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									  ASQ Cincinnati Section

   Ned D. Young, Ph.D.
Sinclair Community College
     February 19, 2008
   Sinclair Community College

   Baldrige in Higher Education

   Using Quality Processes to Transition Students
    from High School to Community Colleges to
    Universities (2+2+2)
   Main Campus in Downtown Dayton, Ohio
   More than 22,000 Students (10,000+ FTE)
   Centers in Englewood, Huber Heights and
    Mason, Ohio
       University transfer classes and programs (art,
        humanities, sciences etc.)
       Direct-to-work career programs (business, health
        engineering etc.)
       Custom training classes for business workers
       A full-service conference and banquet center
   Many Regional Accrediting bodies use Baldrige
    criteria for accrediting colleges/universities

   North Central Association of Colleges and
    Schools (NCA) has instituted the Academic
    Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

   Many program specific Accreditation Agencies
    are employing Baldrige, as well (e.g.
    Association of Collegiate Business Schools and
    Programs (ACBSP)
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     Schools               Schools               Schools             Colleges

University-Level           Ph.D.                Master’s           Undergraduate
                         Programs              Programs              Programs
   Providers           at Universities       at Universities       at Universities

Final Customers

                   Final Customers (Mfg, Service, Public Sector)

   5/23/2011                                                                         5
   Career Field Technical Content Standards (CFTCS)

    – Joint Collaboration of:

        Ohio Board of Regents (OBR)

        The Ohio Department of Education (ODE)

        Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium

        Military, Business, Industry, Labor, Education
   Sinclair Community College
   NCA Academic Quality Improvement Program
   Association of Collegiate Business Schools and
   Ohio Board of Regents
   Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium
     Ned D. Young, Ph.D.

 Professor of Management and
Management Information Systems

        (937) 512-2759

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