Moringa range for dry or mature
  skin.Then follow up with our equally
  fabulous day&night face moisturizers!
Tomatoes-are packed w/vitamins C and E,
   anti oxidants & lycopene
    to brighten your skin tone
Lemongrass-helps control oil & bacteria for
  fresher & more even complexion

Tomato & Lemongrass
Facial Wash-helps keep the oil in check
  without drying your face!
         50ml Php 79.75
        100ml Php 139.75
Tomato & Lemongrass Toner-
Helps tighten pores & even skin tone for a
  smoother and younger looking
  face.Don’t get old,pamper yourself with
  nature’s best!
          100ml Php 99.75
7x more vitamin C than oranges, 4x
  more calcium than milk and 4x more
  vitamin A than carrots,The power-
  packed vitamin boost our skin needs
  to help regain that youthful glow!
Moringa Facial Wash-supplies needed
  nutrients to help revive dry or mature
               50ml Php 79.75
              100ml Php 139.75
Moringa Toner-for more nourishment
  without the drying effects of
  alcohol.It’s a thirst-quenching skin
  drink to help tighten pores and help
  smooth your complexion.
              100ml Php 99.75
Super Fruits & Black Rice
Contains perfectly balanced
  natural fruit acids (AHA’s)
  which assist in exfoliating
  dead skin cells,leaving your
  face softer and smoother,
  as well as black rice beads
  to help brighten your face.
          50ml Php 89.75
         100ml Php 159.75
Sunflower & Papaya
Constant exposure to the sun and
  pollution takes its toll on your
  face. So we’ve infused our day
  moisturizer with cosmetic grade
  sunflower oil packed with
  vitamins A, C, D & E to help
  brighten uneven skin tones and
  minimize aging. It also contains
  Calendula extract for natural sun
  protection, and organic Papaya
  to help brighten skin as well as
  regenerate damaged skin tissue.
             50ml Php 99.75
           100ml Php 174.75
Royal Jelly & Aloe Vera
Our skin absorbs the most
 amount of nutrients at night,
 so why not give it the Royal
 treatment while you sleep?
 Royal Jelly is rich in amino
 acids, vitamins A & D, niacin
 and more. Meanwhile, aloe
 helps moisturize and repair.
        50ml Php 99.75
       100ml Php 174.75
Sunflower Seed
Packed with vitamins A, D and
  E to help smooth out and
  avoid wrinkles. Use it as a
  gentle eye make-up remover
  or as a nourishing under-eye
  moisturizer to help prevent
  and minimize dark circles
  and eye-bags.
          50ml Php 99.75
Beautiful skin starts with a
  BEE! Honey is an all-in-one
  skin saver – an excellent
  moisturizer, rich in
  antioxidants and vitamin C.
  Gently remove make-up and
  grime while keeping your
  skin hydrated.
           100ml Php 99.75
Aloe and Guava
Our original facial wash for troubled or
  acne prone skin
          50 ml Php 69.75
         100 ml Php 129.75

Calendula and Seaweed
Our original facial wash for normal,
  combination or sensitive skin
          50ml Php 69.75
         100ml Php 129.75
Our 100% Natural Lip Balm
  just got even better with
  the addition of sunflower
  oil to make it even more
  moisturizing! Beeswax
  keeps the moisture
  locked in and Calendula
  extract (from Marigolds)
  helps soothe chapped
         Php 59.75 each
Choose from
  or Mandarin Flavors
Hand Sanitizers
Enriched with moisturizing
  Aloe Vera juice! Cleaning
  your hands never felt this
         50ml Php 69.75
Choose from
  Pineapple or Strawberry
Anti-Bacterial Pocket Soap
Packed with acapulco extract
  that effectively kills germs
  and Aloe Vera leaf juice
  that moisturizes and
  soothes skin.
           50ml Php 59.75
Choose from Mandarin or
  Lemongrass Scent
Bug Spray Deet Free!
Effectively shoo off mosquitoes
   and other pesky bugs without
   the nasty effects of toxic
   chemicals. Made with organic
   Citronella, a well-known natural
   insect repellent, as well as
   natural skin moisturizers.
This gentle yet effective formula
   does not contain DEET or other
   dangerous chemicals making it
   suitable for very young children.
