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MAIDEN LANE ... a Life-Changing Place


									MAIDEN LANE ... a Life-Changing Place
COMMUNITY Connection                                                                                    GOOD & FAITHFUL
The months are flying by! We're swiftly approaching                                                        SERVANT
Spring's end and Summer's commencement, and already I
cannot remember when Spring began. One thing I know…                                                          of the Month
I am grateful for the newness of life and fresh growth that          This month we are honoring three brothers in Christ
comes with this season – both externally in the created              who have demonstrated exemplary Christian ser-
world about us, and internally, as God begins to birth new           vanthood by being completely committed to accom-
vision, new life and new hope within His children.
                                                                     plishing God’s purposes for their lives and that of God’s
Speaking of "new things," you may have noticed even more
new faces in the halls at Maiden Lane. That's because our            church. They faithfully serve here at Maiden Lane rid-
fellowship is growing! To that end, we've schedule another           ing our buses with the youth we are serving and sharing
Newcomer's Class for Saturday, June 4, from 9 to 11:30               Christ with in our community. Their labor of love is
a.m. in the Welcome Center. If you're new to the church,             rarely seen by the church at large. We thank God for
or even if you've been attending for a short time but would          MIKE GABRIEL, TOM MINNICH AND DENNIS ROOT and
like to know more about the Church of God, Maiden Lane               name them our “Good & Faithful Servants of the
and her ministries, please join Pastor Mark and me for this          Month” for April 2011. Therefore, we express our
information-packed session. Refreshments and warm fel-
                                                                     gratitude to these dedicated brothers for being faith-
lowship provided!
Some other new opportunities are available:                          ful and obedient servants of Christ who help make
                                                                     Maiden Lane the loving and caring church it is.
         Walking Through the Word, Part 3 (Jesus, Paul
         and the Church) begins on May 1. Join us for a fast
         paced overview of the New Testament in our final
         9 weeks (Room 210). If you're interested in Walking
         Through from the beginning, please email Pastor Joy. With   CHILDREN’S Ministries
         enough interest, we may offer in Fall 2011.                 As an example of what the children are learning on Wednesday
         Experiencing God will be offered on Wednesday               evenings. The children were divided into two groups and given
         beginning June 1 (Room 200). So many of you re-             a list of 28 Scriptures where Jesus talks about friendship. The
         sponded that you wanted this class offered again,           kids were challenged to chose 3 Scriptures and write a note
         so we listened. You'll spend your summer on jour-           from Jesus. These were the results. I hope their notes bless you
                                                                     as they blessed the leadership of this class.
         ney with God in a brand new way.
         The Truth Project is going to be offered as a Sun-              Dear Friend,
         day School class beginning in September. We'll take                      I have come so you may have eternal life. I know you and
         the 13 sessions and split them up into 26 lessons               you know me. You should know me as the Father knows me and
         that will include both DVD teaching and important               I’ll give my life to you. Whoever hears my word will have eternal
         discussion about having and living out a Biblical               life.
         worldview. Room TBA.
         Thursday a.m. Women's Bible Study will be working                                                  Your friend, Jesus
         through Beth Moore's David: Seeking a Heart
         Like His beginning the second week of June                      Dear Friends,
         (Room 210). Great material and great fellowship!                        I will not let you perish because I love you. I love you so
So, lots of chances to get involved and grow together!                  much that I gave my life for you. Drink from me and I will fill you
Thank you for the blessing of growing with you and serving              up. If you truly love me, you will take care of your brothers and
the Lord at Maiden Lane, particularly in this season, as I'm            sisters.
doing some interim worship work during our search for a
Worship Arts Pastor. Thank you for your support, prayers                                                    Love, Jesus
and encouragement during a very busy time. I appreciate
the privilege of being a lead worshipper in our services, and
pray that together we might experience the fullness of               Remember to pray for our children!
God's Spirit as we seek His face.                                                                           Pastor Patty

