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									                                              NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education

                             PEER TEAM REPORT ON
                             Institutional Accreditation of
                    Place: LAWNGTLAI State: MIZORAM 796891

Section I : General                                   Information
1.1 Name & Address of the Institution :               Government College, District Lawngtlai,

1.2 Year of Establishment :                           18 Aug 1980 as a private college; Provincialised
                                                      in 2007
1.3. Current Academic Activities at the Institution   Graduate Studies in Arts (BA)
    (Number )
      Faculties/ Schools :
      Departments/ Centres :                         English, Mizo, History, Economics, Sociology,
                                                      Political Science, Public Administration,
                                                      Education, Geography
       Programmes/ Course offered :                  BA, and BA Honours
       Permanent Faculty Members :                   37 (Including the Prinicpal)
       Permanent Support Staff :                     11
       Students :                                    91

1.4. Three major features in the institutional             Located in an extremely backward area
     context (As perceived by the Peer Team):              Hilly and inaccessible region
                                                           Committed Teachers
1.5. Dates of visit of the Peer team (A detailed      July 29 and 30, 2008
     visit schedule may be included as Annexure)
1.6 Composition of the Peer Team which
    undertook the on – site visit :
Chairperson                                           Professor (Mrs.) K S Lyngdoh
Member                                                Professor Swamy Suparnananda
Member                                                Professor G K Karanth
NAAC Officer :                                        Dr. Jagannath Patil
                                              NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education

Section II : CRETERION WISE ANALYSIS                Observations (Strength and or / Weaknesses)
                                                    On Key – Aspects.
                                                    (Please limit to three major ones for each and
                                                    use telegraphic language (It i8s not necessary
                                                    to indicate all the three bullets each time; write
                                                    only the relevant ones)
2.1 Curricular Aspects :
2.1.1 Curricular Design & Development :                   Largely by the University
                                                          In tune with goals and objectives
                                                          Relevant to the needs of the students
2.1.2 Academic Flexibility :                              Six honours courses available to students
                                                          IGNOU Special study center in CPE,
                                                           BPP, BA and MA Subjects
                                                          No vocational / add on courses
2.1.3 Feedback on Curriculum                              Faculty are consulted by the BoS of
                                                           Mizoram University
                                                          Feedback obtained from students, alumni
                                                           and parents
2.1.4 Curriculum Update                                   Whenever the University undertakes
                                                          Last was during 2007

2.1.5 Best practices in Curricular Aspects                Remedial classes
     ( If any )                                           Spoken English Classes to students of
                                                           Mizo medium

2.2 teaching – Learning & Evaluation :
2.2.1 Admission Process and student Profile               Routine; students largely from local area
                                                          Notice through newspapers locally and
                                                           word of mouth
                                                          University Calendar followed
2.2.2 Catering to the Diverse Needs :                     Computer classes, English courses and
                                                           career guidance offered
                                                          Unit tests and monthly tests held
                                                          Extra classes for weak students
                                                          Students seminars needs to be encouraged
2.2.3. Teaching – Learning Process :                      Interactive, lectures
                                                          Seminars for awareness of job prospects
                                                          Departmental library to be strengthened
2.2.4. Teacher Quality :                                  Two with PhD and two M Phil; five
                                                           currently engaged in doctoral research
                                                          Need to encourage participation in
                                                           national and international seminars/
                                                          Provided leave benefits for pursuing
                                             NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education

                                                          higher studies
                                                         Practicing evaluation of teachers’
                                                          performance by students
                                                         Teachers need greater exposure to
                                                          research opportunities
                                                         One teacher awarded Indira Gandhi
                                                          National Award for best programme
                                                          officer of NSS in 1998-99
2.2.5. Evaluation Process and reforms :                  Class tests, monthly tests, internal
                                                          terminal examinations held
                                                         Redressal of grievance by counseling
2.2.6. Best Practices in Teaching – Learning and         Welfare fund for teachers and staff
       Evaluation ( If any )                             Special classes for slow-to-learn students
                                                         Gender equity maintained

