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					                          McKay Elementary PTC Meeting
                                  April 6, 2010

The meeting began at 6:50 p.m. with introductions. 20 people were in attendance.

   1) Guest Speaker – Diane Juttelstad, McKay TAG Coordinator

          Diane spoke about how to qualify for TAG which involves tests and teachers
          recommendations. Score must be 97% or above using the Naglieri test. Also
          two new tests have started this year. Once a child is identified then that child
          will always be in the program but will work on areas up to their abilities
          through a TAG plan.

   2) Carnival Update (Danielle Marshall):

          a) Meeting with Sharon Nuss, Cheryl Jarvis and Laura Coats
          b) Prizes have been ordered along with the bounce house and games.
          c) Food will be BBQ and the ‘Dads’ will be cooking. This will increase our
             revenue. Volunteer cooks will need food handler permits and the cost will
             be reimbursed by the PTC.
          d) Are recruiting volunteers from website, high schools and a
             local church group.
          e) Regarding the auction – anyone can reach out for donations.

   3) Principals Reports (Mary Jean Katz):

          a) Nothing new to report on the summer building construction or next year’s
             district budget.
          b) The 2/3 class will start their Dr. Suess musical next week.
          c) Second round of state testing begins next week.
          d) Spring pictures are coming up.
          e) TV Turnoff week is coming up.
          f) Thursday night is Kindergarten round-up with a full-day option and forms
             are due April 15.

   4) Nominating Committee Report (Kristine Jones Bynum):

          The committee is still looking into possible candidates with the elections
          coming up on May 15th at the carnival and auction. A form was handed out
          describing the various positions.
   5) Fundraising Report (Cheryl Jarvis):

           a) $12,333 has been raised so far this year. We needed to make up $3,600
              shortage from the wolf run and with the cookie dough sales we have made
              $5,500 so far.
           b) 63 items will be delivered by the ‘Dough Boys’. April 16th is the date for
              pick-up and delivery will be the next day, the 17th.
           c) Burgerville night is on Monday, the 19th from 5-8:00 with a percentage of
              the proceeds going to the school.
           d) A question was asked about getting a receipt for rummage sale item that
              were donated, Mary Jean Katz will look into it.

   7) TV Turnoff Week (Eric Winger):

           There will be three events during that week:
           o Burgerville night on Monday
           o Game and Fitness night on Tuesday from 6:30-7:30
           o Garden night on Thursday from 6:30-7:30
           o Mary Jean might kick a television off the roof

   8) Minutes Approval:

Danielle Marshall motioned to approve the minutes from the last meeting; it was
seconded by Barbara Myshak and therefore approved.

   9) Treasurers Report (Tom Cronkrite):

           a) The line for the cookie dough is very high and will go down once
              expenses are paid (see attached P/L report).
           b) Swim lessons have been paid.
           c) Advances for auction causes the negative balance for that event.
           d) The field trips have recently been paid.
           e) The P/L Report was approved.

   10) Volunteer Needs (Danielle Marshall):

           a) Help with sorting cookie dough early in the day on the 16th.
           b) Picture day needs help on the 27th starting at 8:30.
           c) May is a big month with field day and culture week coming up so help is
              needed there.
           d) Wednesday the 28th is the volunteer luncheon from 11-12:30.
   11) Miscellaneous:

             a) Career day needs parents who might have an interesting occupation to a
                child. It is on April 23rd.
             b) Summer book bags are still an option but need to buy 250 to get the best
                price. At the board meeting we will make a decision.
             c) Passport club is doing well with getting kids tested. Mary Jean wants a
                list of all kids every month who reach level 5 for the newsletter.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Kristine Jones Bynum, PTC Secretary

                Kristine Jones Bynum
                PTC Secretary

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