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Tracy B. Norris_ Jr


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									                                          TRACY B. NORRIS, JR.
                                                204 Catalina Drive
                                              Newark, DE 19711-6902
Home: 302.xxx.xxxx                                                                           email@TracyNorris.com

Results-oriented IT Professional and Consultant with fifteen years' of expertise in providing low cost and effective
business solutions. Over eight years' experience managing IT infrastructure in challenging, fast-paced environment.
Demonstrated ability to acquire technical knowledge and skills rapidly. Innovative problem solver, able to
understand the business and technical impact of an issue. Proven leadership, negotiation and customer service
abilities. Exceptional communication skills, both oral and written.

                                                  BUSINESS VALUE

       Managed infrastructure integration efforts associated with the ShareBuilder acquisition.
       Led the expansion of infrastructure to assist with rapid growth of ShareBuilder’s trading platform after ING
        DIRECT’s acquisition and during the extremely volatile stock market at the end of 2009.
       Collaborated on the design and led the implementation of Disaster Recovery systems for ShareBuilder.
       Built the organizational structure and governance for an Application Services Team, who managed
        production business systems.
       Assisted with the product workflow, technical design, development, and implementation of ING DIRECT’s
        first Mortgage product, which included all systems from application to origination.
       Established Change and Configuration Management functions to increase the rate of change, while
        promoting system stability.
       Key technical contributor for the implementation of ING DIRECT’s automated Credit Decisioning platform.

                                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ING DIRECT, USA, Wilmington, DE                                                                           2002 – 2010
Group Leader, 2006 – 2010
Selected as member of the IT Management Team which drove planning for the IT department.
Portfolio Manager, IT Portfolio, 2009 – 2010
 Managed 60 active projects via a team of five Project Managers and 10 Virtual Project Managers. Chartered
    projects from idea to funding, which included Request for Proposal, Estimation, and Budgeting processes.
 Facilitated Client Management functions that provided customer solutions and summarized active projects /
    initiatives. Managed financials for all IT sponsored projects.
 Engaged third party suppliers during RFP process.
Capacity and Continuity Leader, 2009 – 2010
 Provided assessment, mitigation plan, and implementation leadership which ensured that all critical Disaster
   Recovery systems and architectures successfully operated at peak production capacity levels.
 Collaborated on the design of the ING DIRECT transactional website (JAVA) and its core components hosted at
   multiple geographical locations.
Application Services Leader, 2006 – 2009
 Implemented Disaster Recovery of the ShareBuilder transactional website (.NET) and its core components.
 Provided leadership on the use of virtualization and simplification of replication practices that reduced costs.
 Managed the identification, mitigation plan, and implementation of core ShareBuilder transactional website
   (.NET) components during the extremely volatile stock market at the end of the 2009.
 Rapidly expanded network, application, and database layers when ShareBuilder volumes quadrupled in the first
   year after ING DIRECT’s acquisition of the company.
 Managed the successful transition of system ownership from ShareBuilder teams to ING DIRECT teams.
 Managed 60 support analysts in Wilmington, DE, Saint Cloud, MN, and Bellevue, WA.
TRACY B. NORRIS, JR.                                                                                     PAGE TWO

ING DIRECT, USA (continued)
Team Leader, 2003 – 2006
Selected as member of the IT Team Leader Team which led the execution of IT projects / initiatives.
Application Services Leader, 2005 – 2006
 Managed a Tier III support team that provided asset licensing, support, audit and incident documentation,
   guidance for support requirements, operational job scheduling, monitoring, and continuity / capacity planning of
   all IT software components.
Configuration Manager, 2003 – 2005
 Developed change management plans and configuration of production IT systems.
 Collaborated with IT groups and established policies and procedures by using ITIL, Prince 2 and CMM
Senior Programmer Analyst, 2002 – 2003
 Provided project management, business / technical specifications, development, and successfully implemented
    the bank’s first mortgage product.

BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB, Wilmington, DE                                                                    2001 – 2002
(Formerly DuPont Pharmaceuticals Corporation)
Sr. Programmer Analyst
 Provided technical support and software modifications of customized components for an imaging process
     consisting of TELEform scanning and OnBase imaging software.
ActiveCRF Migration
 Provided ActiveCRF data model and assisted with the data mapping to PCImaging system.
 Provided software upgrades to the TELEform and OnBase products. Managed troubleshooting for system and
    user issues.

COMPUTER CONSULTANTS OF AMERICA, Bingham Farms, MI                                                      1999 – 2001
(Formerly American Dataware Corporation)
Technical Lead Consultant, KPN Telecom, Den Haag, Netherlands, 2001
 Assisted in the creation of functional and technical specifications for migration of CRM platforms.
Consultant, VNU Publitec, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2000
 Optimized SQL queries. Implemented bug fixes and functionality in CRM platform that was more than 75%
Engineer, Baan Company, Santa Clara, CA, 2000
 Implemented enhancements to Sales and Marketing modules in CRM platform from predetermined functional
    specification list.
Consultant, Columbia Gas & Energy, Pittsburgh, PA, 1999
 Assisted in development of both functional and technical specifications for CRM platform.

ROLLINS LEASING CORPORATION, Wilmington, DE                                                             1996 – 1999
Senior Developer
 Built solutions that automated IT Operations and simplified sales force functions.

ROLLINS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, Wilmington, DE                                                          1995 – 1996
 Maintained nightly process schedule and provided user support for 5 nationwide sites.

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