2.3. Research, Consultancy & Extension :
2.3.1 Promotion of Research :                            Research Promotion Cell in place and
                                                          functioning well
                                                         Organised a few state and regional level
                                                          seminars on the history of Lai culture and
                                                          history, and National Integration
                                                         Facilitating mechanisms for study leave to
                                                          pursue research/ further research
                                                         Need for flow of proper information about
                                                          research opportunities or procedures
2.3.2. Research and Publications output:                 At least 25 books by teachers, of which
                                                          about 10 are academic in nature.
                                                         Many written in Mizo
                                                         A few teachers have researched on Lai
                                                          History, customary law, political
                                                          economy, regional economy, etc.
                                                         One research project completed, funded
                                                          by the Art and Culture Department of
                                                         One UGC Minor research project
                                                         About 2 research papers in professional
                                                          journals, and more than two dozens in
                                                          edited volumes half of which are in Mizo.
2.3.3. Consultancy                                       No consultancy undertaken in formal
                                                         A few faculty members informally
                                                          consulted by the district administration.

2.3.4. Extension Activities :                            Students encouraged participating in NSS
                                                          activities, and in the activities of NGOs
                                                          [YRC etc.]
                                               NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education

                                                           NSS camps organised
                                                           State level seminars, cultural contests
2.3.5. Collaborations :                                    District administration and with Industry
                                                           With IGNOU
                                                           Needs to be encouraged for greater
2.3.6. Best Practices in Research, Consultancy &           Red Ribbon Club to spread awareness
       Extension (If any)                                   about HIV-AIDS and consequences of
                                                            drug abuse
                                                           Consumer awareness campaigns

2.4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources :
2.4.1 Physical Facilities for Learning :                   Mobilised and managed facilities for class
                                                           Funds generated through MPLAD funds,
                                                            District council, etc.
                                                           College building needs completion and
2.4.2. Maintenance of Infrastructure :                     Need a few special staff for maintenance
                                                            of the facilities and infrastructure
                                                           Infrastructure needs further strengthening:
                                                            computers, LCD and audio-visual means
                                                            of teaching, internet, library, etc.
2.4.3. Library as Learning Resources :                     Library Development Committee monitors
                                                            and recommends purchase of books etc.
                                                           A collection of 6106 books and about 500
                                                            reference books; of them 5600 text books
                                                           Library automation needed
2.4.4. ICT as Learning Resources :                         Needs to be developed.
                                                           Computer classes conducted regularly
                                                           Need more number of computers.
                                                           Specialist teacher required
2.4.5. Other Facilities :                                  Computers and Peripherals maintained by
                                                            IT Cell.
                                                           Indoor and outdoor sports facilities are
                                                           Garage for faculty enabled by NSS
                                                           Sports facilities need further upgradation
                                                           Hostels for girls and boys badly needed
                                                           Faculty accommodation facility required
2.4.6. Best Practices in the development of                NSS constructed a canteen, managed by a
       Infrastructure and Learning Resources                Canteen Committee
      (If any)                                             Voluntary involvement of students and
                                                            staff in maintenance of infrastructure

2.5. Student support and progression :                     8 UG students joined the PG programme
                                                            in University
                                                           Over ten students gainfully employed
                                               NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education

                                                           Given the location, percentage of students
                                                            completing the course and passing to be
2.5.1. Student progression:                                Students performance is good considering
                                                            the location of the college
                                                           Pass percentage need improvement
2.5.2. Student Support :                                   Academic and personal counseling
                                                            provided to the students
                                                           A Student Grievance and Counseling Cell
                                                            in place.
2.5.3. Student Activities :                                Computer class conducted fortnightly
                                                            without disturbing formal classes
                                                           College Alumni is active
                                                           Celebration of ‘College Week’ and
                                                            encourages participation in sports and
                                                           Publish college Annual Magazine
2.5.4 Best Practices in student support and                A live-in Security Guard [Chowkidar]
      progression ( If any)                                 posted for students’ and infrastructure
                                                           Student Council that looks after the
                                                            overall growth of student community
                                                           Awareness campaigns and participation in
                                                            social service activities (NSS, Consumer
                                                            Education, Red Ribbon, etc.)
                                                           Discipline and Security in proper order
                                                           Evangelical Union formed for spiritual
                                                            growth of students