            50ml Php 79.75
          100ml Php 119.75
Kids Shampoos & Body Wash
Aloe Vera
Recent studies suggest that many baby
   shampoos,baby powders and lotions are
   exposing babies to harmful chemicals
   called phthalates.Phthalates inhibit the
   development of the reproductive system in
   babies and small children, possibly leading
   to infertility in later life. But no need to
   worry—our natural kid’s and baby
   shampoos are 100% phthalates-free and
   devoid of other harmful chemicals!
          50ml Php 36.75
        100ml Php 64.75
        200ml Php 109.75
        500ml Php 249.75
Choose from Watermelon or Banana scent
Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
Aloe Vera & Chamomile
Shower your little ones with a million
  starry kisses and nurture their petal
  soft skin with our baby mild formula.
With chamomile extract to calm and
  soothe your baby.
          50ml Php 37.75
         100ml Php 69.75
         200ml Php 114.75
         500ml Php 274.75
Unscented- for maximum gentleness
Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash
Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera
Real Pearls, one of the strongest
   creations of the ocean, can help
   fortify your hair to dramatically
   reduce hair fall. Makes a great body
   wash too!
        50ml Php 36.75
      100ml Php 64.75
      200ml Php 109,75
      500ml Php 249.75
(500ml size only available in
Choose from: cucumber(silky smooth)
  Or Peppermint(normal finish)
Strengthening Conditioner
Gugo Bark & Calamansi
This potent combination of natural extracts
   helps fortify hair to dramatically reduce
   breakage and loss. At the same time, a
   splash of organic virgin coconut oil
   leaves your locks shiny, soft and looking
   healthy. Beauty and Strength!
           50ml Php 42.75
         100ml Php 74.75
         200ml Php 119.75
         500ml Php 259.75
Peppermint Scent
Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Wash
Egg White & Aloe Vera
Breathe new life into dry or chemically-
   damaged hair with egg-whites, a tried
   and tested remedy, and Aloe Vera that
   effectively soothes and nourishes.
   Also a perfect bodywash!
         50ml Php 36.75
        100ml Php 64.75
        200ml Php 109.75
        500ml Php 249.75
(500ml size only available in Mandarin)
Choose from Mandarin(silky smooth)
  or Guava (normal finish)
Moisturizing Conditioner
Avocado & Seaweed
Avocado (with Omega-3) is one of nature’s
  most revitalizing moisturizers, while
  seaweed restores elasticity and soothes
  and tones dry scalp without adding
  excess weight.Organic virgin coconut oil
  polishes up your hair,leaving your locks
  healthy-looking,shiny and soft!
          50ml Php 42.75
         100ml Php 74.75
         200ml Php 119.75
         500ml Php 259.75
 Mandarin scent
Nourishing Shampoo
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is widely recognized
  as the ultimate hair care
  essential. Not only will Aloe
  Vera help stimulate hair
  follicles, it also helps liven up
  dull hair!
         50ml Php 32.75
        100ml Php 59.75
        200ml Php 99.75
Choose from Peppermint or
  Lemongrass (normal finish) or
  Mandarin (silky smooth finish)
Nourishing Conditioner
Mango Butter
      50ml Php 34.75
     100ml Php 64.75
     200ml Php 99.75
Choose from Peppermint
 or Lemongrass (normal
 finish) or Mandarin (silky
 smooth finish)
Intensive Hair Mask
Gugo Bark & Avocado
Strngthening,moisturizing and
   nourishing, with natural vitamin E and
   vitamin B-complex,this intensive
   recovery hair mask is a breakthrough
   in total hair care! Avocado (with
   Omega-3) restores moisture and
   elasticity; Gugo Bark nourishes and
   helps strengthen to minimize hair
   loss. Organic virgin coconut oil adds
   the final kiss, leaving your locks
   healthy, shiny and soft!
          50g Php 84.75
         200g Php 249.75
 Rosemary Scent
Eucalyptus Shaving Oil
Spice up your morning shave
  minus the problems of
  razorburn, irritation and
  ingrown hair! Eucalyptus oil
  help combat bacteria that
  may inflame nicks and cuts
  while Virgin Coconut Oil
  softens skin before shaving
  while working as a skin
  barrier so the razor glides
  smoothly for a closer shave!