                           Peace, Pastor Joy
                        We are fast approaching the high holy days for we who are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ,
                  Good Friday and Easter.
                  On Easter Sunday, April 25, 1943, a disciple of Jesus named Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote a letter to his fam-
                  ily from his prison cell in Tegel Prison in Berlin, Germany. He writes:
                  “The liberating thing about Good Friday and Easter is one’s thoughts are swept far beyond one’s
                  own personal fate to the ultimate meaning of all life and suffering, and of whatever occurs, such
                  that one is seized by a great hope.”
I have never celebrated an Easter Sunday inside a prison and can only imagine what that experience must be like. Bonhoef-
fer most likely had a strong sense that the Nazi’s would never allow him to see freedom again and that his execution at their
hands was the likely fate he faced. Yet on that Easter Sunday his thoughts were swept far beyond his own personal fate to a
deeper reality and that reality is the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As he reflected on that reality and the
ultimate meaning of life and suffering he says he is “seized by a great hope.”
Great hope, that’s what faith in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection gives us, and it isn’t just a theoretical “pie-in-the-sky”
kind of hope. It is real hope in a real world that is filled with real pain, real suffering and real death.
Let’s fast forward two years to April 9, 1945. It is eight days following Easter Sunday and we are in the execution yard of the
Flossenbürg Concentration Camp in the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria, Germany. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is led naked to the
gallows and hanged by thin wire until dead. The camp doctor who witnessed his execution later wrote:
“I saw Pastor Bonhoeffer ... kneeling on the floor praying fervently to God. I was most deeply moved by the way
this lovable man prayed, so devout and so certain that God heard his prayer. At the place of execution, he again
said a short prayer and then climbed the few steps to the gallows, brave and composed. His death ensued after a
few seconds. In the almost fifty years that I worked as a doctor, I have hardly ever seen a man die so entirely sub-
missive to the will of God.” (Eberhard Bethge, Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography, p. 927)
Now that is being seized by a great hope and in the words of the writer of Hebrews regarding the martyred saints:
“Some faced jeers and flogging, while still others were chained and put in prison. They were
stoned; they were sawed in two; they were put to death by the sword; (and they were hanged by
thin wire). They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, (they were led away naked to the gal-
lows,) destitute, persecuted and mistreated—the world was not worthy of them (nor of their
Lord).” ~Hebrews 11:37-38a
This Good Friday and Easter I pray that our thoughts will be swept far beyond our own personal
fate to the ultimate meaning of all of life and suffering, and of whatever else may occur, so that we
are seized by a great hope!
                                                              Soli Deo Gloria,
                                                              Pastor Mark

MEMBERSHIP BOARD News                                              the Blue Gate Theatre. There will be time for shopping in
                                                                   the Amish shops and touring the city as well. The cost of
 We are filling up fast for the trip to Gaither Studio’s on        this trip is $175 per person.
May 19th. We will be taking a charter bus to Alexandria
where we will take a short bus tour of the historical sites        We will begin reservations for our big fall trip in May. This
such as Bill Gaither’s home and the homes of other promi-          year we are going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This trip
nent stars, a soup, salad and sandwich buffet topped off           will be a 6 day, 5 night trip and will include an oceanfront
with Gloria Gaither’s famous Raspberry or Chocolate cake           condo for lodging. The cost estimate is $550 per person.
and a homecoming style sing along with Woody Wright
and friends. The day promises to be lots of fun. See                                          Pastor Dan
Thelma Shaffer or Betty McDaniel to make your reserva-