2.6. Governance and Leadership:
2.6.1. Institutional Vision and Leadership :               Vision and Mission statements specified
                                                            and relate to regional needs
                                                           Democratic and participatory leadership
                                                           The principal and the vice-principal have
                                                            the leadership qualities, well supported by
                                                            the Heads of Departments.
                                                           Several committees functioning to look
                                                            after the diverse aspects of governance
2.6.2. Organizational Arrangements :                       Positive academic and administrative
                                                           Government rules and regulations
                                                            followed in recruitment and student
                                                           Transparent academic administration by
                                                            having different kinds of committees
                                                            catering different needs.
                                                           Recommend greater representation by
                                                            students and teachers in decision-making
                                             NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education

2.6.3. Strategy Development and Deployment :             Yet to evolve a new strategy plan for the
                                                          development following the
                                                          Provincialisation’ of the college a year
                                                         Need to evolve a plan to outreach the
                                                          catchment area of students by showcasing
                                                          the positive aspects of the college.
2.6.4. Human Resources Management :                      Students evaluate the teachers
                                                         Staff welfare fund maintained
                                                         Teachers appointed by government rules
                                                         A college with largest number of NET
                                                          passed teachers (16)
                                                         Need to develop a plan for further
                                                          professional development of teachers:
                                                          participation in conferences, writing of
                                                          papers, books and pursuance of research
                                                         Self appraisal of teachers to be introduced
2.6.5. Financial Management and Resources                Accounts well maintained and regularly
       Mobilization :                                     audited
                                                         Must mobilize funds locally and through
                                                          other agencies elsewhere.
                                                         Need to computerize the accounting
2.6.6. Best Practices in Governance and                  Congenial relationship between students
Leadership (If any )                                      and teachers, and the staff.

2.7. Innovative Practices :
2.7.1. Internal quality Assurance System :               Yet to establish an IQAC

2.7.2. Inclusive Practices :                             Promotes social responsibilities to be
                                                          fulfilled and good citizenship amongst
                                                          student community
                                                         Games and cultural activities well
                                                         Poor students supported by teachers for
                                                          payment of fees
2.7.3. Stakeholder Relationships :                       Active and supportive alumni
                                                         Cordial relationship between parents and
                                                          school administration
                                                         Erstwhile management committee
                                                          showing continued interest in college
                                                          development even after Provincialisation

Section III : OVERALL ANALYSIS                     Observations ( Please limit to five major ones
                                                   for each and use telegraphic language ) ( it is
                                                   not necessary to denote all the five bullets for
                                                   each )
                                            NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education

3.1 Institutional Strengths :                            Functioning in one of the most backward
                                                          districts of the country
                                                         Committed faculty in a good academic
                                                         Conducive local support
3.2. Institutional Weaknesses:                           Catchment of students for admission
                                                         Lack of alternative courses other than BA
                                                         Lack of proper information about
                                                          opportunities for professional
                                                         Library needs to be upgraded
                                                         Students need to be taught English
                                                         Classrooms need to be improved.
3.3. Institutional Opportunities:                        Homogeneity of student community
                                                         Development of the new International
                                                          Trade Route will provide greater
                                                          opportunities to the region and therefore to
                                                          the college
                                                         Goodwill of the local community
3.4 Institutional Challenges:                            Retaining the talented teachers in college
                                                         Attracting meritorious students
                                                         Enrolment of students in a region that is
                                                          backward and poverty prone.
                                                         Extraneous factors such as drug abuse and
                                                          HIV-AIDS among youth in the

            Section IV: Recommendations for Quality Enhancement of the Institution
                    (Please limit to ten major ones and use telegraphic language)
                           (It is not necessary to indicate all the ten bullets)
     Carry out annually a showcasing exercise to attract students
     Attempt to provide alternative courses – especially in Commerce, and Science
     Make the students digitally literate by widening computer classes
     Improve the physical infrastructure: college building, class rooms, library, etc.
     Facilitate further studies by the faculty, especially PhD before it is too late
     Encourage professional bodies’ membership by the faculty: Associations and Socieities of the
     Computerize the Library
     Build hostels for students
     Provision of transport facility an urgent need
     Introduce moral education
     Examine introduction of Self-financing Courses
I agree with the Observation of the Peer Team as mentioned in this report

                                                            Signature of the Head of Institution
                                      NAAC for Quality and Excellence in Higher Education

                                                           Seal of the Institution.

Signature of the Peer Team Members:

         Name and Designation                                  Signature with date
Professor (Mrs.) K S Lyngdoh

Place:                                                                          Date

Professor Swamy Suparnananda
Professor G K Karanth
Dr. Jagannath Patil

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