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Newsletter - “Best Practices In MDM” - Vol. 1, No. 5
November 2008

Welcome to the November edition of "Best Practices in Master Data Management", published by
Hub Solution Designs, Inc.

In this month’s issue, we’ll cover:

    •   a special offer from our new partner, AMB
    •   our new relationship with D&B (Dun & Bradstreet)
    •   our new connector between Oracle AR and D&B’s risk management platform, DNBi
    •   a new online community we’ve created for MDM practitioners

As always, if you'd like to discuss your Master Data Management (MDM) or Data Governance
initiatives, we'd love to hear from you. Just call (781) 749-8910, or contact us via our web site.

Best regards --- Dan Power

Special Offer from our New Partner, AMB
AMB is a Chicago-based software company that provides Service-Oriented Architecture solutions
for data profiling, cleansing and Master Data Management discovery. Hub Solution Designs is
proud to announce it has recently established an alliance with AMB and will be using AMB
solutions for our MDM and data governance engagements.

AMB’s solution is a software suite called Predictive Data Management (PDM). PDM profiles and
cleanses data and drives MDM discovery. Pre-project data profiling and analysis is a highly
recommended best practice and an important prerequisite to the success of any major project
involving data.

PDM is known for its openness, ease of use and affordable & flexible licensing. PDM can be
installed in minutes, and generates results within hours.

Data profiling assesses the quality and completeness of data within and across database tables.
It can also look within columns and across tables for relationship discovery. Column analysis
offers data insight on frequency, patterns and completeness. Cleansing allows you to set up
business rules to repair data anomalies found during profiling.

Early data analysis identifies the root cause of problems, and helps you be better prepared to
solve them. This delivers better awareness of business requirements, and leads to more
informed project planning while drastically reducing project risk. Many companies skip data
profiling altogether, which introduces many unknowns during the project, and usually leads to
project delays and cost overruns.

AMB is offering special pricing for its PDM Suite through the end of 2008 for all North American
organizations, to allow more companies to get experience with these powerful tools. This
promotion is particularly beneficial to organizations who intend to begin a data governance or
     Hub Solution Designs, Inc. 
     Trusted. Insightful. Experienced.

MDM project in the next 12-24 months. AMB provides an affordable approach to begin careful
analysis as a precursor to defining your project requirements.

Individual workstations will be priced at $3,500, roughly a 65% discount from standard pricing.
Training and methodology planning are available from Hub Solution Designs.

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Announcing Representation Agreement with D&B
We recently signed a non-exclusive representation agreement with D&B. Our clients typically
include D&B in their Master Data Management and Data Governance initiatives, due to the
accurate, complete, timely and consistent information that D&B provides.

This representation agreement allows us to license D&B information to our clients as part of
their MDM initiatives, and will benefit our clients by allowing our consultants to more tightly
integrate D&B information with our clients’ MDM platforms.

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Our New Connector between Oracle Receivables and DNBi
We recently completed a connector between the Receivables module of the Oracle E-Business
Suite (Release 11i) and D&B’s flagship risk management platform, DNBi.

The connector outputs Accounts Receivable aging information on a daily basis from Oracle to
DNBi, D&B’s powerful on-demand solution for risk management, allowing you to research and
monitor your customers, prospects and suppliers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Oracle/DNBi connector, please contact us by
following the link below.

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Join Our New Online Community for MDM Practitioners
In these tight economic times, we wanted to remind you of all the free services that Hub
Solution Designs provides to the MDM community: our web site, blog and newsletter, our
Twitter updates, and our magazine articles & speaking engagements.

Of course, we provide paid services, too: our two-day on-site MDM seminar, our "Master
Class" educational workshops, our MDM readiness assessments, our software selection
services, and our business case & ROI analysis engagements.

And recently, we created a new free service: an online community for MDM practitioners. This
is a vendor-neutral place for people in the Master Data Management and Data Governance
space to find help, communicate with each other, share best practices, network, and “hang
out”. To join, just click on the link below.

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