        100ml Php 99.75
        200ml Php 189.75
Peppermint Strengthening Shampoo and
  Body wash
Save your hair before it’s gone! Regular use
  of chemical-laden shampoos can hasten
  hair loss. Help reduce hair fall with
  strengthening pearl powder and
  stimulating aloe vera. It’s a great body
  wash too making it a perfect 2-in-1 for the
  busy man.
      50ml Php 36.75
     100ml Php 64.75
     200ml Php 109.75
     500ml Php 249.75
Hand Sanitizer
Keep your strong hand clean
  and free from harmful
  bacteria without the fuss! Our
  natural Sugarcane hand
  sanitizer with Aloe Vera
  helps keep the bad germs at
  bay without the harsh, drying
  effects. For clean hands at
  your convenience!
      50ml Php 69.75
Available in Mandarin,
  Watermelon, Strawberry or
  Pineapple scents
Lip Balm
Dry, peeling, chapped lips
  are not attractive! Be a
  man and do something
  about it. Swipe up this
  handy swivel barrel of a
  lip balm. 100% natural.
  100% effective.
        4g Php 59.75
Available in Peppermint,
  Watermelon or Mandarin
Facial Wash
Did you know that men’s skin is 30%
   more oily than women’s? Use a
   facial wash suited for the task! The
   Tomato & Lemongrass Facial Wash
   helps keep your oily skin in check
   without over cleaning that may lead
   to dry, rough-looking skin!
            50ml Php 79.75
           100ml Php 139.75
Choose from: Tomato & Lemongrass
   (normal to oily skin) or Moringa
   (dry/mature skin)
Moisturizing Massage Oil
Getting spa treatment is no
  longer an expensive luxury
  with our wonderful organic
  massage oil! Not only does
  massage improve blood
  circulation and ease aches and
  pains, but it also gives you a
  healthier, happier disposition!
           100ml Php 99.75
           200ml Php 184.75
 Choose from Eucalyptus,
  Lemongrass, or Guava
Hand & Body Lotion
Goat’s Milk & Cocoa
Infused with scents of tropical
   fruits, this lotion will leave your
   skin sweet-smelling and
   buttery soft without feeling
         100ml Php 94.75
         200ml Php 159.75
Choose from Mango, Guava,
   Coconut or Strawberry scents
Body Butter
Goat’s Milk & Cocoa
This wonderful concoction will help
   hydrate even the driest skin! Perfect for
   moms and moms-to-be as it also helps
   improve the appearance of stretch
Scented:     50g Php 89.75
           100g Php 139.75
           200g Php 239.75
Unscented: 50g Php 79.75
           100g Php 119.75
           200g Php 199.75
Choose from Mango, Strawberry or
Luxury Body scrub
Coco Flakes & Pineapple with Super-
Our Super-fruit combination contains
   perfectly balanced fruit acids
   (AHA’s) from berries, lemons,
   oranges, pineapple and more to
   maximize exfoliation. Meanwhile,
   toasted rice grains and coco flakes
   perfectly complement each other to
   soothe even while you scrub.
            100g Php 179.75
            200g Php 299.75
Pina Colada (Pineapple-Coco) Scent!
Anti-Bacterial Soap
Naturally clean hands without
  polluting the environment!
  Acapulco contains one of the
  antibacterial properties in
  nature. No triclosan means it’s
  safer for you and MUCH, much
  better for the environment.
         200ml Php 139.75
Choose from Mandarin,
  Lemongrass, or Strawberry
Hand & Foot Salve
Bee Propolis & Carrot
Instantly treat, moisture
   and help protect dry,
   aging hands, cracked
   heels and other
   damaged spots with
   the strong antioxidant
   properties of Bee
   Propolis and Carrot.
      50g P99.75
Choose from Banana or
   Eucalyptus Scents
Make it a Natural Habit!
     Just say NO to plastic bags!
               Natural Shopping Tote- this
                  reusable shopping bag in natural
                  cotton canvas is perfect for
                  everyday use! Proudly made by
                  the residents of Gawad Kalinga
                  Village-Payatas 13. Your
                  purchase of this bag will support
                  the education,livelihood and
                  other development initiatives of
                  the community.
               ONLY Php 99.75
               Material: Recyclable Cotton Canvas
               Size:17”H x 16”W x 5”D
               Handle: 22” Tote Straps
               *Products not included.

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