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									How to Choose an Estate planning Attorney
Deciding that you need to consider planning your estate is probably a sign that
you are no longer that wild and crazy person you always thought you were but
are now officially grown. It is a frightening thought for the baby-boomer
generation. The next step in that process is to choose an estate-planning

Think about Your situation

Take the time to think about your situation. What is important to you? Do you
have children, is your financial situation complicated, how much money do you
have to spend on legal fees? How long have you been married? Have you
worked during your marriage? Did you bring property into the marriage? Did you
receive any inheritances during the marriage? These are just a few of the things
that any estate-planning attorney will ask you in an initial interview. Are there
any persons with special needs for whom you need to provide? Thinking about
these issues prior to seeking an attorney will make the process of selecting an
attorney much easier.

Ask for Recommendations

It never hurts to ask friends or co-workers if they could recommend an attorney.
Be specific when you ask, you need a good estate planning attorney not just a
good attorney. Technically, there are no specialties in law, but usually most
attorneys limit their practice to certain subject areas. Ask questions about that
person’s experience with the attorney such as are they receptive to phone calls
and how quickly did they respond to emergencies.

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