MANCHESTER SKI CLUB
                                        December, 2007
                     Manchester Ski Club, P.O. Box 1267, Manchester, CT 06045
              Manchester Ski Club Lodge, 4 Pleasant St., Ludlow , VT 05149 (802) 228-2226
                   Reservations : or call Loisann Sisson (860) 870-7471
                     Please pay lodge overnight and dinner fees by check only

President's Message
What a great turnout for the Holiday party!!! Thanks to all who attended & thanks to all the great cooks & bakers in
the club. As usual there was quite a variety of food. For those who were unable to attend, some of the highlights
-a great talk by Brad Field , the Chief M eteorologist for NBC 30 TV who is predicting a normal New England winter
with about 4 feet of snow (in CT). He & his family are skiers - we're trying to recruit them for M SC.
-a huge number of donated door prizes, many obtained from Ski M arket in M anchester by Dave England. Thanks,
Dave. Winners will be listed in the upcoming newsletters.
-thank you plaques, in appreciation for many years of volunteer service to the club, were presented to: Jon &
M aryanne Orzolek (for Okemo tickets), Frank Stadmeyer (for reservations), and Bryon Smith (lodge repairs & work

Volunteer opportunities: we are looking for a web-master and also someone to take on the task of putting together
& emailing the newsletter. Both of these have vouchers attached to them for some free lodge nights. Contact a board
member for more information.

New members: there were a number of new members who were introduced at the holiday party, as well as several
new members who joined from the Brattleboro Outing Club. Welcome to all! Our membership now stands at over
300!! Keep recruiting!

CS C Race program: is underway. Lou Gaedt is the contact person; his message was sent last week in a separate
email to members and is included below in the newsletter.

M ary J. Sylvestre
President M SC

                             »» Contact Change for Lodge Reservations ««
Loisann Sisson will be handling reservations this year. Contact her at 860-870-7471 or via email at

Lodge News:
 Loisann Sisson has graciously volunteered to be our new "cleaning lady". Please check with her if you're staying at
the lodge & would like to help her out - it could earn you a voucher for a night's stay at the lodge!

Holiday Party Raffle Winners
Mtn Lift Tickets:
Butternut: Bob/Deb Haas, Robert Johnson, M ichael Franklin, Susan Prusack
Mt. Southington: J. Jacks,Nancy Wandzy
Ski Sundown: Gene Robiela, Jon Hiller
Berkshire East: Charles Lyons
Mt. Snow: Donna Wertenbach, Carol M itchell
Saddleback: Troutman
Wachusett: A Cardullo
Ascutney: Jeff Peck
Whiteface M tn: Rick Gish
Bromley: Kathy Choma
Cannon Mt: Pete Puhlick

Ski M arket- Ski Tune up: Neil Nichols, Jon Jackman, Jean Gress
Ski M arket- Stone Grind: Nancy Fletcher
Ski M arket Hard Wax: M att Schauster, Dyke Spear
Farr’s Bike Tune-up: Pam Lewis
Vernon Cycle- $75 Gift Certificate: Katherine Gwordz
Café on M in- $10 Gift Certificate: Karen Foley-Schein
Vernon Ski and Scuba Robert Klaypatch
Free M SC Lodge Nights-Joan Raynor, Gary Warzocha, Al Brunner, Dave England
Sandy Thorne- vase: James Adam
Sam’s Club/Walmart $25 Gift Certificate: Paul M archinetti
The Eyeglass Place West Hartford: Sunglasses: DebbieCelani
Atomic/Tim Huff- Women’s Atomic Cool M inx skis with Binding: Parker Ashton-Youngs
The Bike Shop- Helmet: Aimee Whans
Ski M arket Ski and pole carrier: M argaret Kehoe
Ski M arket- Ski Goggles: M ike Sala
Ski M arket- Boot Bag: ByronSmith
Ski M arket SkiBag: Kathie Eberhardt
Pig Iron Sports- Gift certificates: Britt M ooney, Frank Salamon, Susan Annulli, Loisann Sisson

Racing News - The annual Robert W. Blake Challenge Race; M SC’s citizen racing for all ages, is scheduled for
10AM Sat. M arch 8th 2008 at Okemo. This will be followed by our club’s post race party and awards. The
Lysobee race date will be announced as soon as we hear (usually held on the first or second Saturday of February
followed by the not to be missed post race party and awards ceremony at the Lysobey residence. M ore info on
these events in the coming newsletters.