In June, we are going on an overnight trip to Shipshewana,
Indiana. The trip includes a charter bus, lodging at the
Country Inn and Suites, Amish style meals and a show at
ENON News                                                          YOUTH Ministries
Greetings from the Enon Campus. Recently, we were all              The youth Honduras 2011 trip is coming along very nicely
stunned by a turn of events. On March 6th, we had two              thanks to a successful auction on April 10th. In fact, the
young ladies and a young man visit our Enon Campus.                auction was so successful that each of the 27 participants
They had found us through a new CD ministry that Everett           for this year’s trip received $200 toward their trip expenses.
Callison is leading. In a plastic fishbowl at the library was a    WOW! In addition many of our church family have spon-
sermon CD that simply said God loves you no matter                 sored a youth or have provided a way for the youth to earn
what. These three young people found their way to our              a portion of their trip expenses. Some of our youth are still
church and listened to a message on the Prodigal Son in            short of the money needed so if you have projects around
which one young lady gave her heart to Christ. We never            the house that need done or wish to sponsor a youth,
saw her again. She had to work the next week and then be-          please contact Pastor Joe or Pastor Missy and we will link
fore Sunday rolled around again, she died at the age of 30.        you up with a youth. Thank you again for your continued
As tragic as this is, it is also amazing how God’s perfect         generosity!
plan comes together. Jeanette did not die a sinner, she died
as one of His children. Her co-workers, family and friends                                   Pastor Joe and Pastor Missy
told of her witness the last two weeks of her life, how she
for the first time in her life was at peace. She had a different
demeanor, a different outlook and a hope for the future. In        FAMILY Ministries
Jeremiah 29:11, it says…For I know the plans I have for            Committed!
you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to
harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. What about          On March 18-19 a total of 33 couples gathered at the Double-
                                                                   tree Suites in Miamisburg for our annual Marriage Enrichment
you? Do you have that hope?
                                                                   Getaway. Our theme for the retreat was “Committed!” We
                                                                   had a wonderful time of fellowship, learning, and fun. On be-
As far as progress on our building, we are now under roof!         half of the Ministry Board and all the couples who attended, I
As of your receipt of this article, siding should be going on      would like to say thank you to Trent and Julie Nourse, Steve
the building and drywall work should have begun. The end           and Vicki Slaughter, and Keith and Rhetha Stork for a great
is in sight and looks to be perhaps mid-May. Thank you for         weekend.
your continued prayers and support on this project. Be
looking for a date of an open house and dedication service                                            Blessings!
in the near future.                                                                                   Pastor Joe

On May 14th, we will be having breakfast with Dr Arlo
Newell. We will also have a question and answer time re-
garding Dr. Newell’s book, The Church of God as Re-
vealed in Scripture. We have been studying this book on
Wednesday nights since the first of the year and have
grown to appreciate and understand better the Doctrine of
the Church of God. Then on Sunday, May 15th, Dr. Newell
will be speaking in both services.

On May 22 in both services, Woody and Vonnie Wright
will be with us and will lead our worship time. Woody is a
songwriter from Alexandria, Indiana and is featured on
many of Bill Gaither’s Homecoming video’s.
     SUN                 MON
                                       May 2011
                                              TUE               WED                THU               FRI                SAT

      1                    2                   3                  4                  5                6                  7
                     JOY Circle crust     Election Day      Regular services   Women’s study     EduCare Family
                        Handbells          Golf League                         National Day of     Fun Night
                                             begins                                Prayer

      8                    9                 10                 11                 12               13                 14
                        Handbells        Men’s Basketball   Regular services   Women’s study                      Outreach House
 Mother’s Day
                     Board Meetings        Enon CWC                              Game Day                         S & S II rehearsal
 Special Guest:
  Barry Black                                                                      EMOT

     15                  16                  17                 18                 19               20                 21
                    JOY Circle Meeting                      Regular services   Women’s Study
S & S II Musical                         Men’s Basketball                                                           MoMENtum
                     Church Council                                             Energizer trip                      Fishing Trip
Handbell Festival

     22                  23                  24                 25                 26               27                 28
                     JOY Circle mtg.                        Regular services   Women’s Study      KH Zoo trip     Outreach House
                                         Men’s Basketball
                        Handbells                                               Golden Agers

     29                  30                  31
                         Holiday         Men’s Basketball

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