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Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education


									                                   Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education
                                         Fall 2011 ISLE Program
                                          Application Materials
The Early Decision Deadline for applications is 1 December 2010. Applicants are encouraged to apply by the
Early Decision Deadline to ensure a space in the program. Thereafter, applications are accepted on a rolling
admissions basis from 1 December 2010 through 1 March 2011.

A complete application for the ISLE Program must include ALL of the following items:
(Incomplete applications will not be considered.)
     1. Completed "ISLE Program Application" form.
     2. One letter of reference from a college faculty member (preferably one who has led an off-campus
     program in the past) at your college describing your ability to participate in the program (given to student
     in a sealed envelope).
     3. An interview with your member college’s ISLE Program Faculty Campus Representative. Please bring
     your completed application form to your campus representative for this purpose. Students from outside the
     ISLE consortium should contact Sree Padma Hold regarding the interview.*
     4. A 3 - 4 page essay indicating your reasons for applying to ISLE including the following:
      a. a description of the nature of your educational experience during the first two years at your home college;
      b. a summary of how ISLE relates to your college academic objectives;
      c. a description of your previous learning experiences studying foreign languages;
      d. references to previous cultural and educational experiences which might indicate your ability to adapt to
          foreign or unaccustomed living conditions.
     5. An official transcript of all previous college or university course work.
     6. Signed "Student and Parent” Release and Indemnification Agreements.
     7. Completed and signed "Study Abroad Approval” form.

     Please return all the above materials to your off-campus study office or the following ISLE Faculty
     Representatives at your college:
          Bates College:
             Dr. Sagaree Sengupta, Asian Studies, Graduate Fellowships Advisor
          Bowdoin College:
             Prof. Elizabeth Pritchard, Religion
          Carleton College:
             Prof. Roger Jackson, Religion
          Colby College:
             Prof. Nikky-Guninder K. Singh, Religious Studies, E. Asian Studies
          Grinnell College:
             Prof. Roger Vetter, Music
          Holy Cross College:
             Prof. Todd Lewis, Religious Studies
          Macalester College:
             Prof. Arjun Guneratne, Anthropology
          Swarthmore College:
             Prof. Steven Hopkins, Religion
          Whittier College:
             Prof. Jason Carbine, Religious Studies
          *Students attending non-ISLE institutions, please contact:
             Dr. Sree Padma Holt, ISLE Program
             4400 College Station, Bowdoin College
             Brunswick, ME 04011-8435
             Ph. 207-725-3874; Fax: (207) 725-3988

                                    FALL 2011 ISLE PROGRAM
                                      APPLICATION FORM

Full Name                                                                  Graduating Class Year

Campus Address                                                             Birthday:

                                                                           Campus phone:

                        Email address: __________________________          Cell phone: ___________________

Primary Parent Info:
(Name, address)                                                            Home phone

                                                                           Email address

Department Major (declared or proposed)

Courses which focus on Asia (Completed, In Progress & Intended):

Reference:       1. Name:                                                Title:

Have you and a parent or guardian signed the Release and Indemnification Agreements provided?
       Yes _____ No _____
 (Note: No student will be admitted to the program without both signed forms.)

Have you applied to your college for permission to study abroad in fall 2011? Yes          No

Do you have a valid passport?

Yes _____ No _____

Emergency contact if other than above:

Name and Address
                                                                           Phone Number (w/area code)


                               [EARLY DECISION DEADLINE: 1 DECEMBER 2010
                            ROLLING ADMISSIONS: 1 DECEMBER 2010 – 1 March 2011]
Page 2 Fall 2011 ISLE Program Application


Does your current health insurance policy cover your participation in the ISLE Program?
Yes _______ No _______ (Note: Personal health insurance is required of all participants.)

Describe any medical conditions/allergies you have which require medication or medical supervision:

In view of the nature of our study away program and its location, it is necessary for you to answer the
following questions.

Are you willing to provide your college’s ISLE Program Faculty Campus Representative with, or
authorize his/her access to personal confidential records, including any reference forms and any references
to previous or current psychiatric or psychological counseling?

Describe the nature of any psychological and/or psychiatric condition for which you currently receiving
treatment including taking medication.

Describe the nature of any learning disabilities which you now experience.

[Note: Students are advised that due to limited resources the ISLE program may not be able to
accommodate all of a student’s psychological, psychiatric, dietary, pharmaceutical, and comfort level

I understand that, if accepted, I will need to disclose any medical or psychological information
(including prescription medications) that may be relevant to my participation in the program.

Signature of the applicant                               Date

                                [EARLY DECISION DEADLINE: 1 DECEMBER 2010
                             ROLLING ADMISSIONS: 1 DECEMBER 2010 – 1 March 2011]
Page 3 Fall 2011 ISLE Program Application


What expectations will you have of your homestay family and what expectations do you think
they will have of you? Are you willing to meet their cultural standards?

Signature of campus representative                                     Date

                                 [EARLY DECISION DEADLINE: 1 DECEMBER 2010
                              ROLLING ADMISSIONS: 1 DECEMBER 2010 – 1 March 2011]

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