MS C Returning to CSC Monday Night Racing – Lou Gaedt has agreed to be our captain for the Connecticut Ski
Council Ski Racing Series. This is a great way to sharpen your racing skills. If you are interested please contact
Lou at 860-848-6672 or check the CSC website.

                      Butternut Ski Area Deals:
                      >$20 Lift Tickets every Mon., Tue., Wed., & Thur. (excluding holiday periods)
                      > Affordable Season Passes - $229 Adult, $179 Jr, $99 Sr 70+, $69 Kids,
                      > $400 Corporate - Deadline Nov. 30.
                      > Special $30 Ski Club WEEKEND Lift Tickets. No bulk pre-purchase of
                      > lift tickets required. M embers simply stop by our Group Sales Booth
                      > and show their membership card to get their special $30 Ski Club
                      > Weekend Lift Ticket Rate. (Our $30 weekend Ski Club Lift Ticket rate represents a $20
                      savings off our regular weekend adult rate.)

                         Manchester Ski Team Update
Manchester ski club is bringing back racing for our Club with and against other ski clubs belonging to the
Connecticut Ski Club Association (CSCA).

   •   WHEN?          AS SOON AS THE MOUNTAIN IS OPEN(see note below)
   •   RACES?         1 OF TWO RUNS STARTS AT 7:30 P.M.*

   *It is assumed the fastest time of two runs is recorded

Everyone who participates wins points for his/her Club. There are also Team and Individual prizes which are presented
at the end of the season party.

The Club has already paid our initiation fee. All you have to do is show up!

                                    Come and join the fun!!!

News from CS C Race Coordinator

At this time M t Southington is planning on opening on December 8th (weather permitting). That is just 2 days before
our 1st scheduled M onday night race. It is not probable that December 8th will have racing at Mt Southington, but it is
too early to say for sure. Stay tuned to see, and hope for cold weather. The Mt Southington race number to call, to find
out if racing is on for that night is: (call after 2:00 on that day)
860 628-7669 X243
To repeat: the cost to race for a night for CSC for the 2007/2008 season is $25 for racing and lift ticket. (the CSC has
eliminated the $1.00 additional fee that went towards our trophies/awards)

Member         Lou Gaedt

                       Location           Race
                       12 /10/07          Monday Night Race          Week #1                      Details
                       12 /17/07          Monday Night Race          Week #2                      Details
                       12 /24/07          No Race                    No Race                      Details
                       12 /31/07          No Race                    No Race                      Details
                       01 /07/08          Monday Night Race          Week #3                      Details
                       01 /14/08          Monday Night Race          Week #4                      Details
                       01 /16/08          Mohawk Mountain            State G iant Slalom          Details
                       01 /21/08          Monday Night Race          Week #5                      Details
                       01 /28/08          Monday Night Race          Week #6                      Details
                       02 /29/08          O kemo, VT                 State D ownhill              Details
                       03 /01/08          O kemo, VT                 State Snowboard              Details
                       03 /01/08          O kemo, VT                 O n Snow - Completive Events Details
                       03 /02/08          O kemo, VT                 O n Snow - Completive Events Details
                       03 /02/08          O kemo Valley N ordic CenterState Cross Country         Details
                       03 /04/08          Monday Night Race          Week #7                      Details
                       03 /11/08          Monday Night Race          Week #8                      Details
                       03 /13/08          Mt. Southington            State Slalom                 Details
                       03 /18/08          Monday Night Race          Week # Alt                   Details

Lowering Our Carbon Footprint at the Lodge : In some cases, the barn dorm in the lodge only has a few
people staying in there over the weekend. To be keeping the heat up is inefficient, and we need to mind the budget
these days when our membership numbers are down. To address this some bunk beds will be moved from the dorm to
the main house to allow the opportunity to keep the heating costs down for the barn.

Brattleboro Outing Club welcomes MSC members to all their events . Please check the following
link for their summer schedule:

Ski Equipment Discounts: Show your MSC membership card at these local ski shops for discounts:

Pig Iron – Main St. Glastonbury
Suburban Sports Webster Square, Berlin

Jay Peak S ki Trip with the Mt. Laurel Ski Club – M arch 2-7, 2008. 5 ½ days of skiing, 5 nights lodging, 5 2 hr.
ski lessons, 5 buffet breakfasts, 5 dinners, Wine and Cheese party. 2 bedroom 4 person condos $1900 ($475 pp) or
$2396 ($599pp) Deposit $700 ($175pp) or $800 ($200pp). No refunds on deposit after 12/10. Balance due 1/10.
No refunds after 2/1. Checks payable to the M t. Laurel Ski Club. Our M SC contact for this is Dave England, P.O.
Box 330614, W. Hartford, CT. 06133-0614. For info contact Dave England (cell) 860-614-1348 or Jenny Ebner
(cell) 860-402-6232 (email)

CSC News and Events:
CSC website link is

CS C Newsletter S ki Trips: The CSC newsletter has information on a number of ski trips that are being run by
CSC clubs at substantial savings. These trips include Winter Park, Switzerland Quebec City and other locations.
Please check the CSC website for more details.

CSC Awareness Days : A preliminary copy of the CSC Awareness days ski ticket discounts is available on the
CSC website.

  Ludlow Area Events:
  Check out various summer events in the Ludlow area at the following websites: (go to EVENTS sections)

  For more upcoming events at Okemo, contact the following:

Saturday Night Suppers - 2007-2008
Saturday Night Suppers are intended not only to provide a home cooke d meal, but also to provide an opportunity for membe rs
to socialize . Dinners are scheduled from the first week of January until the third week of March, with the exce ption of Race

Rese rvations:
Members make reservations for dinner when they reserve rooms for the weekend. Reservations will indicate number of adults and
number of children (under 13). Changes in reservations must be made by 8:00 p.m. Wednesday prior to the meal. Charges for
meals are: Adults, $8.00, and Children (under 13) $6.00. Payment will be made by check along with payment for lodging, NOTE
on check the split for lodging & dinner. The cooking member does not pay for his/her meal.

Additional meals may be purchased on Saturday on an ‘‘as available” basis only, as determined by the cook and the reservations

The cooking member(s) will plan the menu, shop, and cook the meal. ALL dining members will clean up after dinner. (Cooks

Food costs should be calculated at $3.00 pe r child & $5.00 per adult. Menus should be submitted one month in advance to avoid
repetition. Menu planning should emphasize "home cooke d" selections. T he cooking member will call the reservations
coordinator for the number of adults & children dining. A minimum of 15 rese rvations will be re quire d; if fewer reservations
are made, the dinner will be cancelled.

Dinner preparation will include appetizer, salad, HO MEMADE ENTREE, de ssert, & beverages. The availability of staple items
& paper goods should be checked with the Dinner Coordinator. Appetizers will be served from 4:00 until 5:45. Dinner will be
served at 6:00 p.m.

Work Units: Cooking a Saturday Night dinner fulfills yours YEARLY work assignment responsibility.
Cost of groceries will be reimbursed upon submission of all receipts to Dinner Coordinator, with SIGN IN SHEET of GUEST S
eating dinner. USE BACK of REIMBURSEMENT FO RM, for SIGN IN.

MAIL Groce ry Re ceipts with the FO RM, WITHIN 2 WEEKS of the night you cooked dinner. Reimbursements will be made
prior to the end of the fiscal year (May 31). Any costs not submitted prior to that time will be forfeited.

Questions should be directed to the Dinner Coordinator, email: or 1-413-596-9497 or 1-413-478-9877 (cell)

Thank you for JOINING in the FUN and MSC FAMILY nights!


                  MANCHESTER SKI CLUB DI NNER CALENDAR 2007-2008
January 5, 2008     EB -Pasta & meat, with Salad & dessert

January 12, 2008    ____________________________________

January 19, 2008    ___________________________________

January 26, 2008    ___________________________________

February 2, 2008    ___________________________________

February 9, 2008    _____RACE - Inter-Club - NO DINNER

February 16, 2008    _________________________________

February 23, 2008    ________________________________

M arch 1, 2008        ________________________________

M arch 8, 2008      RACE- BOB BLAKE

M arch 15, 2008      _________________________________

M arch 22, 2008      _________________________________

M arch 29, 2008     _________________________________

April 5, 2008        _________________________________

April 19, 2008       _________________________________


Great Deal from the Brattleboro Outing Club!!
This deal is available thanks to the Brattleboro Outing Club, but is open to all M SC club members.

Available to Everyone - Ct and VT
Great deal to ski @ Mt Snow 1/1-1/11.

Tickets must be purchased by S at 12/22 @ either Burrows Specialized Sports in downtown Brattleboro and
Brattleboro Bowl ( Exit 3, south on Rt 5 1/4 mile on your left) If you have any questions, call Burl @ 802-257-
1177. Proceeds to benefit Brattleboro Boys & Girls Club. Brattleboro Bowl accepts credit cards for payment.

I will try to keep you up-dated when I hear about ski deals in VT for all BOC and M SC members.

Enjoy the great snow conditions!!



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